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The Earth and Its Peoples

Chapter Eighteen Reading Guide

  1. Terms: Define in your own words & EMPHASIZE SIGNIFICANCE!!! Points will be deducted for exact copying from the textbook definitions

Atlantic System



Chartered Company

Dutch West India Company




Middle Passage


Royal African Company


II. Answer: Be sure to address ALL parts of the question. (use bullets or chart when appropriate)

  1. What were the effects of the Middle Passage on both slaves and slave traders? (Describe the enslaved. Discuss how they became enslaved and gender proportions. Describe the journey in terms of individual experience and hardships. What were the concerns of the slave traders?)

  2. What were the components of the new Atlantic economy? Explain how each component was necessary for the economy's success. (Discuss the role of government & private investors, African & European merchants & elites as well as the effect of growing single cash crops.)

  3. What was the life of a slave like on a West Indian sugar plantation in the eighteenth century? Include details from slaves' work lives, as well as from their family and social lives.

  4. Describe the lives of free people in West Indian society in the eighteenth century.

  5. Discuss the role played by African traders and political leaders in the Atlantic slave trade. What steps did Africans take to control the trade with Europeans and how successful were they? How did the slave trade differ across different regions of Africa?

  6. How did the Saharan slave trade differ from the Atlantic slave trade?

    IV. Document Analysis: After reading “Diversity and Dominance: Slavery in West Africa and the Americas” in your text (pp.540-541), answer the following questions.

  1. Since Ahmad Baba points out that Islamic law permitted a Muslim to raid and enslave non-Muslims do you think that the non-Muslim Mandinka (Mandingoes) would have considered it justifiable to enslave Ayuba since he was a Muslim? Explain your response.

  1. Which aspects of Ayuba Suleiman’s experiences of enslavement were normal, and which were unusual?

  1. After reading Ayuba Suleiman’s account of his enslavement, analyze his POV. Remember, BIAS is assumed; you must analyze his reliability as a source.

IV. Thesis statement: Write a thesis statement only answering ONE of the following questions. Identify the question.
1. Compare and contrast the Atlantic and Muslim slave trade in Africa.

2. Analyze the changes and continuities in the economy and environment of the Caribbean as a result of the rise of the sugar plantations.

3. Analyze the factors that led to the rise of the Atlantic system.

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