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World History Quiz: Study Guide

Who was the founder of Christianity?

  • A Jew named Jesus

Describe the beliefs of Christianity.

  • Teachings based on Jewish traditions

  • Believe in one god and the Ten Commandments

  • New belief included referring to Himself as the Son of God

  • Many believed that He was the Messiah

  • His mission was to bring spiritual salvation and eternal life

  • Emphasized God’s love, justice, morality and the importance of forgiveness

Why was Jesus condemned to death?

  • The Romans considered Jesus a threat and they believed that He encouraged

people to rebel against Roman rulers. As a result the Romans arrested Him and

charged Him with treason.

Why were the Christians persecuted by the Romans?

  • Rome was not tolerant of the Christians since they would not consider the Roman emperor divine.

  • They were used as scapegoats and blamed for social and economic problems

  • The Christians did not support the division of class as they believed in equality

What gave Rome a big advantage as it developed?

  • It location near water and being surrounded by mountains.

What was the most important outcome of the Punic Wars for Rome?

Which emperor was key in ending the persecution of Christians?

  • Constantine

Define Inflation-

  • It is a drastic drop in the value of money coupled with a rise in prices

What caused the final collapse of the Western Roman Empire?

What was one important principle of Roman law?

  • That all people have equal and fair rights under the law

The events that lead to the fall of Rome can be put into four major categories, Political, Social, Economic, and Military. Describe TWO examples of events that fit each category.

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Causes of the Fall of the Western Roman Empire





War destroyed farmland

Soldiers weren’t disciplined

Soldiers were not loyal to the commanders

Used Mercenaries who weren’t loyal

Lack of money

People lost faith in strength of the military

Under constant threat

Lacked loyalty and weak

Couldn’t get fighters

Lack of food – poor harvest

Disease spread

Population declines

Lack of patriotism/loyalty

Big contrast/gap between the rich and the poor

Lack of interest in social issues/problems – basically the people didn’t care

Threat of outside tribes

Civil war

Empire split into east and west

Mover of capital which furthers the division of the empire

A lot of conflict/fighting for the throne – rulers were fighting for power

Military intervenes with government

Government raises taxes to try and pay the military

Lack of respect for the government

No freedom

Trade was blocked/stopped by pirates

Lack of gold and silver


No more money from conquests

No expansion into new territory so there’s no money

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