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Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Study Guide

  1. In which state was Franklin Roosevelt born?

New York

  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the United States longer than any other President. He was elected President _____4_________ times.

  2. From an early age Franklin D. Roosevelt felt that the most important work he could do was

Public service (working to help others)

  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt grew up in a wealthy family, but it wasn’t until he was at boarding school did he realize that he could help the less fortunate. What did he do during his last year at boarding school? He ran a summer camp for boys whose parents did not have money to pay for a camp.

  2. As a young man, Franklin D. Roosevelt looked up to _his cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, who had been governor of New York, Vice President of the United States, and then he became President in 1901.

  3. While attending law school, Franklin D. Roosevelt married Eleanor Roosevelt. Franklin and Eleanor had similar beliefs. They both believed

It was their duty to help others

  1. Roosevelt started his political career by becoming a Senator of New York.

  2. At the age of 39, Roosevelt contracted polio which left him disabled and unable to walk. He thought his political career was over.

  3. After a long fight, Roosevelt knew he would never walk on his own again, but he still had a desire to work in politics. He ran for __governor______ of New York and won.

  4. During the Great Depression, Roosevelt felt that the government could help. He started programs to help get people back to work. He started programs to give people

food, clothing, and housing.

  1. In 1933, Roosevelt became President of the United States because of his campaign called the New Deal

  1. What war occurred during Roosevelt’s time as President? World War II

  1. Programs started by Roosevelt under the New Deal still help people today.

 A. True

 B. False

  1. Discuss Roosevelt’s New Deal.

The New Deal created jobs. People were put to work in national forests, beaches, and campgrounds. They built roads, parks, and airports. Artists and authors were hired to paint and write.

  1. Discuss how Eleanor helped Franklin further his career in politics?

She was called the President’s eyes and ears. She traveled the country making speeches for him.

  1. What contributions were made by Franklin Roosevelt?

He helped bring the country out of the Depression by his New Deal program.

  1. Discuss the obstacles Franklin Roosevelt had to overcome.

He had to overcome being disabled by polio.

  1. Discuss the impact Franklin Roosevelt had on expanding the rights and freedoms of others.

During the war he led the fight for freedom around the world. He taught people to work together to overcome obstacles.

Created by Karen McDavid, Dimon Magnet Academy, March 2012

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