New Deal Research and Brochure Activity – Contemporary us studies

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New Deal Research and Brochure Activity – Contemporary US Studies

For this project, you will choose one of FDR’s New Deal programs to research and then create an informational brochure or PowerPoint for this program using Microsoft Publisher or a similar program. The instructions for the project are outlined below.

1. You will choose or be assigned a type of New Deal program relating to a specific function, such as Economics, Farm Assistance, etc.

2. Choose three New Deal programs within this area to research and for which you will create a brochure or PowerPoint presentation. Those marked with a * are required topics.

3. Conduct research on this topic, taking notes with important information. Be sure to include important dates and names, as well as functions of the program. Helpful websites are listed below.

4. Create a brochure or PowerPoint presentation detailing the New Deal program you have researched. These projects will be presented to the class. Each group is responsible for making sure that each chosen program within their area has a representative brochure or PowerPoint. The product must be comprehensive and include important as well as interesting details relating to the topic. Students should be able to explain the topic without referring to the product for the class presentation. Grades will be based on the rubric provided.

Websites to use for New Deal Programs research activity

National Archives -

UC Berkely -

New Deal Network -

FDR Library -


University of Washington -

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