Niall Gilmartin Office 32 Auxillia, North Campus, nui maynooth

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Niall Gilmartin

Office 32 Auxillia, North Campus, NUI Maynooth
Niall graduated from NUI Maynooth with a first class honours degree in Politics and Sociology in 2010. During his time as an undergraduate Niall developed an keen interest in women, armed conflict and conflict resolution.
His current PhD research examines the role of female Republican combatants in the north of Ireland peace process, focusing specifically the period from the late 1980’s to contemporary times. In particular, and using feminist theories of nationalism and conflict transformation, the research is concerned with the ways in which Republican women’s political activism and mobility is altered/shaped by processes of conflict transformation.
His doctoral thesis, entitled ‘Engaged Women: Securing Peace and Equality in Post-Conflict Scenarios’ is supervised by Dr. Theresa O’Keefe and Professor Honor Fagan. This research is funded by the Irish Research Council post-graduate scholarship and the John and Pat Hume scholarship.
Niall’s key areas of interest are:
Nations and nationalism, gender and politics, Irish Republicanism, conflict resolution, Northern Ireland.
Gilmartin, Niall. 2013. 'Negotiating New Roles': Irish Republican Women and the Politics of Conflict Transformation.’ International Feminist Journal of Politics. Available at:
Conference Presentations:

Gilmartin, Niall. 2013.'Mobilised By Conflict, Restricted By Peace: The Ambiguous Transitions of Female Combatants and the Northern Ireland Peace Process." Political Studies Association of Ireland conference, Trinity College Dublin, 18-20th October, 2013.

Gilmartin, Niall. 2013. ‘Re-Thinking Maternal Thinking: Female Combatants, Motherhood and Political Violence.’ Dangerous Women; Dangers to Women Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast, 8-9th March, 2013.

Gilmartin, Niall. 2012 ‘Creating New Spaces: Republican Women and the Politics of Conflict Transformation’ at the Political Studies Association of Ireland Post-Graduate Conference, NUI Maynooth, 23rd June, 2012.

Teaching Experience
2010-2011: Tutor for first year sociology undergraduates.
2013-2014: Tutor for first year politics undergraduates.
Professional Activities
Workshop Convenor for the ‘Traditions & Transitions’ panel at the ‘Northern Ireland 20 Years After the Ceasefires: Challenges & Opportunities’, at Queens University, Belfast. 20th September 2013.
Co-organised the ‘Gender & Commemoration: Memory, Violence & Conflict in the New Northern Ireland’ conference at the University of Ulster, Belfast. 16th August 2013.
Member of the Political Studies Association of Ireland.
Irish Research Council Post-Graduate Scholarship, 2011-2014.
John and Pat Hume Post-Graduate Scholarship, 2010-2014

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