Name period date ch 12 Section 4 (continued) Ethnic Conflicts in South Asia & International/Global Geopolitics

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Ch 12 Section 4 (continued)

Ethnic Conflicts in South Asia & International/Global Geopolitics (p. 535 – 538).
Within India and the region there are tense situations related to political and ethnic tensions. Use your text to answer question 1 below. Then use a laptop to update yourself on a few of the regional conflicts since your text book was printed.

  1. Read the section “International & Global Geopolitics” on p. 537 and list 2 or 3 examples of continuing conflict in this region. Which one is of most concern to you and why?

12-4 Global Geopolitics continued…
Get a laptop and log onto the internet. Go to the following website and follow the directions to complete the activities below: USE THE BACK OF THIS SHEET IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL SPACE.

  • Click on “Conflict Timeline” under the section “History of India – Pakistan Relations” and familiarize yourself with the history between India and Pakistan. Next, click on the last link “Low Expectations” under Current Events and read that article. What is the status of relations between these two countries? What is your opinion on the threat this relationship poses in the region and globally?

  • Next, visit this link . It is an article on India/Pakistan/Afghanistan that is rather lengthy. Skip to “section 2” and read far enough to enable you to explain in your own words what the author means when he says “The hostility between India and Pakistan lies at the heart of the current war in Afghanistan.”

  • Finally, go to . The closest India and Pakistan have come to war has been over the region of Kashmir. Briefly describe the heart of their disagreement over that area. Next, give a brief chronology of the events that have taken place over Kashmir. Finally, assess the status of the conflict today.

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