Name Colonial America Study Guide

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Colonial America Study Guide

  1. Christopher Columbus: (Importance, nationality, what country financed his trip, reason for sailing to New World, Natives he encountered and his treatment of natives):

  1. Jamestown- (Native Tribe, why settle there, main goal, colony name):

  1. John Rolfe (importance in the New World):

  1. Starving Time:

  1. Pilgrims/Puritans (why the came to the New World and interactions with Native Americans)

  1. Colonies

    1. New England(resources/work/reason for establishment of Rhode Island/religious affiliation and law)

    1. Middle Colonies(Quakers, bread basket, William Penn)

    1. Southern(crops, Georgia’s founding, Maryland’s founding, slavery)

  1. Triangle Trade/Middle Passage

  1. Mercantilism

  1. French and Indian War (Why it was fought/Who fought who/results of the war)

Essay: Choose one of the following (20 points)

Compare and Contrast Jamestown and Plymouth. (reasons for founding, relations between settlers and Native Americans, keys to survival, resources and climate, resources and location etc.)

Explain the significance of the Triangle Trade to the survival and success of the American colonies

How did religion and politics influence arguments or appeals by the black community to end slavery?

*********You may bring this to class with a maximum of 10 bulleted items to help you write your essay.

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