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Mesopotamia PIRATES Choice Activity

Directions: You have the opportunity to choose which projects to complete in this activity. You must choose at least one option from each category. This project will be worth 100 points, thus you should make sure that your project choices add up to at least 100 points. You may choose to complete up to 120 points for 20 points extra credit. Please indicate your choices by circling them. This page will need to be turned in when your project is due

PIRATES Mesopotamia Summary page not optional (35 points)


  • Imagine a world in which there are no written laws. Write a one-page short story in which two characters in such a world come into conflict. Stories may include topics such as theft, a fight, or an accidental injury. A conflict-resolution or a judgment scene that shows how a written code of law helps resolve the situation. (15 points)

  • Seven laws from Hammurabi’s code are listed on page 73. Write these seven laws in your own words. (5 points)


  • Write a letter from the Hittitte king to the leader of Babylon explaining why the Babylonians should surrender. Include details about the superiority of the Hittite military and what consequences might result from the Babylonians refusal to surrender. (10 points)

  • Imagine that you have been asked to design a book jacket for a book titled Invasions of Mesopotamia. Be sure to include the title and a picture on the front, a brief summary of the book’s content on an inside flap, author and publisher on the spine, and comments about the book’s influence on the back cover. (10 points)

  • A Fertile Land worksheet (5 points)


  • Sumerian Flood Story reading and questions (5 points)

  • Use to research gods and goddesses in ancient Sumeria. Create a chart listing 10 different gods and goddesses in one column, what each represented in another column, and finally what each god's or goddess' supposed powers were in the last column. (10 points)


  • Create a museum exhibit on cuneiform. It should include a clay tablet that you create and provide information on cuneiform. (15 points) may be counted as arts or technology, but may only be counted once

  • Create 10 pictographs for everyday objects or ideas. Include the English translation next to each pictograph. Then simplify your pictographs (see page 66 for an example.) (10 points)

  • Create a cylinder seal, discussed on page 68. The cylinder seal must actually be able to leave its imprint. (15 points)


  • Find images from newspapers and magazines that reflect the contributions of the Sumerians. Create a collage on poster board that will be displayed in the classroom. (5 points)

  • Create a museum exhibit on cuneiform. It should include a clay tablet that you create and provide information on cuneiform. (15 points) may be counted as arts or technology, but may only be counted once

  • Make a model of a gear (From Wheel to Gear handout provides directions or you may design your own.) (15 points)


  • Description of the Phoenicians reading and questions (5 points)

  • The First Coins reading and questions (5 points)


  • Use To review city-states. Draw a picture, or make a collage with pre-existing pictures, that represents your idea of what a neighborhood in a Sumerian city-state might look like. (15 points)

  • Create an illustration that reflects the social classes of Sumer as well as the primary responsibilities of each. These will be displayed in the classroom (10 points)

  • Create An Ancient Mesopotamia Journal. Pretend that you are living in ancient Mesopotamia. Imagine what your daily life would have been. Describe your 'pretend' life in a series of journal entries. Decide if you want to cover all the days in a week or less frequent stories over a longer time frame. You should have 5 journal entries of at least ½ page each. (10 points)

As with all PIRATE choice projects, if you have a related project idea that you would like to complete, ask!


_____Mesopotamia PIRATES Summary Page

_____Politics choice

_____Interactions choice

_____Religion choice

_____Arts choice

_____Technology choice

_____Economics choice

_____Society choice

_____At least 100 points total

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