Nguyen (Dave) Tran My first field trip

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Nguyen (Dave) Tran

My first field trip

Tomorrow, my English class will have a field trip around Boston, everyone seems really happy about the field trip. We all have to prepare about three things, include place, event or person so that we will become the guide when we visit places. About me, I prepare about “The site of the Boston Massacre”, “Faneuil Hall” and of course I have to prepare about Peter Faneuil.

I really love Boston, not just because it is in America. That’s because I can learn a lot of things about a modern and free life, everyone is very nice. Before I went to Boston, I had learned lots about Boston and I heard that Boston is one of the oldest cities with many histories about United States. That’s also the reason why my teacher decided to go on the field trip to learn more about history of Boston and how the first government was established and worked. About my three things, I am really looking forward to going on the field trip.

“The site of the Boston Massacre” is the event when the Redcoats, who were British soldier, killed five American. That was one of the most important events to lead to the American Evolution. I really hope to see the place where Americans were killed so much, I really like history but I’m not a good learner. Then I also hope to see the Faneuil Hall so much, according to my research about Faneuil Hall, it was given as a present to Boston from Peter Faneuil. It was repaired and rebuilt a lot of times and now it is very well-known for visitors every year because it became the “Faneuil Hall marketplace” (including Quincy market, North market and South market). I had come to the Quincy market once but I didn’t notice the Faneuil Hall at all so I’m also hope to see the Faneuil Hall soon.

The night before the field trip, I must make sure to check all the things that I will bring. I also learn the map and everything about the three things so that I can be the guide when we visit the place which I researched. I’m really looking forward to the field trip tomorrow and I hope the field trip will full of laugh and fun.

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