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Ancient Rome/Byzantine Webquest (Chapters 8, 9, and 10)

For 500 years Ancient Rome was governed by the Roman Republic. This was a form of government that allowed for people to elect officials. It was a complex government with a constitution, detailed laws, and elected officials such as senators. Many of the ideas and structures of this government became the basis for modern democracies.

Using the following web address, learn about this form of government that was an important part of the Roman Empire.

Directions: Complete the following questions using the website listed below.

Questions 1 - 50 ( 2 pts each)

  1. At the top of the Roman Republic was the consul. Tell two facts about the consuls.



  1. How long did a Roman Senator serve?

  1. The representatives of the Plebian Council were called?

  1. Were women allowed to vote?

Directions: Complete the following questions using the website listed below.

Click on How was Rome ruled?

  1. What jobs or professions did most early Romans have?

  1. What is a republic?

  1. Who ran the republic in Rome?

8. What was a plebian in Rome?

  1. Who could not become a citizen in Rome?

Click on Who were the Roman emperors?

  1. Who was the first Roman emperor?

(Please use both names)



Click on Religion

  1. What were Roman gods and goddesses like?

Click on Romans index Next, Click on Technology

  1. Who kept the heating system working in public baths and large villas?

Click on What are aqueducts?

  1. What is an aqueduct?

  1. How did the Romans make big buildings and roofs?

  1. Who did most of the work in Roman society?

Click on Romans index Next, Click on Family and children

  1. What type of power did fathers have in Roman families?

  1. What jobs were Roman women expected to do?

Click on What did Romans write with?

  1. For important messages what did the Romans write on?

  1. What are scrolls?

Click on What did gladiators do?

  1. What did gladiators fight?

Click on What was a Roman play like?

  1. What types of plays did Romans like?

Directions: Complete the following questions using the website listed below.

Click on Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks/Romans

  1. How were Roman women treated differently compared to the Greek women?

Click on Patricians and Plebeians

  1. What social class were the Patricians?

  1. What social class were the Plebeians?

Click on Roman Houses

  1. What type of housing did Plebeians live in?

  1. What type of housing did Patricians live in?

Click on Pax Romana

  1. What does Pax Romana mean? About how long did it last?

Click on Status of Women

  1. Were women citizens in Rome?

Directions: Complete the following questions using the website listed below.

  1. When did Nero become emperor AND how old was he?

  1. Early in the morning of _______________ a blaze broke out in the shops around the Circus Maximus and _________________________________. Over the next nine days, ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. According to historical sources, what was Nero doing during the fire?

  1. Why was it rumored that Nero started the fire?

  1. Who did Nero blame for starting the fire?

Directions: Complete the following questions using the website listed below.

Click on Byzantine Empire

  1. What part of the Roman Empire became known as the Byzantine Empire?

  1. When did the Western Roman Empire collapse?

  1. What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire? What was unique about this city?

  1. What religion did Constantine embrace?

  1. Under what emperor did the Byzantine Empire reach its peak in power?

  1. What is the Hagia Sophia and where was it built?

  1. What empire defeated and destroyed the Byzantine Empire in 1453 CE?

  1. What is the city of Constantinople called today? What modern country is it located in?

Click on Justinian I

  1. From what years did Justinian I reign or rule?

  1. To where was Justinian able to expand the Byzantine Empire?

  1. How did Justinian improve the Byzantine Empire?

  1. Why is the Justinian Code so important?

  1. What groups of people had more rights because of the Justinian Code?

Go to the following website:

  1. List two reasons why the Eastern Empire or Byzantine Empire was able to survive much longer than the Western Empire:


  1. What started happening to the Byzantine Empire from 1200s CE to 1400s CE?

  1. About 600 B.C., a mysterious people, the Etruscans, took power in Rome. Later, in 509 B.C. the Romans revolted and drove the Etruscans from power. What do you know about the Etruscans and why did the Romans revolted and took power from the Etruscans? (See page 230 in textbook)




  1. What is the relationship between the government of ancient Rome and our own government? (Include facts comparing the Roman Senate; the Roman consuls to the U.S. President; and the Roman laws to our system of laws. (see textbook pages 231, 232, 246)






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