New technologies revolutionized transportation

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CGU4U/C Unit: Globalization


Globalization is not new. For thousands of years, people—and, later, corporations—have been buying from and selling to each other in lands at great distances. This historic global trade and interaction happened slowly until new technologies revolutionized transportation.

As new technologies made transportation easier, policies in cross border trade evolved to promote global trade, investment and migration of workers and we entered into globalization.

Historic Milestones in Globalization:

The Silk Road: 100BC- 15th Century

Age of Exploration: 15th Century

Colonialism/Mercantilism: 15th-19th Century


Today globalization is “farther, faster, cheaper, and deeper.” Thomas Friedman

The Way We Move: BBC Documentary

Discuss how the technological advancement of the following transportation methods has contributed to creating a globalized society.

Motor Vehicle Networks (cars and roads):

Container Ships:

Air Travel:


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