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Apollo 13 Movie Questions

1. What was the name of the 1st lunar module to land on the moon?

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2. Who was the commander of the 1st space ship to land on the moon?

3. According to the movie Apollo 13, who was the original commander of Apollo 13?

4. Why was he not allowed to command the mission?

5. Command module pilot Ken Mattingly was replaced by John L."Jack" Swigert Jr just days before the mission began. Why was Mattingly replaced?

6. The first missions to the moon (Apollo's 11 and 12) were broadcast all the time on T.V. Until the accident, Apollo 13 was not televised much. Why?

7. What event led to the explosion on the command module? (What was Jim Swigert doing when the explosion occurred? Be specific)

8. What does LM stand for?

9. What does CM stand for?

10. The explosion caused the loss of 2 oxygen tanks. The oxygen was important for breathing, but it was more important for two other functions. What were these two functions?

11. An hour and a half after the "bang", Mission Control Center notified the crew that "we're starting to think about the lifeboat". What was the "lifeboat"?

12. The "lifeboat" that the three astronauts used to survive in on their way back to Earth, was only designed for two astronauts. Because of this, a problem developed that required NASA engineers to come up with a unique solution. What was the life threatening problem that developed?
13. The Apollo 13 mission was described as a "successful failure". Why?

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