Name: Student Interest Survey

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Student Interest Survey

1. I would rather…
go for a walk in the woods read a book talk with a friend

3. I would rather be in a class where the teacher allows us to….
work with other students work with the teacher work alone
4. I would rather meet…
Bear Grills The Queen of England Albert Einstein
5. I would rather ride…
a skateboard a bike in a plane
6. I would rather…
plant a tree climb a tree draw a tree
  1. 8. I would rather read a book about…

The History of Flight Biography of Ghandi How to Draw a Horse

9. I would rather watch the television show…
Amazing Race Mythbusters Man Versus Wild
10. I would rather build a model of….
a plant the Eiffel Tower a human cell
11. I would rather spend a Saturday…
building a solar car building a fort
building a friendship with a pen pal from another country
12. I would rather visit…
Quebec City Boston Museum of Science Acadia National Park
13. I would rather have Science class…

inside the school building in the garden in the Tech Ed room

14. I would rather talk to…
President of the Audoban Society President of the United States
President of Cuba
15. I would rather live in…
Japan Australia Maine
16. I would rather…
advertise a new video game create a new video game
play a new video game



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