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CP English I

Great Expectations Study Guide Ch. 1-6

About the Author – Charles Dickens

1. Charles Dickens was born on ___Feb. 7_______________(date), _1812______ (year).
2. Although in his early life, Dickens’ family was fairly well-off, when Charles was twelve, his father was arrested for ___debt______________, and was put in ____Marshalsea_________________________ debtors’ prison.
3. During this time, Charles worked at what job?__pasting labels on jars of shoe blacking in a blacking factory___________________
4. Charles Dickens’ first jobs were: ___blacking factory work_____, __journalist (reporter) _______, and ___actor, playwright_______________.
5. Dickens’ novels were often published in what way?_____ni installments, or serially______.
6. Three famous novels by Dickens are: _David Copperfield __,

__Oliver Twist____, and __A Tale of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations________.
Chapter One

1. Describe the setting of this chapter: ___graveyard at dusk ____________________

2. Pip’s real name is: __Phillip Pirrip____________________.
3. What are the very first words spoken to Pip in the novel, and who says them? __ “Hold yer noise!” –the convict_________________________________________.
4. The convict tells Pip to bring him ___wittles (food) and a file__________________.
5. What does the convict tell Pip about a “young man” who is with him? ___The young man will cut out Pip’s heart & liver_________________
6. Characters of different socio/economic classes in the novel speak with different dialects. What evidence of dialect do we see in the convict’s speech? __His v’s are pronounced as w’s; he says “meshes” instead of “marshes”; his grammar is incorrect.___________________
Chapter Two

1. Mrs. Joe says she has brought up Pip “by hand”. To her society, what does this mean (figuratively speaking)? ____She raised him with no help_______________

To Pip, what does it mean (taking it literally)? __She raises him by hitting him.________
What is comical about Pip saying that Joe was also brought up “by hand”, and that Mrs. Joe must have gotten him to marry her “by hand”? _Pip thinks Mrs. Joe got Joe to marry her by hitting him._________________________________
2. Show the contrast in the characters of Joe and Mrs. Joe, both in physical appearance and in their personalities.

Joe: __fair-haired, blue-eyes; kind nature, caring to Pip__________________________

Mrs. Joe ___dark, red-skinned; angry and unkind nature, abusive to Pip______________

What does it show of Mrs. Joe’s character and relationship with Pip that we do not even know her real name?__There is no affection shown, but a great deal or respect required of Pip._______

3. Define “Tickler”:___wax-ended piece of cane used to hit Pip________________

Why is the name ironic? ___It does not tickle to be hit by Tickler.________

4. What word does Joe use to describe Mrs. Joe’s storming out the door looking for Pip?


Chapter Three

1. In the simile in the first paragraph of the chapter, the cold “riveted” to Pip’s feet is compared to what? ___the iron chain on the convict’s leg_____________________________

2. Pip runs into a second convict before he sees the convict from the previous evening. He thinks this is __the young man who wants his heart & liver______________.
3. The word “meshes” is in Pip’s dialect. He really means what? _marshes________
4. Tell two things Pip says that show some kindness toward the convict. __He hopes the convict enjoys his food; he notices the convict has an illness.____________________________
5. What does the convict do with the food when he learns of the other man whom Pip has seen?
____Shoves it away.____________________________
Chapter Four

1. What is Mrs. Joe’s Christmas greeting to Pip when he first arrives at home on Christmas morning? ___ “And where the deuce ha’ you been?”______________________

How is this similar to the first words spoken to him by the convict in Chapter One?


2. How are the names of the dinner guests somehow suitable and comic?

Mr. Wopsle-___He wallops the podium or table as he speaks._____________________

Mr. & Mrs. Hubble - _Mr. Hubble makes wheels; a hub is the center of a wheel._______

Uncle Pumblechook - _Sounds like a cartoon; people “shuck” corn before eating it._______

3. As the dinner guests are speaking critically of Pip, Joe shows his sympathy by giving excessive amounts of ___gravy_____________________.
4. The second half of this chapter shows Dickens’ use of suspense, a very important element for the success of the installment or serial form of writing. Which events create suspense as Pip fears his theft of food from his sister’s household will be discovered? ___Every time Mrs. Joe goes into the pantry.______
5. How is the beginning of the chapter connected to the end? ___Pip fears he will see a constable at his door; and the end, Pip sees several soldiers at the door.__________

6. How is the end of the chapter a “cliffhanger”? __The reader wonders if Pip is truly being arrested for stealing the food.___________________________________________

Chapter Five

1. On page 679, what does Pip mean by “the military had so far got the better of the pie as to put it in the background”? __The soldier at the door distracted everyone so that they didn’t notice the missing pie._____________________________________

2. What two details of setting are sharply contrasted in the first full paragraph of the second column on page 680?
___Sleet, cold, dark outside; villagers in their warm homes by glowing fires. Family love on the inside of homes; a search for convicts outside______________________________
3. Who lights the forge fire so that Joe can repair the handcuffs?_soldier_____________

4. Why does Pip dread seeing the convicts? _He’s afraid the convict will think he brought the soldiers; he’s afraid the convict will reveal that Pip stole food for the convict._________

5. What do we learn about Joe’s character as he carries Pip on his back while keeping up with the running soldiers?____He is strong and caring._____________________
6. What does Pip’s convict claim as the two convicts are apprehended?___He apprehended the other convict.__________________________________________________
7. What does the second convict claim?__Pip’s convict tried to kill him.________
8. Notice that Pip’s convict looks at him once, with an attentive expression. How does the convict protect Pip? ___He claims that he (the convict) stole the food from the blacksmith’s house.__________________________
9. Pip’s convict apologizes for stealing Joe’s food. What does Joe’s reply show about Joe?
___Joe is caring and humane.____________________________
10. Detail: Notice the “clicking” sound in the convict’s throat. He makes this sound whenever someone is kind to him. Remember this for later.
11. What do the torches flung into the water signify?__End of the convict’s freedom; end of the search._______________
12. Pip tells that he loves Joe. Why, then, does he not tell Joe the whole truth about the stolen food?___Fear that Joe will not love or respect him as before.____________________________
Chapter Six

1. Pip describes his school experience. Who really teaches him most?__Biddy_______

2. What metaphor does Pip use to identify numbers (page 684)?_thieves____________
3. What word can Joe read? ___Jo_______________________
4. What can we infer about Joe’s father?_____He drank and abused his family._______
5. What can we infer about Joe from his defense of his father and his defense of Mrs. Joe?_____
___Joe sees the good in people.__________________________
6. What does Joe call Mrs. Joe? __dunder-headed king of idiots.__________________
7. Why does Joe require secrecy in Pip’s teaching him to read? ___Joe doesn’t want Mrs. Joe to get angry that he rose above her in education._____________________________________________________
8. Dialect: “Keep” and “kep” in the bottom paragraph on page 685 mean to support financially.
9. Foil Character – A foil character sets off another character by contrast. Mrs. Joe is a foil character for Joe. Her biting sarcasm and derision are in sharp contrast to Joe’s gentleness and regard for her.
10. Re-read the paragraph beginning “I had heard of Miss Havisham,” on page 686, and note the details. This paragraph is foreshadowing later events in the novel.
11. Simile – Pip compares his washing by Mrs. Joe to what? ___an eagle catching a lamb___
Chapter 7

1. Characters introduced:

Miss Havisham – wears: __faded bride dress; one shoe, one worn stocking _________

strange items in her house: __clocks stopped, old bride cake on table__________

character traits: __antisocial, strange, eccentric, indulgent to Estella/cold to Pip_

her past: __let by her groom on her wedding day/has lived in seclusion ever since_

her apparent current goal: _to raise a woman who will avenge her on all the male sex____

Estella – her name means: _star______________________________________________

her appearance: __beautiful, brown hair, mature for her age______________________

her behavior: __cold, uncaring, cruel________________________

what she does that reflects her name: __carries a candle in the dark house__________
2. This day is significant in Pip’s life. How does his attitude toward his home, toward Joe, and toward himself and his life in general change as a result of his visit to Miss Havisham?

He has become self-conscious, unappreciative of Joe, and dissatisfied with his life.

3. Dickens’ skill in evoking our sympathy for Pip is shown as Mr. Pumblechook gives him only a morsel of bread and watery milk for breakfast, and then drilling him in arithmetic as he eats.
4. Miss Havisham’s house is called __Satis_ House. This name means “enough”.
5. Which clues in Miss Havisham’s house tell us that she has been deserted by her groom many years ago on her wedding day?

Clocks stopped at 8:40; wedding cake; bridal clothes, flowers in hair.

6. Estella calls Pip a “common laboring boy” and criticizes that “He calls the knaves jacks, this boy! And what coarse hands he has! And what thick boots!”
7. When Pip is alone after being badly treated by Estella, what does he do to get “rid of my injured feelings”?

Kicks brewery wall, pulls hair.

Chapter 8

1. Pip lies about his visit to Miss Havisham. When he admits his lies to Joe, Joe says, “Lies is lies. Howsever they come, they didn’t ought ot come, and they come from the father of lies, and work round to the same. Don’t you tell me no more of ‘em, Pip.”

2. Read the last paragraph of the chapter one more time. What two metaphors for life events, both good and bad, does Dickens use?
____gold/iron__________ ______flowers/thorns________________
Chapter 9
1. Foil Character: Biddy’s good nature contrasts Estella’s personality. Write 2 adjectives about each girl that show their differences:
Biddy – kind, obliging, sensible
Estella – cruel, negative, capricious
2. What clues tell us that the stranger who gives Pip money is really a convict who also knows Pip’s convict?

Stirs drink with a file

3. What is the name of the pub where Joe goes?

Three Jolly Bargemen

Chapter 10

1. What is it about Camilla that reminds Pip of his sister?

Nasty, speaks ill of people
2. The clock on the outer wall of Miss Havisham’s courtyard is stopped at the same time as the clocks inside her house. This time is: __8:40____________________
3. Why does Estella slap Pip in the face? To show that she still intends to be mean.
4. When Pip says that he will never cry for Estella again, is this the truth? __NO_____
5. What lives inside Miss Havisham’s wedding cake now? ___spiders______
What will someday occupy that place on top of the table?___Miss Havisham’s corpse____

What does Miss Havisham indicate with each hit of her cane around the table?___Which relative will sit in that particular seat_________________________________

What is meant by the metaphor in the statement, “Now you all know where to take your stations when you come to feast upon me”?
_____Now Miss Havisham’s relatives will know where to sit around the table at her wake, when they come to get her estate.________
6. Miss Havisham does not permit people to mention her birthday. Why? __It would signify the passage of time to her._______

7. Notice the pale, young gentleman’s actions just before Pip fights him. Before the first punch, whom does Pip expect to be the better fighter? __The other boy___

Who actually wins the fight?__PIP___

Estella allows the winner to kiss her. Notice the flush on her cheek when she speaks to Pip.

Chapter 11

1. At the beginning of the chapter, Pip is afraid of being punished for what?

__His fight with the pale young gentleman
2. QUOTES: Who says these?
“Does she grow prettier and prettier, Pip?” __Miss Havisham__
“Break their hearts, my pride and hope, break their hearts and have no mercy!”_Miss Havisham

“I know nothing of times.”___Miss Havisham___

3. When Pip becomes indentured to Joe, Miss Havisham gives Joe some money. She says that this is pay for Pip’s visiting her and working for her. Who winds up with the money? __Mrs. Joe
4. As Pip goes to court to have his indenture papers signed, people assume that he is there for committing some crime. Listen in class for our explanation of what a “tract” is and why it would be read in a person’s “cell”.
5. Re-read the paragraph on page 707 beginning, “It is a most miserable thing to feel ashamed of home.” Be able to discuss Pip’s feelings toward his home both as a younger child and now that he has spent time with Miss Havisham and Estella.

Pip blames 3 people for his changed attitude. Name them:

1.) Miss Havisham

2.) Joe

3.) himself
Chapter 12

1. Pip ends his education with Mr. Wopsle’s great-aunt. Whom does he ask to “bestow some educational crumbs” upon him next? __Mr. Wopsle_____________________

Pip wishes to educate Joe. As a younger child, he liked to teach Joe out of a sincere desire to share his learning. Now, his reason is __to make Joe more high class__________________
2. A journeyman is a worker who is no longer apprenticed, but not yet a master. Joe’s journeyman is named:__Orlick__

This journeyman has what kind of a relationship with Pip? __ a poor one; he used to scare Pip with lies about a devil in the forge fire.__

3. The journeyman and Mrs. Joe have a terrible argument. During the argument, Mrs. Joe calls Joe what?_____________________________________________________________________

The journeyman calls Mrs. Joe what?____foul shrew___________________________

What does Joe say three times in his wife’s defense?___some variation of “Let her alone.”____

Finally, what does Joe do to defend Mrs. Joe’s honor after she is insulted? __fights Orlick__

At this point, Mrs. Joe has worked herself into such a frenzy that she falls unconscious. The house is then quiet.
4. Pip visits Miss Havisham. Joe’s advice to him regarding this is: ___Visit only once, unless she invites you to visit again.________________________________

Miss Havisham tells Pip to visit again when?__On his birthday_______

5. On page 713, second column, paragraph beginning “Now, Joe, examining this iron”:
What skill of Joe’s is evident here? __blacksmithing skill__

Notice that Pip overlooks Joe’s skill, and can only focus on his commonness and ignorance.

6. Who do you think is the person who attacked Mrs. Joe?
7. How will Mrs. Joe be cared for now that she is permanently injured? __Biddy__
Chapter 13

1. What changes does Pip notice in Biddy (pg. 715)?

Her dress comes up at the heel; she is more beautiful.
2. How does Pip feel about his knowledge? -_It is the key to becoming uncommon.
What do you think he means by, “I spent my birthday guineas on it”? __He bought books.

3. What secret does Pip tell Biddy? _He wants to become a gentleman because of Estella.

4. How does Biddy feel about the secret? __It is better for Pip not to become a gentleman, but to be satisfied with his life as it is.
5. What question does Biddy ask when Pip reveals that his secret wish is because of Estella (“on her account” as he says on pg. 716)? ___She asks if it is because he wants to spite Estella, or because he wants to win her over.
6. How does Pip display self-pity when discussing his feelings for Estella? ___Pulls at his hair___

7. How does Pip insult Biddy on pg. 717? __Is surprised that she can keep up with him academically.

8. Whom do they meet on their walk home? __Orlick
Why does Biddy not like this person? __She thinks Orlick likes her.
Chapter 14

1. What is the astonishing news that Mr. Jaggers brings? __Pip is to be educated for a gentleman.

2. Who says this quote, which includes the novel’s title: “The communication I have got to make is that he has Great Expectations”? ___Mr. Jaggers
3. What two conditions must Pip accept in order to receive his fortune? __Not ask who the benefactor is; never change his name from “Pip”.
4. What will be Pip’s relationship to Jaggers? __guardian, financial advisor

5. Who will be Pip’s tutor? __Mr. Matthew Pocket

6. What might the fact that Pip’s tutor is related to Miss Havisham mean to Pip? __Miss Havisham is his benefactor because she wants Pip to marry Estella.
7. Re-read the paragraph on pg. 720 beginning “Joe laid his hand upon my shoulder.” Why does Joe become emotional and unable to finish his sentence? _Remembering Pip as a child.
8. What question does Jaggers ask of Joe for a third time? __DO you want any money for releasing Pip from his apprenticeship?
Why does the question insult Joe? __Joe loves Pip and would never take money for him.
9. Pip does not understand Joe and Biddy’s sadness at his departure. He feels sorry for himself that his last days at home are not happier. He cannot sleep easily in his bed.
Chapter 15

1. What does Pip ask Biddy to do for Joe? __Teach him

What is Biddy’s response? __indignation

2. What harsh words does Pip have for Biddy when she suggests that Joe has pride?

“I am extremely sorry to see this in you, Biddy. It’s a –it’s a bad side of human nature.”
3. Describe the change in the way Trabb’s boy treats Pip once they learn he has come into money. __He is more respectful.
4. Find the 4 adjectives on page 724 that Pip now uses to describe Pumblechook.

_____sensible__ ______practical__________

_____good-hearted_ ______prime____________
5. List 4 facts that Miss Havisham knows about Pip’s situation (pg. 725):
___Pip leaves tomorrow._____

___Pip has been adopted by a rich person._____

___Mr. Jaggers is Pip’s guardian.____________

___The rich person is not named.____________

6. Why does Miss Havisham make Sarah Pocket stay while she talks with Pip? __She wants Sarah Pocket to feel jealous of Pip, and to think his good fortune is from Miss Havisham.__
7. Why does Pip wish to walk to the stage by himself? __He does not want to be with lower class people when he goes away.______________

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