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Chapter 19: Cold War Politics

Section 1: Retreat from the New Deal

  1. In 1946, many voters turned against whom?

  1. Many political candidates accused their opponents of being “Red.” What does that term mean?

  1. Who took the majority in Congress in 1947? What did they see as a threat to the nation’s peacetime economy?

  1. Why were many people getting fed up with unions?

  1. What was the Taft-Hartley bill?

What did President Truman think of this bill?

  1. What did people think of Truman as he was beginning to run for office in 1948?

  1. Who were the Dixiecrats? Who did they want to elect for President?

  1. Who did Republicans nominate for president in 1948?

  1. What was the whistle-stop tour?

  1. Who won the 1948 presidential election? (Check out the photo on p. 636, but don’t let it fool you!)

  1. What was Truman’s plan for the presidency known as?

What were some of the aims of the Fair Deal?

  1. Why was the Fair Deal doomed during Truman’s presidency?

Section 2: The Cold War at Home

  1. What was HUAC?

Who became the voice of HUAC during the 1950s?

  1. What did some HUAC committee members use in order to find Communists?

  1. Why was Alger Hiss a perfect target for HUAC?

  1. What were the results of the Alger Hiss trial?

  1. What program did Truman start in 1947?

Why did he start this program?

  1. Was his program effective?

  1. What was the McCarran Act?

  1. Explain the Rosenberg case.

What was the reaction to the Rosenberg case?

  1. During the 1950s what senator took control of the anti-Communist cause?

  1. What is McCarthyism?

  1. How did McCarthy seal his own fate in 1954?

  1. What was AWARE?

  1. What was blacklisting?

Section 3: The Eisenhower Years

  1. When was Eisenhower elected as president? Who did he run against?

  1. Who was Eisenhower’s vice president?

Why was he chosen?

  1. How did Eisenhower effectively solve problems?

  1. What was one of Eisenhower’s major initiatives in his first term?

  1. What kind of policies did Eisenhower follow as president?

  1. What carried Ike through his second term?

  1. How did the Soviets shock the U.S. during Eisenhower’s presidency?

How did the U.S. respond?

  1. What was constructed all over the U.S. during Eisenhower’s second term?

What was the final cost of the project?

  1. Who were the candidates during the 1960 presidential campaign?

  1. How did JFK and Nixon differ in religion?

How did they differ in civil rights?

  1. Who won the presidential campaign of 1960?

  1. How did television shape the outcome of the election?

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