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Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended, but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching for unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the price of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3:13, 14.

Happy New Year!

You will probably hear this greetings many times today. It is a worthy greeting. We desire happiness, and our friends desire it for us. God also wishes us to have a happy year. He created us for happiness; he longs to give to all the happiness and peace of heaven.

We notice that Paul’s “One thing I do” has two phases to it. First, forget about the failures, the frustrations, the fears and follies of the past of last year. Write the lessons learned from those teachers upon the tablet of your heart and mind but forget the teacher. They have served their purpose. No longer continue to sit in their classroom. The goal before you is above you; it is the “high calling” you will need to press uphill all the way to reach it. But at the end of each day, you will possess the happiness you desire, because you are going in the right direction and because Jesus is running with you.

From here at the Fiwagoh Mission Ministries, the children, the staff, our full-time Bible workers, and our church members wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2011.

It’s been along journey for you and us, to tread on the rough potholes and sorrowful experiences of life, praise is to God who has brought us through as conquerors and victors in His name.

We want to send our warm greetings to you, your family (if there is) fellow co-associate workers and friends fellow church members wherever they might be, and on addition to this, we express our hearty gratitude for your support to us in the old year 2010, truly, it was through you who made a success of the general running of the Fiwagoh Mission Ministries.
Just to remind you again, The Fiwagoh Ministries is actively in fired to accomplish the following departments:

  1. The Church planting

  2. The orphanage home with 130 orphans.

  3. The open air public evangelism and distribution of scriptural materials.

  4. Translation of the English articles, books into the Kenyan native language of Swahili.

And in all the above mentioned departments, we’ve seen God’s mighty hand on us. Thank you very much for partnering with us in answering God’s call. We do not know yet how many more years left for us to keep working for the salvation of souls in this soon ending world, but we hope it is not long from now, as signs of the times are showing, when we shall be welcomed into the nice table of Glass. Yes, Jesus is coming.

Our special thanks want to go to so many people who really did their utmost efforts to enhance our wheels moving here at the mission in different departments, but due to a limit of space in this e-mail, we only mention a few of them, especially sister Lena Clerc from Switzerland, The Gilead Institute who for the last couple years have been faithfully taken care of our our donations and forwarding them to our Kenyan Account. What of Kids for peace who visited and rejoiced with our children here in the home, and in addition, they through their Director Jill, have campaigned for the extra beds for our children, God bless them. Also, from the Australian brothers and sisters we want to thank, sister Suzanne Healy and Kim and Janie Barden for the shipment of a 40 ft container to the home, Then, comes Rein Roberson’s in Ca who hosted us, took us round with their vehicle as Nahashon, & I were on our Missionary trip in the States. Last but not least, I thank my dear Mum and Dad Marie Judd in Illinois, who have been encouraging me and Florence with such cheerful words.
In each department here in the Mission, each has something to say in regard to your cooperative support to us

Happy New Year? My name is Epong I am 7 years old, I thank God because of you brothers and sisters for your kind love to make a difference in my life here at the Fiwagoh home. Yes, I will keep smiling because of your love and consideration.

1. Epong - 7 years old girl

A dawn of the New Year is right at our hand. Thanks to the great God. God uses instruments and all through the year you have been God’s tools and much has been done through your support has been a light to many who had been in thick darkness of sin and problems. Thank you a million times!!

Veronica 17 years old

I will not stop smiling!!thanks to you all for the great push of donations and support .I have been a great beneficiary since the year 2005 to date I know how much your helping hands have been of help to us orphans. Remember your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Happy New Year!! Love from Joshua & Fiwagoh orphans

Joshua Mwaura 17 yrs old

My heartfelt thanks goes to you our willing supporters. You have been a strong right hand to us all here as staffs at Fiwagoh. May the Lord richly bless you as you start the new year .Have a happy new year !

5. Mr. Kamakia -Staff

Together we can all smile at you for your heartfelt support and may you be blessed in the New Year.

Our smiles can tell more

Hallelujah! We are many but we all speak God for you brothers all over the world for the great support you have given the whole year. All this help can never calculate but only at the feet of Jesus Christ our Lord. Have a happy New Year and God bless you. One thing this is the Salvation at the Cross.

Pr Benson & Elder Francis

To all the America brethren, we could kindly like to inform you that, we now have a new foundation ministry taking care of all the mails and donations for the Fiwagoh Mission Ministries in Kenya and that should you like to communicate with us, you can easily do so by just writing your letters and sending your donations to the address below:
Fiwagoh Mission Society

P.O. Box 60

Thompsonville, IL 62890

Contact Person : Marie Judd

Cell: +618-218-5512

You can now send your funds in this Fiwagoh American branch, and tax-deductible tax receipt will be given you for your IRS. But other materials donations should be directly sent to our Kenya Postal address at:
The Fiwagoh Missions Orphanage

P.O. Box 14390

Nakuru – 2010

Kenya- E. Africa.


But for other enquiries about children sponsorship in Australia, Europe, you can send your monthly fees and letters to:
Better Life Mission

Postfech 4

CH- 4938 Rohr back


Tel: +41-62-962-4101

Other faithful donations and partners’ workers with us in Australia, New Zealand and Africa, who could like to support the ongoing work with the Fiwagoh Mission Ministries, can do so by making their money transfers or checks payable to:
The Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage

A/C No. 110-812-5158

P.O. Box 18

Nakuru – 20100

Kenya – East Africa

Swift Code: KCBLKENX


Through Our US Dollar A/c at:

Receiver : The Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage

P.O. Box 14390 Nakuru – 20100 Kenya

Bank : NIC Bank Ltd Nakuru, Kenya

Account No : 12010000632

Swift address : NINCKENA
It is our high hopes that this year, we will continue to make more differences in the lives of many desperate souls who need the love of Jesus shed in their lives.
Thank you for partnering with us to achieve to this anticipated goal. We honestly have nothing to reward you, except our daily prayers for you whenever you may be in this globe. Great peace be with you!!!
Greetings from us all.

Pr. Benson & Florence Ng’ang’a

C/co the Fiwagoh Mission Ministries

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