Name: Date: My Move to the Colonies The fourth chapter of your colonial book

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My Move to the Colonies

The fourth chapter of your colonial book
Which One is Just Right (and which is just plain wrong)?
You’ve decided to move to America, and you want to make your home in one of the 13 English Colonies.
Choose a persona and a scenario from those detailed on the next page. Based on whom you choose and what you know about each of the 13 colonies, decide which colony would make the best match for you. In addition, decide which would be the worst fit.
In the voice of, and with the background of this persona in the scenario, please WRITE A FAREWELL LETTER TO A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER, defending your decision to move to your chosen colony, and why you decided against the ill-fitting colony, which your friend/family member thinks is a better choice. In this letter, you must use specific information about daily life in each colony in order to support your decision, comparing the two colonies against each other. These specifics include: 1). Founders and their beliefs/reasons for creating the colony; 2). Religious life and expectations; 3). Popular occupations and economic livelihood; 4). Diversity of residents (or lack thereof); and 5). Education for your children.
Before you start your letter, you will need to fill in the attached comparison chart, which will also serve as an organizer for your letter. Please make sure you address all of the criteria for each of the colonies you are detailing.


  • You are the second son of a noble and wealthy landowner in Essex, England. Your older brother is heir to your father’s title and land holdings, which leaves little left for your future. However your father has offered to purchase a large plantation for you in one of the Colonies, so that you may grow a profitable cash crop. You are recently married with no children, but hope to have many children once you move to America. A proprietary colony is what you are seeking…

  • You are a 13-year-old German lad, who is looking to be an apprentice to a blacksmith. There are no opportunities for you to apprentice in Germany, so you decide to go to The Colonies, where you’ve heard there are many blacksmith businesses. You hope to learn the trade from an experienced blacksmith for several years, then eventually establish your own business, find a nice girl and settle down. You are of the Lutheran religion, but not particularly devout, and want to meet many new people of different backgrounds…

  • You are a Puritan from Ipswich, England. You are married with a large brood –- seven children. You make your living by planting, fishing and trading in lumber, depending on the season. You want to do the same in The Colonies. You follow Puritan law strictly, but are not offended by those who are less strict than you. You want your children to have some education, specifically in math and reading, so they can manage their own farms someday and read the Bible daily…

  • You are a Quaker, living outside of London. You believe in the peace and equality of all people, so therefore you will not bow to or honor the superiority of nobles, and you refuse to accept the concept of war. Quakers are reviled in England, and you feel it is time to leave. You are also a weaver, who has a wife and two sons. You want to set up your weaving business in The Colonies, and have your boys take over your trade as they get older. You also want to live where there are other tradesmen, in case your sons have other plans besides weaving…

  • You are a Catholic living in Gloucestershire, England. While Catholics are no longer persecuted, life is very difficult if you are not a member of the Anglican Church. You are a merchant, and many people in your area will not trade with or buy from Catholics. You have decided to move to The Colonies, to a place where your religion will not work against you…

  • You are a young man in the lower class in England. You’d like to learn a trade or own a small farm, but you have no money and no prospects here. However, you’ve heard of other poor lads becoming indentured servants – being given money for passage to the Colonies in exchange for five years of servitude, room and board, and training. At the end of the indenture, you would be given land, some tools and a fresh start. You are not affiliated with any one religion, and don’t want to your life to be confined by church law…

  • You are a Dutch farmer from Leydon, Netherlands. You have a wife and five children, who all help on your sizable farm. You’d like to move to The Colonies, as you’ve heard about the large tracts of land available for growing grains. Your Dutch upbringing makes you pretty free-thinking, and religious toleration is a must for you. You believe in educating your children, and will do so whether or not it is provided by the colony…

  • You are in a Debtors’ Prison in London, England. You owed money on your small farm, and were unable to pay the taxes, so have spent the past three years rotting in jail, rather than be able to work off the debt. You’d love to find a way out of here, if only someone would give you the chance...

Colony Comparison Chart


Good Colony:

Bad Colony:

Founders, their beliefs, reasons for creating the colony

Religious life and


Popular occupations and economic livelihood

Diversity of residents (or lack thereof);

Education for your children

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