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Chapter 14 Test Review

1. Near the end of World War II, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met in the city of _____ to plan strategy. 481

2. At the end of World War II, the Allies held war crimes trials in the German city of _____. 489

3. By 1938, Hitler began engineering the _____, or union of Austria and Germany. 463

4. German war tactics were known as _____, or “lightning war.” 466

5. When the Soviet army defeated the Germans at _____, this set the stage for a Soviets offensive. 478

6. The _____ allowed the U.S. president to aid American allies. 478

7. The _____ were intended to prevent U.S. involvement in a European war. 473

8. Before World War II began, Western democracies adopted a policy of _____ toward Hitler, giving in to his aggression to maintain peace. 461

9. Widespread _____, or opposition to all war, pushed many governments to seek peace at any price.461

10. The United States dropped the first atomic bomb on the city of _____. 487

11. Hitler’s goal regarding the Jews. 451-452

12. In what French city did German forces set up a “puppet state” capital after conquering France? 463
13. Who were the kamikaze? 486
14. World War II in Europe ended with the surrender of what nation?484
15. What was one of Stalin’s major goals in Eastern Europe after World War II? 490
16. What action did Hitler violate the Versailles treaty in 1936? 463
17. What did the British and French do at the Munich Conference in 1938 to avoid war? 463-464
18. What was a reason the Spanish Civil War was called a “dress rehearsal” for World War II? 462
19. This U.S. strategy allowed the U.S. to gradually move north toward Japan. 486

21. In 1942, where did Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin want to finish the war first? 478

22. During World War II, “Rosie the Riveter” came to symbolize what? 476
24. What action did the Western Allies take after World War II that caused the Soviets to strengthen their hold on East Germany? 491
25. The League of Nations voted sanctions against which country for invading Ethiopia in 1935? 461
26. In response to Axis aggression in the 1930s, Western democracies followed a policy of 461
27. What happened at Dunkirk in the spring of 1940? 467

30. What was the Manhattan Project? 484

31. What was usually the first stage of Hitler’s blitzkrieg strategy? 466
32. The German air force was almost grounded by D-Day because484-485
33. The Truman Doctrine was rooted in the idea of491

35. What was important about the Battle of the Bulge? 481

36. Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Union because 469
37. What stopped the German advance during the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941? 470
38. What U.S. action influenced the Japanese decision to attack the United States in 1941? 473

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