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Newspaper Article

Pretend that you are a British Journalist who has just spent the last year living in colonial America. You kept a journal to record your impressions of daily life. You want your family and friends in Europe to vicariously relive your experiences through a newspaper article to be published in the London Daily Press. In order for your article to be published by the London Daily Press you must give a detailed, accurate view of life in colonial America. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly events that occur. The Editor of the London Daily Press has given you the following criteria for your story:

THIS PROJECT IS DUE:_____________________________


Points Possible

Points Earned

Catchy Title


Eight Aspects of Daily Life (in paragraph form)


Clearly written for an audience that has never been to the New World


Free of grammatical and spelling errors


Visual images (at least four)


Creativity (student used their imagination)


Appearance (Coloring, Use of space, appealing)



100 Points

No rubric attached

-5 points

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