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Bracero Program

Guided Notes

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What was the world event that lead to the Bracero Program?
Identify the nationality of the workers that participated in the program.
What two fields did the program provide workers for?
How long did the program last?
Online Section:

After getting into pairs or small groups, utilize a computer to continue the lesson.

Go to the following website:
Read the Introduction, then continue.
Bracero Workers:

Analyze the 8 photos, Write a description of each photo, describing the environment, statement, and/or story the picture is telling. Write at least 3 sentences for each photo.

Here are some guided questions:

What do you see? What does this mean? Do you see these types of workers today? What does this picture mean to you? What emotions do these pictures show?









Bracero Articles:

Read both newspaper clippings and describe the tone and attitude towards the migrant workers.

Article 1: When the article mentions, "crop failures in Mexico" what would that mean to workers there?

Article 2: When the article mentions, "as soon as transportation was available", what type of attitude is portrayed in that sentence?


Bracero Worker’s Testimonials:

Pick out three stories and read them. Write out their names and give a brief synopsis of each story along with your personal feelings about the story. (1/2 page for each)




Bracero Video Clip:

Watch the video and describe the benefits the workers gained from settling in the U.S.

Also, describe the treatment of the workers when they came to the U.S.


What was the reason the Bracero Program ended?
What civil rights group was created after the Bracero Program came to an end?
Exit Ticket/Journal Entry:

Have the students reflect on the day’s lesson and ask them to write a ½ page about what the Bracero Program had to offer, the benefits, the criticism, and the overall feeling of the program.

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