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Washington State


Feb. 26, 2016

4th Grade WA State Festival

Dear Families,

On Friday, February 26, Mrs. Przybylski and Mrs. Ulrich’s 4th grade classrooms will present the annual Washington State Festival. The purpose of this festival is to honor people who have contributed to our state in some way. Each student will be asked to research and prepare a presentation.* Work for this project will be completed at home.

Throughout this day, we will sing songs, play a game or two, hear presentations of famous Washingtonians, and have a buffet style lunch consisting of foods that represent our state! Each family will be asked to donate a food item for our luncheon.*

All parents are welcome to attend. We recommend that all parents attend the morning singing session in the music room, return later to hear their child’s presentation in the classroom, and then return again if you wish to join us for lunch. A staggered schedule helps with limited classroom space.**

*A suggested work schedule and food item list is attached.

**A complete schedule with more specific times for this day will come home as the date approaches.
Student Requirements:

-Each student will first be asked to choose 3-4 famous Washingtonians of interest from the attached list, discuss their top 3-4 choices at home, and bring to school the next day for the selection process. Each student will then be assigned 1 Washingtonian to research.

-Each student will create a 2-3 minute speech. Students will pretend to BE that famous Washingtonian during the presentation (similar to Night of the Notables, except students tell the audience who they are).

-Students may memorize, or use note cards, during their speech. They are scored on the presentation. The speech may NOT be written on note cards, nor is it acceptable to cut and paste the speech onto note cards.

-Students are expected to write out, or type, the speech in paragraph form for a score.

-Students should dress in costumes on the day of the festival. Good places to get items: ask friends/neighbors, costume shops, party supply stores, Value Village, Goodwill, thrift stores…

-Each student will bring an item to make the luncheon a success. Food items must be ready to serve (and in disposable containers if possible).
NOTE: This project is completed at home. Students research their Washingtonian, write the speech, prepare note cards, practice speaking, organize a costume, and prepare the luncheon item at home. There will be nights where parts of this are assigned as homework. In class, students will learn strategies that will help with their project. They may choose to read about their Washingtonian during independent reading time.
OPTIONAL: There are 13-14 narration parts that students will have an opportunity to perform. I will select narrators in class, and narrators will be allowed to read from the provided scripted text.
Suggested Work Schedule for the WA State Festival
Week of January 19-22: Teacher presents project, parents receive packet of information, students select famous Washingtonian, and students begin research and take notes.
Week of January 26-Feb. 5: Students draft their speech, select luncheon item to sign up for, and begin to write their speech.
Week of February 8-12: Students write a final draft of their speech, create note cards for speech, practice/rehearse their presentation, and finalize costume materials.
February 12: Final draft of speech due.
February 22-25: Students practice (or memorize) speech.
February 26: Students come to school in costume with prepared speech and luncheon item.

Washington Festival People of Study



  1. John McLoughlin - leader of the Hudson’s Bay Company

  2. George Washington Bush - early settler in Vancouver area

  3. Chief Sealth - Native American leader in Seattle

  4. Issac Stevens - territorial governor

  5. Elisha Ferry - first governor (1825-1895)

  6. James Jerome Hill - founded the Great Northern Railway (1838-1916)

  7. Mother Joseph - leader and healthcare pioneer (1840-1904)

  8. Anna Herr Clise – established Seattle Children’s Hospital (1866-1936)

  9. William Douglas - outdoorsman and youngest justice in the court (1898-1980)

  10. Eddie Bauer - outdoorsman, business leader (1899-1986)

  11. John Nordstrom – founder of Nordstrom (1871-1963)


  1. Marcus or Narcissa Whitman - early settlers and missionaries

  2. Thea C. Foss - founder or Foss Maritime (tugboats)

  3. May Arkwright Hutton - railroad and mining, and worked for women’s rights

  4. Bing Crosby - singer and actor (1904-1977)

  5. Ivar Haglund - restaurant owner “Acres of Clams” (1905-1985)


  1. Suffragettes - women campaigning for the right to vote

  2. Chuck Jones - cartoonist (1912-)

  3. Bill (William) Boeing Sr. - built the first Boeing aircraft (1916-)


  1. Carol Channing - actress and singer

  2. Nellie Cornish - artist and founder of art school

  3. Bob Barker - TV host (1923-)


  1. President Franklin D. Roosevelt - Grand Coulee Dam Project-1932 New Deal

  2. Evel Knievel (1938-2007) – motorcycle daredevil; started 1st Honda dealership in eastern WA)

  3. Adam West - actor in “Batman” (1938-)

  4. Earl Anthony – athlete PBA bowler (1938-2001)

  5. Judy Collins - singer (1939-)


  1. Bruce Lee(1940-1973)

  2. Jimi Hendrix - musician (1942-1970)

  3. Dorothy Bullitt - president of KING Broadcasting Company (1947-)

  4. Bonnie Dunbar - astronaut on the Challenger Mission (1949-)


  1. Gary Larson - cartoonist of “The Far Side” (1950-)

  2. Bill Gates - Microsoft (1955-)

  3. Rick Steves – author & TV/Radio host (1955-)

  4. Phil Mahre – Olympic skier (1957-)

  5. Ryan Stiles – actor & comedian (1959-)

  6. Paul Allen - business leader and former Microsoft leader

  7. Henry “Scoop” Jackson – senator


  1. John Elway - athlete (1960-)

  2. Wing Luke - first Chinese American elected to City Council in 1960

  3. Ivan Doig - novelist who moved to Seattle in 1966

  4. John Olerud – athlete MLB (1968-)


  1. Judge Boldt - ruled Native American fisherman were entitled to ½ of salmon catch

  2. Dixy Lee Ray – governor from 1977–1981

  3. Dale Chilhuly – glass artist

  4. Joel McHale – comedian, actor, writer… (1971-)

  5. Brian Urlacher – athlete NFL (1978-)


  1. Curt Warner, Seattle Seahawk Running back

  2. Gary Locke – governor

  3. Norm Rice – Seattle mayor, first African-American mayor of that city (1989-)

  4. Kenny G. – musician

  5. Apolo Ohno – athlete Olympian ice skater (1982-)


  1. Kemper Freeman Jr. - Bellevue business man and real estate developer

  2. George Tsutakawa – sculptor

  3. Howard Shultz – Starbucks

  4. Tom Tully O’Keefe – Tully’s founder


  1. Christine Gregoire – former governor

  2. Patty Murray - senator

  3. Maria Cantwell - senator

  4. Jennifer Dunn - politician

  5. Hillary Swank – actress

  6. Dave Reichert – House of Representatives

  7. Jay Inslee – current governor

Famous Washingtonian Rubric
Name: __________________________
Famous Person of study: _________________________________________
Date: ___________________________
_____ Final Draft of Speech in paragraph form (1, 2, 3, 4)





Information is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs. Information clearly relates to the main topic. Includes many supporting details and/or examples.

Information is organized with constructed paragraphs. Information relates to the main topic. Includes several supporting details and/or examples.

Limited organization of content. Limited information. Few details are given.

The information appears to be disorganized. Information has little or nothing to do with the main topic.

_____ Presentation: eye contact, loud/clear voice, fluency, posture, enthusiasm (1, 2, 3, 4) Communication Score





Enunciates and articulates clearly consistently. Stands up straight, looks relaxed and confident. Establishes eye contact with everyone in the room during the presentation. Facial expressions and body language generate strong interest and enthusiasm in others. Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed.

Speaks clearly and distinctly most of the time, but mispronounces a few words. Stands up straight. Establishes eye contact with audience most of the time. Facial expressions and body language sometimes generates interest and enthusiasm about in others. Student seems pretty prepared and has obviously rehearsed.

Speaks clearly and distinctly, but mispronounces several words. Sometimes stands up straight. Establishes little eye contact, or repeatedly looks at just one member of the audience. Facial expressions and body language are not used to generate enthusiasm in others. The student is somewhat prepared, but might have needed a couple more rehearsals.

Mumbles, cannot be understood, cannot be heard, or mispronounces a lot of words. Slouches and/or does not look at people during the presentation. Very little use of facial expressions or body language. Did not generate much interest in topic being presented. Student does not seem at all prepared to present.

_____ Costume (1, 2, 3, 4)





Costume accurately fits the period, shows considerable work/creativity, and makes the presentation better. Includes props that enhance the presentation.

Costume fits the period, and makes the presentation better.

Costume distracts from the presentation and/or could use a little more effort.

The student did not create and wear a costume.

_____ Total points

_____ Overall Social Studies score (total points/3)

WA State Festival Luncheon Items

Please sign up to bring one of the following items (it would be great if you’d put down your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices). All food items should be ready to serve. Please supply enough to feed at least 30 people. Please send items on/in disposable containers. If possible, please label the food items. NO NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS please. Thank you!
Smoked salmon: ________

Cherries: ___________

Strawberries: _________

Apples: __________

Peaches: __________

Blueberries or blueberry muffins (please specify): ___________

A wheat food item, such as bagels or crackers (please specify): __________

Cranberry bread or another cranberry product (please specify): __________

Food item made with Walla Walla sweet onions: __________

Something made from potatoes (please specify): ___________

Sweet or dill pickles (please specify): ____________

Salsa & chips: ____________

A Hispanic dish or food item (please specify): ____________

Wild game: ____________

Fruit leather: ____________

Dairy product, like cheese or yogurt (please specify): ____________

Fried rice: ___________

An Asian dish or food item (please specify): ______________

Apple juice (for 40): _____________

Paper plates (for 40): ________________

Plastic silverware (for 40): ____________

Cups & Napkins (for 40): _____________

Other: _______________________________
Please write your child’s name next to 3 food items you are able to send. Mark your preference with a 1, 2, 3. To assure we don’t have duplicates, you will then receive an email confirmation from our classroom coordinator letting you know which item to send. Please be flexible; if there are multiple people who sign up for the same item you may have to switch.

Tear off this page of from this packet (the lunch item signup sheet) and return it to school, and/or sign up on the google doc that will be sent shortly. The rest of the packet is for you to keep at home.
Thank you!

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