Objective: What was the First Cause? Provide causes for the following

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Objective: What was the First Cause?

  1. Provide causes for the following

  1. Explain what is meant by Cause and Effect

  1. Take the statement “John was in hospital” how many causes can you think of that led up to the event – the very FIRST thing that caused this to happen.

Complete the flow diagram:

John was in hospital

  1. Read through the sheet of the First Cause - Make a list of the Key words in the first cause argument

  1. Create your own fill in the gaps sentences using the key words that would help to explain the first cause argument e.g

The argument of the first cause was suggested by _______________________

  1. Explain the main problem associated with this argument

  1. What do you think caused our universe to begin?

  1. Extension activities – Design a diagram that explains the first cause argument

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