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Farewell to Manzanar Webquest

In order to better understand the setting of the biographical memoir Farwell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Huston and James D. Huston, please answer the following questions, in complete sentences, using only the links provided.

Links to use with brief descriptions:

A historical timeline as well as helpful terminology can be found at:

General information about internment (including personal letters and photos):

Some general information about life in camp:
Detailed information, photos, and artifacts from the internment period:

  1. What was the Alien Land Law in the United States?

  1. When was the Alien Land Law passed?

  1. What was the Ozawa case?

  1. Why was this court case important to immigrants?

  1. How long did the ruling in the Ozawa case remain in effect?

  1. When were the internment camps created in the United States?

  1. Why were the interment camps in the United States created?

  1. Who was sent to the camps?

  1. About how many people were sent to the camps in total?

  1. What happened if someone refused to go to the camp?

  1. Based on these letters:, how did most families feel about going to the camps?

  1. Take the virtual tour of Manzanar and familiarize yourself with the facility:

Based on this, describe the camp setting:

Answer the following, using all of the websites listed, to show what the camps were like (at least three details per category):

  1. Food people ate:

  1. Clothing people wore:

  1. Housing:

  1. Work people did each day:

  1. Hardships people faced:

  1. What is the difference between the Nisei and the Issei?

  1. What were the loyalty oaths? (

  1. How long was the Manzanar camp open? What is it today?

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