Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration Sabahat Hussain

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Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration

Sabahat Hussain

Illegal immigration to the United States refers to the act of foreign nationals violating U.S. immigration policies and national laws by entering or remaining in the United States without proper permission from the United States government ("Illegal Immigration"). Illegal immigration has been going on since the 1880's and till this day the number of aliens has been increasing each year. The Page Act of 1875 was known as the first federal immigration law that prohibited the entry of immigrants. This law dealt with immigrants from China and Japan only, but eventually as years went on, laws formed against many other individuals. A recent law that was passed was in the state of Arizona, which is the SB1070 Immigration Bill. This law gives the right for state police to perform checks if they feel "suspicious" that an individual is an illegal immigrant (Talamazan). Today most of the immigrants migrate from the country of Mexico as well as other countries. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are deported each year because of the negative effects they cause in our country. There have been economical, financial, as well as social issues due to immigration. Illegal immigration has a negative effect on the United States.

Some people believe that illegal immigration brings positive effects into our country. One positive effect is the diversity brought by immigrants; without them our country would be very uniform. Another effect is that immigrants keep the population growing intensely every year. Lastly, immigrants are also willing to give up their lives and be a part of the military. Even though there are some positive effects, illegal immigration brings more negative effects such as increasing crime rates and drug trafficking, shortage of jobs, as well as higher costs for the government.

Drug trafficking and crime rates have been increasing due to illegal immigrants migrating into the United States. Cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs are being smuggled into the United States through the Mexican border. About 2.2 million kilograms of cocaine was smuggled into the United States in the year 2005 (Taylor). Furthermore, it has also become very dangerous because the new cartel is very violent, powerful, and also well financed. Moreover, gangs have formed due to the drug trafficking business. About 50% of gangs consist of Hispanics, which mostly consist of illegal aliens who reside in the United States (Taylor). In addition, illegal aliens are well known to have higher rates of drunk driving and even sexual deviancy. In the state of North Carolina, about 20 percent of alcohol-related vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Hispanics (Taylor). Moreover, there are approximately 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have arrested more than 10,000 of these sex offenders and deported about 5,500 of them (Taylor). Human smuggling is another crime that illegal immigrants have begun to practice. Drug cartels smuggle Mexicans as well as non-Mexicans into the country. These individuals charge about $45,000 to $60,000 per person to smuggle them into the United States (Taylor). In all, dangerous undocumented individuals are fleeing into the United States and causing an increase in various forms of criminal activity, and this needs to be stopped.

Immigrants are competing for jobs with other American citizens and because they are willing to take undesirable jobs for lower wages, it is making it tougher for Americans to find a job. About 97% of illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans want and need (Dolz). Many of these aliens are taking jobs such as in the fields of construction, hospitality, manufacturing, restaurant, administrative and service jobs. These are jobs that Americans are willing to take, but do not get the chance because illegal immigrants have taken them. Moreover, this causes a controversy between American citizens and illegal aliens because Americans should have the right to get jobs rather than the illegal aliens. Employers should not hire illegal immigrants because this ruins the chances for Americans to find jobs. Politicians such as George W. Bush say that illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans do not want, which is clearly wrong. Americans do not have a problem cleaning out toilets, collecting garbage, and working as cooks and dishwashers in restaurants (Granneman). A job is a job, and if Americans are need of it, they will take any job that is out there. Sadly, all these jobs are taken by illegal immigrants who are causing American citizens to encounter financial problems.

Illegal immigrants are costing the government billions of dollars each year. Even if these aliens are granted legal status, they would still increase the cost. It is reported that unskilled and uneducated immigrants receive more government services to make tax payments, and this will rise to nearly $29 billion (Fitzgerald). The largest cost created by illegal immigrants for the federal government is Medicaid which is $2.5 billion. Other expenses such as treatment for the uninsured, food assistance and food stamps, federal prisons and court systems, and federal aids to schools cost the U.S. government millions of dollars each year (“High Cost…"). Most of these illegal immigrants migrate into the United States because their lives back home are miserable. These illegal immigrants know that they will receive help from the government and they take advantage of this help. The government is going through some tough times already because of the economy, and the fact is that these immigrants coming in are increasing costs tremendously.

In conclusion, illegal immigrants do not contribute any positive benefits to our country. This is unfair to citizens, residents, and taxpayers because they are the ones who are going through all the trouble. Crime rates and drug trafficking have increased, illegal immigrants are taking job opportunities from American citizens, and they are also costing the government billions of dollars each year. To resolve illegal immigration, there are many solutions that can be done to prevent further corruption and troubles. A solution that can help the country is by building a border fence between the Mexican and United States border and also providing proper border security. Another solution that can help is to increase penalties and fines and also limit the number of immigrants coming into the United States to about 300,000 a year. Laws against illegal aliens need to be formed and enacted as soon as possible. The faster illegal immigration is resolved, the better it will be for the citizens of the United States.

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