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Parenting Practices from Our Past


History of Parenting

Identify and evaluate various child rearing practices, beliefs and techniques practiced in our past.

We will work as a class, using Google Slides, to create a presentation on

parenting in Canada. Each group will find information on one of the topics


  1. Residential schools

2. Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children

3. Maternity Homes (The Ideal Maternity Home – East Chester NS known

for the Butterbox Babies)

4. Misericordia Home in Montreal
5. Child Labour in Canada (1800s and 1900s)
6. Education and diseases for children in Canada 1800s -1900s
Your group must:

a) add the information to the Google Slides presentation

b) include the 4 Ws (what, when, where, why)

  1. how families were affected as a result of these practices

  2. include two images

After the information has been put together we will view the presentation. You will then respond to these questions:

1) What was the most horrifying event from our past regarding children?

Explain with an example 2 pts
2) What have we learned from our past about “childhood”? Explain

With an example. 2 pts

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