My Road to Success By Louie Magbanua

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After midterms, usually Louie and his friend go watch a movie to relax and celebrated that they have passed their subjects. One afternoon after their PROGAP1 class they decided to go to the movie house and watch World War Z starring Brad Pitt. Louie, Val, Kako and Mj were designated drivers. They all convoyed going to Greenbelt. Val was one of the weak drivers so she would always be in the front Louie would follow her back. When they reached Greenbelt Val got lost in the parking and they got separated. It took Val around 30 minutes to find a parking space and park. Just in time for the movie they went to the third floor and bought their tickets. They were all nine people watching the movie. Somehow, while buying the ticket for World War Z they bought only 8 pieces of tickets. The movie costs around two hundred fifty pesos. When they reached the 4th floor they started to buy popcorn, drinks, fries, candies and chips. While Meg, Val and Kako were talking, Val decided to count if everyone was there and counted the 8 pieces of ticket. When she accounted for everyone she lacked one which was Mj who was looking at a different store to buy food. Then they realized that the ticket lacked one. Val and Meg rushed down to buy another ticket and get the extra seat beside them. Val was able to buy it on time and all they were able to get into the movie house on time. When they sat down to watch the trailers, food and drinks were being passed around and they were becoming excited to watch the movie. Kiel loves to talk so everyone would usually hear his voice and laugh around. Louie and his friend enjoy laughing without being caring if they are becoming noisy. A few minutes before the movie started, James asked what the Z in World War Z. Kako and Mj answered James that is was Zombie. James was easily scared and is afraid of horror films. James started to become noisy and asking everyone why nobody told him that it was about Zombies. It was one of the funniest things. James would cover his eyes and they would hear him being afraid and shouting. World War Z was about a decease spreading across the world and turning every human being into Zombies. There was a little gore and surprises included. In the middle of the film they would hear Kiel talking and food was still being passed across the row. In one surprising scene, Val and Kako sat in the middle of the aisle so they could hear both sides. Mj and Jorenz explaining the movie to James and Louie and Kiel would talk about the movie as well. They could also hear other people saying shhh asking them to be quiet. Meg would shout every now and them scaring people around her. Meg hates to be surprised and frightened. In one scene Meg shouted and Val slapped her face accidentally. At the end of the movie popcorn flew around and they were laughing at each other. Afterwards they went to a bathroom and break and headed to roads they were going home to. It was another fun day for the nine of them and they got to learn and bond with each other.
Since the construction that was done in Leon Guinto Street students who were parking there had to transfer to the School of Design and Arts (SDA) building to park. Louie, Val, Mj and Kako are regular parking students their but since the construction the number of students parking increased and parking spaces became scarce. It was difficult to park specially during peak hours. Sometimes Louie and Val would wait for thirty minutes before they would be able to get a parking space. During their class in the Angelo King International Center (AKIC), the culinary school of De La Salle College of Benilde. Louie was not able to get a parking space and it was their final presentation day. Louie was able to find a way to park on the side and make it to the presentation in time. With the increasing number of students parking in SDA they decided to open up another parking space in Sandejas. It takes a five minute walk from SDA campus and Taft Campus.
Louie, Val, Meg and Kako are also regulars in buying parking tickets at the accounting office. They are also having limited parking tickets. In the previous terms they were able to buy up to 20 pieces of tickets recently they just limit it to 15 per student. The school parking ticket costs around 30 pesos per entrance which is a reasonable price for students because it is safe and secure to park there. Afterwards they would meet in a fast food restaurant near SDA before going in to their 6pm class.
Every Monday and Wednesday the nine friends (Louie, Meg, Val, Kako, James, Kiel, Mj and Maia) would have classes until nine in the evening. Louie would joke around whoever gets to park at the highest floor is a looser. It is always a treat to go home and separate in the parking area. Louie would always wait for Val because she would always park at the third or fourth floor. The SDA parking lot would have less than 10 cars left by 9pm so they have all the space on their own. Then they would convoy until the South Super Highway. Sometimes they would stop the Kowloon house, Louie, Jorenz and Val would have a mini snack eating siopao and gulaman before going home.
At one rainy evening, they were not able to anticipate the hard rain so no brought umbrellas. It was around nine in the evening so they have to cross from Taft campus to SDA campus through the hard rain. As they were rushing to SDA Louie, Meg, Val and Jorenz were running trying not to get wet but still they would get wet. Val was trying to run up the stairs at the entrance of SDA but failed to stop with grace so she decided to bend down to stop because the floor was very slippery. Everybody laughed that night and went home soaking wet from the rain.
Louie would always take of his friends specially when driving. The road can sometimes be dangerous so he would be very cautious. Sometimes Val would go to Makati and pick up her mom. Louie would convoy with her to make sure that she reaches her destination.
This term Louie and his friends enrolled in PROGLAN which is short for Programming Languages. They always have fun in attending the class because the course allows them to learn about different languages and not just what was part of their degree. They learned Python, Haskell, and Ruby. Haskell was one of the challenging languages they encountered. After their class they would walk together to SDA before going home. Sometimes they would stop by in McDonald’s near SDA and have an early midnight snack and sometimes they would stop in Cobo for milk and fruit teas. Cobo is one of the newly opened restaurants in SDA. The offer fruit and milk teas. They even have new machines for their shakers. Louie and his friends enjoy buying drinks there before going home. James would always buy his dinner and would take around twenty minutes before it can be ready.
In SDA, since Louie and Val are regulars, they would get to know the security guards keeping them safe. Giving them advice where to park or sometimes just ask how they were. The guard from the 3rd floor of the parking in SDA is one their close friends and some they exchange stories of life and have a laugh.
Overnight stays at Louie’s house is always the best thing to do. Rain or shine it is always happy in his house. Val and Meg are always in Louie’s house. During their first time they were afraid of cockroaches. It takes them minutes to reach the restroom just because of the small cockroach. They also had a small scare with Louie’s dad because before they went out of Louie’s room Louie’s dad went out of his room and his shadow scared Louie and Meg. Most of the night they would stay up and have a movie marathon of different movies. They would tell jokes and share stories of their life. During their PROGAP3 final project they got separated in groups so the three of them are working on a three different systems. During one of the typhoons that struck here in Manila, Val and Meg were not able to go home. The rain did not stop them from doing their project as well as enjoying. Announcement from schools that they were suspending classes, Louie, Meg and Val, stopped and rested. They watched another movie and played computer games. They next day, Meg were able to go home but Val was still stranded, roads were still closed and she was not able to pass through alternate routes due to floods. Val had to wash her clothes and hanged them in Louie’s room so she could have clothes to change for the next day. Val was not able to go home until the next day so Louie put out his Xbox. Val enjoyed playing Tekken so they played half the night. They played a 2 player competition tried to weigh which character is stronger. They even played with the computer. The computer player cheats because it is difficult to beat their opponents.
In another overnight stay at Louie’s house. The three of them (Meg, Val and Louie) would watch sets of horror movies again. At night they stay up late until three in the morning and sometimes they would get hungry. They would order burger and fries from Jollibee. Most of the time Louie would treat Meg and Val sometimes they shared expenses. For Louie’s past birthday Meg gave Louie a V or Vendetta mask. Louie wears the mask for fun when they work in his room. At one midnight they got hungry and ordered Jollibee. They ordered Jollibee’s new bacon mushroom burger and fries. Since Louie was searching for a movie that they would watch. Meg and Val decided to wait for the delivery to avoid waking up Louie’s family. The Jollibee driver came on time and Val and Meg went to receive the order. Walking back to Louie’s room, they heard a noise from the kitchen which was odd because it already midnight. Then they saw Louie running to them wearing the V for Vendetta mask and scaring Meg and Val while they were holding the food. It was another fun night for the three of them.
One overnight stay at Louie’s house Val and Meg drove to his place in Guadalupe. Since Val was not yet a good navigator on roads. She would get lost most of the time. Meg taught Val a road that made them lost and went to a farther place. Farther from Louie’s home. Around 9:30pm Val and Meg has not arrived in Louie’s house so, he calls them the exact moment that Val and Meg realizes that they are lost. Louie told them where to pass and Val and Meg would reach Louie’s home.
In a different overnight they would again continue watching horror movies and have fun together. In one or two instances Val would sleep and Louie and Meg would continue watching the movies. In the middle of the night Val would fart while sleeping and sometimes would talk. Louie and Meg would laugh it out.
On the next day they would sometimes go to school together as well. Louie and Val would each bring their own car. Breakfast in Louie’s house is like Christmas morning every day. His family is very welcoming and they would share stories of Louie when he was in grade school or high school. After they prepare they go to school together and attend their classes.
In academics Louie is one of the best programmers. He studies lessons not just for the classroom set up but takes them into heart. He is one of the student who is not afraid of hard work. Louie never leaves anyone behind so in his class if a classmate is having difficulty he would not hesitate to help them. Louie has produced different applications and with every project that he does, he gives his all. He submits quality works and always submits on time. He enjoys reading and studying different programming language. In their PROGAP3 class Louie had one of the best projects which are a Money Transfer Web Application. He is a good role model to his friends and classmates. He shows respect and honesty to his professors. Many professors commend him for his academic performance. He is a good follower and even a better leader. Louie shares his learning to his friends. He does not just let them copy notes but he makes sure the they understand them. In the Library, Louie would sometimes have a learning session and teach his friends the lessons where they are having difficulty.
In classroom exercises it is always fun to work with Louie because he enjoys the learning. The hard tasks do not stop Louie from accomplishing it. Instead he would enjoy solving the problem. In their PROGAP3 class, Louie would enjoy the quizzes, sometimes Val would hear them laugh and which would keep her calm and enjoy the quiz as well. In other activities, Louie always makes sure that he has fun and at the same time finishes the task efficiently and effectively.
During their thesis period Val was having problems with her group mates. The problem was alarming because in doing the thesis they needed four members to be functional. Val calls up Louie every now and them to ask for advice. Louie would advise Val that as a team leader she should be firm and do something about the problem and not just let it be. Otherwise nothing will happen and she would just suffer the effects. Val took the advice and acted on the problem. Louie gives his friends the real and honest answer and not answers that would only make her feel better.
Louie is a hard working student but he also knows how to take time to relax and have fun. He balances working hard and playing. Louie gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. He accepts his friends for who they are and does not judge them. Louie helps his friend in different ways. He would remind them how to act properly not to annoy them but to help and remind them for their own good. In school projects, Louie would be open to suggesting solutions to improve them. He would support them if they request him to be there. He would boost their confidence to become better persons.
Louie’s incredible family their home has a Christmas feeling all year round. They live a simple life but full of love, respect, trust, joy and faith. They are “malambing” to one another and give time in catching up and bonding. They enjoy going on different trips and sharing stories of their experiences in school and work. The values that they share as a family keeps them grounded and faithful. Louie’s mom is one of the coolest mom is the world and is an active servant of the Church. They share laughs and happiness as well has problems and difficulties. They face problems together which shows how strong they are as a family.
Louie has faced a lot of challenges and difficulties in life. Despite those challenges he learns to pick himself up and face the world with a smile. He does not fear to be mistaken or be incorrect because in his mistakes he learns and becomes a better person both inside and out. He is open to improving himself all the time. Nothing would stop him from reaching his goals. He knows his limitations and capabilities. And with the accomplishments that Louie has attained he is only just beginning.

Chapter 10 Louie as a lover

Louie is a person who has experienced different ups and downs even at an early age. As a young boy, he has experienced the hardships of a family that was looked down upon by some oppressive few and how they strived very hard to reach success. When he reached his adolescent stage, he has come across different kinds of hardships that relationships can give which made a big impact on his life, his values, what he is and who he is right now. To describe his love life, he is the perfect example for the analogy of someone who tripped and stood back up again with his shoulders firm and his eyes looking far ahead.

If you have been around Louie but you do not know about him that well, you would probably think he is someone who will not have a hard time looking for a romantic other, being that he is a nice person himself – very outgoing, thoughtful, humorous, fun to be with and could easily make conversations with anyone but that is not the case.

Louie is someone who is very easy to like. He is very charismatic. Whenever he is around, there will always be conversations and laughter. He is someone who treats other people very well. He is very polite to elders. He knows as well how to treat ladies properly. You would be curious as to what went wrong during his first few relationships.

He had his first girlfriend during high school. After some time, a betrayal issue came up and they broke up.But despite what happened, Louie forgave her and they got back again but their relationship did not last long, probably because they were both young and that they were not right for each other.After some time, Louie found a new love. He was a freshman then at the De La Salle University. Almost everyday, they were together. Sometimes, the girl would even wait for her at the gates before he goes to class so most of the time, he would end up cutting his classes until it came to the point that he rarely went to school and so he failed his classes due to absences. After a couple of years, he reached the maximum number of allowable units of failure which made him ineligible to continue to study in the university. Even with their relationship as, somehow, a cause of this, they still continued to be together for three more years, but despite their five years of being together, after some time, it seems that they grew out of each other and decided to break up.

Louie was left vulnerable and helpless, but because he still had his family to support him despite all that happened, he was able to stand up again.

He started anew. He went to school at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde where he was again able to mend parts of himself and rebuild his dreams and his confidence. There, he met a lot of fresh faces and youthful souls and once again, he found himself and his happiness. He was able to meet quite a bunch of good friends. There were also some girls that caught his attention. He met Jenie, a very beautiful woman and very outgoing like Louie. They became close to each other but for some reason, they did not end up together. He also met Trish. She is a nice girl with a good fashion sense. She is nice, smart and attractive all at the same time which was probably what enticed Louie. They got together for a few months but it did not work out for them. After some time, he met Joanna. She is a pretty and funny girl. They always talked and after some time, they became close to each other but things did not turn out well for them.

Louie has learned a lot from his past relationships. His past relationships taught him about love, trust, patience, security, loyalty and all else that really matters. After all that has happened, he decided to leave his love life be and just focus on his academic life and building his career. And then he met Meg.

She is an average girl. She is someone that one would describe as a wallflower if only she was of average size and height. She was almost always alone and it seemed that she never minded it at all. They started to know each other in one of their classes together. The first time they talked to each other was during an event that their class organized. It was a very long day. Meg was the head of one the committees. Being that she had experience in conducting events, she took a step forward and guided some of her classmates as to what must be done. Louie and his friends were seated at the door to usher the guests and guide them to register. A couple of times, they called Meg to ask her questions when she passed by them but they did not have the time to converse for long. After the event, when class was already packing up, Meg was helping the others put away the extension cords when Louie came to help her roll one up. She was busy the whole day but she could remember very well how he came up to her and offered to help her.

Once again, there was one time when Louie offered to help her. Meg, Louie and his friends were classmates in one of their programming subjects. They were required to submit a machine project as a final project. They were instructed to group themselves in fours for that particular project. Louie and his friends were sitting in front while Meg was sitting at the far back of the room. The boys were able to form their group immediately while Meg had no choice but to group with one person that she barely knew. In one of their midnight conversations, Louie asked Meg on how her machine project is going. She told him that she has not even started yet and that she is already worried that the deadline is already near. Louie told her he will help her and she was thankful but she did not think he will really help her. The next day, after their class, while Meg was on her way to the gates, Louie caught up to her and asked her about her machine project again. Meg told her that she has not progressed yet. He offered to help but she said, it is okay and that maybe she will be able to manage it herself. On her way home, she recalled what had just happened and said to herself, maybe she was rude for declining the offer of a person who is insisting on helping, but then she thought that maybe she was thinking too much and that Louie probably did not think much of it as well. She just did not think that someone would get out of his own way just to help someone he barely knows. She was also scared of uncomfortable situations. She feared and avoided the situation where there will only be the two of them. She is one awkward penguin. But then again, that would just be her thinking too much of it and Louie probably would not even remember what happened the next day. But even though he was not able to actually help her, Meg will never forget his acts of thoughtfulness and kindness.

To Meg, it seemed that Louie’s group was a happy bunch that always had something to laugh about which was quite a sight and which she envied being that she was almost always alone. When she got to know them, she did not open up easily because her mind and attention was set on studying, and she was scared of entering a group of friends that already seemed to be close to each other. Among the group, she became closest to Louie. They started to talk a lot to each other online, but almost never when in school since they almost never came across each other during the first days. Almost every night, they would share to each other songs that they like and take time to listen to what the other is sharing. Louie is a human jukebox. He knows a lot of songs. Even those songs that you would not expect him to know, he would probably know the artist, the title, and he would probably be able to sing it from start to finish including the guitar solos.

Everytime they talked, they got to know more about each other. Meg started to develop fondness for Louie but she just brushed it off. Ever since she was young, she already wanted to have an older brother so bad and so she thought maybe she was just fond of him because he was an image of an older brother to her. They both continued to get to know each other as friends. Every night, Louie would share his stories to her. He started to open up about his past relationships, and all the other hardships he has gone through. As a friend, or so she thought, Meg started to feel the urge to protect him. She felt that Louie is a fine man, a very kind one, that is, and that it is such a pity that he had to go through all those hardships that he does not deserve and so she felt her call to make him feel his worth. Meg was determined to take care of him as his friend but as she got to know him, she slowly felt something welling up inside her. She likes him. But for some time, she was in denial. She had never felt this kind of feeling before. She does not have experience around men. She used to like a friend but the way she liked that friend and Louie was very different. Without fearing what her actions could imply to other people, she decided to tell him innocently how she feels. She did not think of what to expect from him, in fact, she did not think at all of what his response could possibly be. At the time when she confessed to him, all that was running through her mind was how much she likes and admires him. Louie accepted her confession and said a few things that she did not know what it meant. All she understood was that she was not pushed away and she was more than glad with that. She only realized what she has done the next day, but even with that, until now, she never regretted what she did. After thinking for a few more days, Meg finally realized what Louie words can possibly mean but she did not want to assume and she did not want to ask. Besides, what was important to her was that she was happy with what they have between them.

After some more time of getting to know each other, Meg and Louie finally got together. Often times, Meg and the others would go to Louie’s house, sometimes to make projects, and sometimes just to have a get-together and have fun. She has already met his family and some of his relatives. Louie has a very warm family. He has parents who supports him in all the things that he wants to do and is always behind him in whatever path he chooses to go to. He has sisters who take care of him. He also has relatives who are fun to be with. Every time she stayed there, she would hear stories about their hardships and their fun adventures as a family. They would tell Meg about Louie’s episodes of escapades with his sisters and cousins and his own antics as a child. From their stories, she was able to realize how naughty he was as a little boy. Whenever Meg ate with Louie’s family, she would get to know him and his family more. Often times, after the meal, Louie would leave Meg and his mother in the dining room where they would spend hours talking about their family’s past. His mother once told Meg that she is not considered an outsider anymore – that they already treat her as family, and so she wanted to share to Meg what she often told Louie and his sisters – all the lessons in life that she treasures and values. What Meg often heard from Louie’s mother was that they should save money. Back when Louie was still young, their family has experienced oppression from some of their relatives because of financial reasons. Of course, as a mother, Louie’s mom was hurt and she became more driven to work hard for her children. Louie also has a hard working father. Together, as parents, they strived to give their children a good life so they can grow healthy and properly to be good people. Louie never refused to share all of this – his family’s warmth, something Meg envied and liked so much about his family. She could see how much they loved each other, how much they cared for each other, and how close they are together as a family.

Whenever Meg stayed at Louie’s house, he would as her to clean his ears for him. Meg did not mind. For her, this was something intimate and something special between the two of them even if it is just an act of simply cleaning someone’s ears. Often times, they would have meaningful conversations whenever they are together in his car. They would recall their past and express how happy and thankful they are with what they have now.

Louie may not make it obvious, but he is a person who cares a lot. He would even make it appear otherwise by saying he does not care but he would still show his affection in the end.

Louie has made Meg experience a lot of things. During the group’s first summer together, they all went to Tagaytay with another group of friends – Kayla, Sheree, Ana, Rocky and Miguel. They dined together and chatted. They went to a theme park where some of them rode a big ship that swung back and forth. They felt their bottoms leave their seats as the ship swung. It was a ride that they could never forget. After that, they drove and parked on the side of the road where there was an over looking view of Tagaytay. They got off, ate snacks, took pictures and chatted. Before going home, they proceeded to Ponderosa for a loo stop over. Going there, Meg rode Louie’s car. He was driving while Meg sat on the passenger’s seat. Because of the ride, Meg’s insides churned. Louie probably noticed how she was not feeling well so he gave her candy to make her feel better. It was a small act but Meg was very thankful. She could not forget how many times he asked her about how she was feeling. And so instead of using the loo to pee, she vomited. After that, they all went home tired but very happy.

There are a lot of Meg has not yet experienced, some due to financial constraints and some, just because she was not exposed to them. There are a lot of places she has not gone to, food she have not tasted, and such. Louie, on the other hand, was easily exposed to many things. Whenever there is something he mentions that she still has not experienced, he would take note of it. For example, Meg loves ice cream. There is this popular ice cream store that Louie mentioned to her. He asked her if she has tasted ice cream from that place and she said she has not yet. He said he will bring her there. She said okay but she did not really think much of it. She did not think he will remember it. Much to her surprise, one time when they were driving home together, he stopped over that ice cream store he mentioned and bought her a big cup of ice cream which they ate together in his car.

There was also one time when they were driving home and he remembered that Meg still has not gone to the hang out places near his house. Since they are near the area, he decided to drive her around just to see the place. It was a small gesture but she appreciated it very much.

Meg likes the fact that he notices the littlest of things and she appreciates very much how he wants to share with her the things that he can give. She is very thankful of all of the things he has done for her.

Louie is very thoughtful and caring. When Meg is in trouble he would help her. When Meg is bothered, he would notice immediately. When Meg shares what she is sad about, he would comfort her. Just the fact that he takes time to listen to her makes her feel secure.

Meg would usually feel sad about her family. At first, whenever those times happened, she would just keep it to herself, but there was one time that they had a misunderstanding because Meg was not in the mood and when Louie found out that she was bothered by something and she did not tell him about it, he got mad. He told her that he is there for her, that part of his purpose is to listen to her and to stay beside her during such times. Even with him getting mad, she felt happy and thankful that he wants to be part of not only her happy times but also her sad times. Ever since then, she always told Louie when she is feeling sad or when something is bothering her.

Louie is thoughtful in many ways. There are even those small gestures that mean very much to Meg. For example, he would lend his handkerchief to Meg when she is sweating or feeling hot. She cannot forget how he offered his hanky to her on their first day together after walking from the CSB Taft campus to the SDA campus on a very hot day. She was surprised but she accepted it anyway. There was a time when he was wiping off his own sweat and then he noticed that Meg was perspiring as well so he lent his handkerchief to her. She took it, wiped her forehead only slightly because she thought he might still need to use his hanky and she did not want her sweat to be all over it when he uses it, and then she returned it. He noticed how her sweat was still trickling down her neck so he reached in front of him where Meg was sitting and used his hanky to wipe her sweat. She was happy and touched that he did not mind showing such gesture to other people. To him, it could have been something so simple but to her, it meant a lot.

Meg and Louie both do not like the idea of the boyfriend carrying the bag of the girlfriend. They both do not fancy such display of affection, but even with this, without her asking, he would help her carry her bag when it is heavy. Sometimes, he would voice out complaints on how heavy her bag is but when she asks for it back, he will not give it and carry it until she can already manage herself.

Because of financial difficulties, Meg would often times be short of money. Whenever this happened, Louie would always be there to the rescue. Even when she does not tell him, he would treat her to lunch just to take a few hundreds off of her expenses. He thinks she does not notice how he is trying to help her indirectly by treating her to meals but she knows very well whenever he simply wants to treat her and whenever he is trying to help her.

One time, Meg slept over at Louie’s to make a project. She stayed there for three days from Saturday morning to Monday morning. That Sunday, his whole family, including Meg, went to the church to hear the mass. Louie’s parents had planned that they will have dinner someplace outside after the mass. Of course, they invited Meg to join them. She was very shy to come with them to a family dinner but she could not just ask them to leave her at home because that means she will be staying in their house without them, the owners, and that would be weird. They ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant that Louie had mentioned to her before, he said back then that he would like their group to eat there together some time. While eating, Meg was too shy to get food from the serving plates. She was even too shy to pick her own food even when Louie and his parents insisted that she choose whatever she liked and that she did not need to be shy. Because of this, Louie took the initiative to get food from the serving plates and placed it on her plate. He gave her a few of each viand and asked her to eat up so that she could taste everything that was served. Meg was very happy that night. She appreciated how he got out of his way to pass to her the food since she was too shy to get it herself. Moreover, she loves Japanese food very much. It was a night she treasured very much.

Louie’s parents are very nice people. They care for Meg like she is their own daughter. There was a time when Meg stayed at Louie’s house to accomplish their requirements for school. They took too long that they finished at almost midnight and Meg still needed to commute home. Meg was fine going home by herself despite the time but Louie’s parents said it was already almost midnight so they insisted that they take her to her house. It was a bit far from their place and it was already very late so Meg did not want to bother them but she did not really have much of a choice since they insisted. She was very thankful that Louie and both his parents got out of their way to take her home safely.

Louie is sensitive, not the annoying type but there are just some things that one has to especially take note of. If you do not, you might make him feel upset or worse, he might get mad at you. Fortunately, Meg is a person who pays attention. She makes sure to listen when someone is talking especially when sharing something personal. Naturally, she pays special attention to everything Louie says, needs, and wants. Unfortunately, she is a person who has a hard time remembering things. Sometimes, she would forget things and make him upset. Sometimes, he would even be stubborn and would not try to understand her explanations, but in the end, he would still listen. Meg always understands or at least tries to understand where Louie is coming from. She tries hard to take care of him, make him feel happy and content, and tries her best not to hurt him. She does not want to make him feel all the hurt he felt from his past so she is being careful every time. Sometimes, she would over think things and she would fail to consider what it is that she must really do, but in the end they are both only human, they understand that they are not perfect which is very important in a relationship. One should not look for a partner that will do all the things that you like and will not do all the things that you do not like. What is important is that there is mutual understanding, respect, and most of all, love.

Meg and Louie complement each other in many ways, one of which is that Louie is the youngest in the family while Meg is the eldest of three sisters. She understands how the youngest behaves. Sometimes he would ask for things not in a demanding way but in a sweet way and she finds this cute. She would notice small things such as that he does not dry his hair properly after taking a bath. A couple of times, she has told him to dry his hair properly with the towel, but still he would stubbornly dismiss what she said. She will have to say it at least twice for him to follow. Also, she asks him to wash the soap off his ears after taking a bath but he would forget every time. He eats like a kid as well. He does not mix the soup with rice like how Filipinos normally eat. He is fine with eating just rice and the viand even when there is soup. He does not eat vegetables as well. Sometimes, she would still try to urge him to eat vegetables even if she knows he will not eat it no matter what. She is just concerned about his health since he eats a lot of junk food. What a stubborn kid. But Meg does not mind constantly reminding him. It is after all a way of taking care of him which is something that she loves to do.

It is peculiar how Louie makes her feel different things. Sometimes, he would make her feel upset for small reasons, but he would immediately notice that she is down and lift her mood up. It is odd how he is the cause and at the same time, the cure. But most of the time, it is just small things. Generally, Louie is one of the people that makes her really, genuinely, sincerely happy.

Louie is a good person. He is special. Sometimes he would be misunderstood by some as an arrogant person but he is not. Meg knows how he thinks, why he says the things say, and why he does the things he do. She cannot control how the people would see him and she can only help him show them the best in him. What is important is that Meg knows Louie and that she will be by his side all the time.

Meg is thankful for all the things that Louie has done for her. She is thankful for all of the things that she felt because of him, most of it, she felt for the first time. She is there for him as an elder sister, as a friend, and as a partner. She has already made him a big part of her. Louie is a boy she loves and that is something that will never change, no matter what happens.

Chapter 11 Louie’s Happy and Sad Stories

“The Baguio Trip”

This happened when Louie was still a kid. It was summer and everyone was looking forward to a road trip. One afternoon, Louie’s cousin from the father side went to their house to play. So everyone was happy and then suddenly their uncle said to his father. “Hey! Let’s go to Baguio! Bring your family with you.” So Louie’s dad contemplated and at the end said yes. So he then told his son and daughter that they were going to Baguio. The two of them was happy that they are going on an out of town trip with the family. A week later, their cousins went to their house again. As they started playing, their cousin asked them. “Sasama daw kayo sa Baguio? Their cousins said. “oo! Pupunta daw tayo lahat dun sama.” Louie replied. Then their cousin asked, “ Meron ba kayong 300 at kotse para makapunta sa Baguio?” Sabrina said “yes we have 300 pesos. We are not poor people you know.” Then the conversation ended and everyone resumed playing.

The day of the travel came. Everyone was happy since this was their first time in Baguio. But when they arrived. It was another story. They were disrespected by their uncle’s family. They were questioned if they have enough money to have a vacation in Baguio. They were left with all the work inside and outside the house. In Short, they were brought there so that someone will move and do the chores. Anyway, they just endured the work in respect to the one who invited them. But deep inside, they want to leave that place at once. So dinner time came, they all ate together. Sharing stories about school and other things connected with their kids. After eating, the kids went to the room to play. One of Louie’s cousin, Patrick brought his family computer. They played as a team but as time goes by, Patrick was getting greedy and don’t want to share anymore. While the other kids were having fun, Patrick cried and went to his mother. He told her that he can’t play and the other kids are hording the computer. So Patrick’s mother came to the room and scolded everybody in the room. She said mean things about the kids but Louie can’t really remember what those things were. So they went back to their own rooms and played there.

The next morning, the adults went to the market. Only the kids were left on the house. One of Louie’s cousin Ito invited everyone to play outside. So everyone went outside to play. They played on the stairs going up and down the stone stairs but after one round, they heard a scream. Sabrina, Louie’s sister was pushed by his cousin. We don’t know why but Sabrina got hurt really bad. She had bruises and wounds all over her arms and legs. And this is the ironic thing, the one who pushed her was still laughing. So the adults heard about this and reprimanded their cousin. But Louie’s cousin insisted that it was Sabrina’s fault why she fell down. But one of the kids did not really agree to that. Since he was with Sabrina when she was pushed. They both insisted that it was Karen’s fault why she fell down. Karen still insisted that they are telling a lie and started doing tantrums. Louie’s uncle saw this and insisted that Sabrina say sorry to Karen. But Sabrina wouldn’t do that. So what happened is the trip was cut short and another trip with them did not happen again.

“The Bicycle Ride”

One day, Louie and his cousins decided to ride the bike going to fort Bonifacio. It was around 3 kilometers away from their house and as kids, this is an adventure. So while traversing kalayaan avenue, his cousin Amza shifted lanes. So Louie following the leader switched lanes too. But there is something he did not notice, there was a speeding motorcycle behind them. When Louie saw the motorcycle, it was too late. He got hit on the back and was thrown off his bike. The motorcycle did not stop or even check on Louie but luckily, Louie was ok. His cousin and sister asked if he is ok and he replied that he is. So they continued to ride the bike to fort Bonifacio. Inside Fort Bonifacio, they went to a construction site which has a big pile of sand beside it. For them, this was the biggest slide they could ever experience. So they played there for a couple of minutes and decided to go home.

Since they rode a bike and played, they got thirsty. Sadly, no one brought money. They were very thirsty and decided to go home as fast as they can so that they could already drink water. Minutes passed and they reached their homes. The first thing they did was drink lots and lots of water and ate banana cue. When their grandmother checked up on them, she noticed something. Louie was full of bruises and wounds. She was wondering where he got that since they only said that they would ride the bike around their street only. So she asked the eldest among the group. And of course, no one will admit what really happened so they made up a story of how Louie got off balanced and fell off his bike. Their grandmother believed the story and said that next time they should be more careful in riding their bikes. After eating, Louie’s wounds were treated by his grandmother. She was shocked on how deep and big the wounds are. So she ended up calling her daughter Nanette to dress the wounds. When Nanette arrived, she was doubtful about the story of the group. She asked once again what happened. The group told the same story.

For a couple of years, the story about this accident was not told to anyone but the group. But one time in a family party, it was exposed and they all laughed at what happened. This was one of the memorable days of Louie’s childhood. They call it “Pure happiness”.

“The kid who wore rubber shoes in a wedding”

It was 1989 when Louie’s mother and father decided to have a church wedding. They were pretty excited of the wedding and so does the family. They planned the wedding for a couple of months. They went to the tailor for dress fitting, they bought and picked flowers that they would use in the wedding and other things that couples do in their wedding planning. Since Josefina and Dominic already had kids, they did not want the wedding to be very grand. They want it to be simple and only very close friends and family would attend. So the planning went well. The church that they chose was our lady of Guadalupe Parish since they live near the place. And their reception was in Marco Polo located in Edsa Central now known as Greenfield District.

One day, Louie and Sabrina were brought to the mall to buy their clothes for the wedding. So Sabrina did not have a hard time finding her clothes since she knew what she wanted and has her own taste in clothes. On the other hand, Louie did not really knew what he wanted. He was still a kid at that time and all he wants to wear are comfortable clothes. They first looked for a long sleeved barong. Every time Louie would fit a barong, he would complain that it is itchy and it is not comfortable. In short, he does not want to wear the barong. But his mom insisted that it would only be for a couple of minutes. So Louie agreed and bought the barong. They then went to the pants area. They did not want to buy an expensive pair of pants because firstly it would only be used once and second they did not have the resources to buy them. So they went to the department store to look for a black pants. Luckily, there was a pair of pants which is cheap and was very comfortable. Louie liked them and it was then added to the things that he would buy.

After the Pants section, they moved to the next one. The Shoes Section. Louie has the habit of complaining about the shoes he is wearing. He does not want them to be uncomfortable or hard to walk in. He wants the comfort given by rubber shoes since it has a slightly better cushioning compared to leather shoes. So they looked for a cheap leather shoe that Louie would be comfortable in. They had a hard time looking for a pair of shoes because Louie always complained that it was not comfortable. They then asked Louie what he wants. He went to the rubber shoes section and picked the shoes identical to his father’s rubber shoes. His mother laughed at him and decided that since the mall is almost closing and the wedding is in two days, they don’t have time to look for a pair of shoes. So they purchased the rubber shoes. Based on Louie’s memory it was made by adidas and it was gray and blue in color with a strap on top. Come wedding day, everyone was in formal attire. Louie wore his barong, black pants and his adidas on that day. Louie did not really understand what is happening but he was with his mother, grandmother and uncle (his mother’s brother) about to walk to the isle. It was Louie who was going to bring his mother up the aisle. While walking on the isle, Louie kept talking to his mother about what is happening and what they are doing there. His mother just laughed and continued to walk. When his father approached, Louie wanted to come with them in front of the altar. But his dad said no and said to him that he should wait for them to finish the ceremony. So Louie obliged and waited for them to finish.

After the ceremony, their family all rode in one car and went to the reception place. The reception place was not big. It was a bit cramped and it was just enough to fit the people invited to the wedding. The place served very good Chinese food (too bad it does not exist anymore today) and it was the only Chinese food that Louie would eat at that time. So everyone had a great time in the party. One of the guest asked the parents of Louie why he is wearing rubber shoes. The couple said that they could not force him to wear leather shoes because he would complain endlessly on how painful it is to walk with those kind of shoes. The guest laughed at the though and even agreed with Louie. So they all went home happy and laughing because who would wear a rubber shoes in a wedding? Only Louie could pull that off.

“The First Flight”

Many kids have the dream to ride an airplane and Louie is not an exception from this dream. Louie dreamt of riding an airplane ever since he saw one flying in the air. He asked his parents what that flying thing that does not look like a bird. His mother told him that it was an airplane and it was very expensive to ride one. So Louie not knowing the value of money during that time wanted to ride an airplane. But since they are not well off, his parents made excuses that it was not safe and it was not comfortable. Louie believed the stories and decided to go along with his life. But one day, a chance came to him. There was a reunion in their province Negros and it was the 50th wedding anniversary of his grandparents. Attendance of every family was mandatory and everyone was invited to this reunion.

Louie did not know anything about the trip. He was just informed that they are going somewhere. So Louie willingly followed his parents and went to the airport. After a couple of minutes, they arrived on the airport. There were many people falling in line to have their things checked. There are also many security personnel roaming around the vicinity. This airport was in Pasay and it was a very old terminal(now the cargo terminal). Louie was at first nervous. He did not know the place and it was the first time that he went there. Anyone who has arrived in a new place would be nervous and this kid is not an exception. So they entered the airport and had their bag checked. He kept asking his dad where they are and what they are going to do there. His father just laughed at him and said it is a surprise for him. So knowing Louie, he has a very low EQ and he has a patience almost to none. He explored the area with his sister and went around looking for clues where they are and what they will do there. While running around the waiting area, Louie saw a picture of an airplane. He immediately called his mommy and he showed her the picture. His mother was laughing and called his father telling him that “nahuli na ata ng anak mo kung ano ginagawa nati dito.” His father just smiled and laughed and continued waiting and kept their this secret from his son.

The boarding lights went on. Everyone stood up and Louie was confused. What is happening? His mother grabbed his hand and said, “eto na yung surprise naming sayo. Sana magustuhan mo anak.” Then they handed their boarding passes and continued to go out the gate. When they went out the gate, a big airplane was waiting for them. Louie was amazed and was shocked. He said to his dad “dyan tayo sakay Daddy? Ride tayo airplane?” his dad smiled and agreed. Louie was very excited and happy. He insisted to ride on the window side so that he could see what is happening outside. So the airplane is now fully loaded and they started to move. Louie was very nervous but at the same time excited. After some time, the jet engine roared! He was shocked and he saw at the window that they are moving very fast. After a couple of seconds they were flying. He said to his mother, “Mommy sarap pala ginagawa ni superman.” His mother laughed at Louie and so does his father and his sister. Whenever they remember this story, they would all laugh at Louie and remind him how excited he was with his first airplane ride.

Chapter 12 What People say about Louie

A fearless individual capable of shattering walls of fear in an instant. His communication skills with other people is a match even for the most charismatic of people. A best friend to others and the worst enemy to those who would hurt his friends. Funny most of the time and strong willed but can be deeply emotional when hurt. People who don’t know him would initially see him as an intimidating individual. But once you get to know him, you would know that he is a good person, trustworthy, and very intelligent yet humble. He does tend to have personal preferences especially when it comes to cars and computers. xBeing friends with this guy can even be beneficial without even expecting anything actually. He would be the first one to offer his help to others even without being asked for. He supports others even though they are his competitors in a startup challenge. He would even be the first one to applaud for their victory though at times he does get jealous especially when the idea seems possible for his team. But even then, he would still be happy for the opposition.

Nowadays, he would just have fun in classes. Just chilling around and doing his hobbies and stuff. But even so, he still doesn’t let his studies down. However, some past time of his includes backstabbing a friend, specifically (let’s make it a blind item whose initials are MJP), and drifting around the SDA campus car park. Though he does tell this certain friend of his that he backstabs him, so it doesn’t really seem like a back stab to that individual.

He’s also really old, like ancient old. Sometimes he’s even fossilized to the bone and you would even need to have some kind of Pokémon unfossilizer that wouldn’t even be real in this dimension. But yeah, he’s ancient. You see him walking, he’s falling. His antics would prove to be an eye catcher to anyone. Most of his demise are scripted and they would just further lead to his rise. He’s like the opposite of a Greek tragedy. His favorite lines would be “You don’t say?”, “Wala kasi silang galawan”, “Tiw Tiw” which he of course just imitates from the guy he’s backstabbing.

A good friend and a hater at the same time. Just stay on his good side and even if you would get into arguments with him, you would be spared from his hater antics. And speaking of his hater antics, he posted on the Benilde Secret Files about some backstabbing, even falsifying the entry details but in the end, those who know him, would immediately know the poster’s identity even though he falsified his identity. And who wouldn’t? It’s on the freaking internet for crying out loud.

Being an old guy, he loves songs from the 80s till the rock culture of the 90s. His favorite band would be The Carpenters. Just joking though, I seriously don’t know what his favorite band is and I don’t think the carpenters would even be on his top 20 favorite bands but I’m just trying to make a thousand words for him so that he would buy the Van Helsing game for me so…yeah! His favorite game would be Dota or Dota2, whose difference would only be the owners and some minor graphic changes. I don’t even know why that’d be his favorite game. Sure it’s addictive, but come on, surely there are better games out there that’d deserve mention and be in his favorite list. Sad, happy, Jollibee! A favorite one liner of his would be “gettuda choppa” just like some kind of Arnold fan. He’s rock buffed, downs a gallon of steroids in under 30 seconds, drinks protein shakes like it was water, and showers on the blood of the dead soldiers of Skyrim (Except for the fact that he mostly slays skeleton warriors from Skyrim so I don’t think that there’s blood to be gathered from there which leads to me doubting that he even takes showers).

He’s a freak, a whacko, a nut job, a hater, a fan, a good friend, a bad enemy. He’s Louie Magbanua, and he’s out for vengeance…I mean V for Vendetta. No seriously, he doesn’t do those things, he takes showers like any normal person would (room for deliberation here). He eats thrice a day like any middle class person would. He’s ordinary beyond extra ordinary and I don’t know what in the world I was saying back there. Why don’t we just erase those lines but that would be a waste since a thousand words for a Van Helsing game is kind of like a giveaway and I wouldn’t want to let go of that opportunity so two hundred and eight more words to go from the word so just a little bit back there on this same line. Right now after this word would be a hundred and eighty one more words to go and that’s kind of a big deal since I’m feeling like a need to take a big dump but can’t get off the chair without finishing a thousand words and good lord do I want to drop this load off my shoulders. The word count as of now is a hundred and twenty one more words to go and boy do I want to finish this entry now. I’m just trying to fill up the rest so please bear with me a bit, this might feel a bit out there and gibberish even to others I know but I really want to get off this chair now and drop the bomb like there was no tomorrow. I’m sure that after this, Louie’s bathroom would be stink as if a thousand skunks died back there while emitting their stench. Right now, I just need around twenty six more words so I’ll just do some counting like, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, look at this bro, and a thousand words.

    • Jorenz Kevin E. Tan

Louie A.k.a Kuya/Lolo/tito/manong/driver was the eldest of the group for obvious reasons ¯\(o.o)/¯. We were all transferees from DLSU and was in the same class and that's where I met them or should I say where they found me. Since then we formed some kind of a group sticking together till now. He was this guy who really is studying hard. If there were any group projects, he'll ask us to sleep on their house to make the project. Though all we do is play all the time, we always manage to finish the project. We are like the song saan na nga ba ang barkada. Though we haven’t really met in high school but in college and we are not actually 12. To cut the story short, he’s a guy that points everything at others, say bad things about other and do bad things to others but still is good. I don’t know how he can be good at what he is doing but I think he is a good guy. Just kidding, he is a nice guy, careless, carefree, and selfless and selfie. He loves his parents, he loves his friends, and he loves his classmates but hates his enemies. Kidding. But really he is a fine guy.

    • Joel N. Rykiel

William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night quotes “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”  Louie is one perfect example of a person who is not afraid to be great, he shows his greatness in his works, with friends and his family. In class, Louie is one of the best programmer. He works hard and studies well in all of his subjects. He is a good role model to his classmates. He never fails to help other students who are having difficulty. Louie shows respect to his professors as well as his classmates. He knows how to be a leader and a follower. Louie has produced different applications and with every project that he does, he gives his all. He submits quality works and always submit it on time. He enjoys reading and studying different programming language. He reads and does not stop until he has learned and understood it. He is the go to guy especially for gadgets and technology advice. He enjoys fixing computer problems both software and hardware. He builds computer as if he is a conductor of an orchestra. He makes sure that his works are clean and are working well inside and out. Louie also enjoys music, he listens to a wide variety of genres and gives importance to music and its artist. Louie also plays the organ and has won many competitions.

People around Louie are blessed to have him as a friend. He is sincere and honest in giving opinions and advice. He cares for his friends. He supports and helps them in times of need. He is one of the small number of people whom a person can trust and count on anytime. Louie provides a boundary of work and fun which shows balance in his life. He gives unbiased advises and gives his honest opinion. He is sensitive to the feelings of people around him. He listens to people and ties to understand them instead of judging them. Every day Louie enjoys time with his family, friends and schoolmates. He makes sure that no one is left out. No matter how different or weird that person may be. He has the patience to adjust to other people’s situations as well as help them to do the same. This quality of Louie can be seen in both academic and non-academic activities. In computer games, he finds time to invite his friends and teach them to play. In school, he makes sure that all the people in his group understand the concept. People approach him and he never hesitates to help them. He also tries to get to know the people around him. He tries to make new friends, although not all of them are as friendly as he is, he does not fail to show respect and put smiles on their faces.

Louie has an incredible family. Dinner at their home is like Christmas every night. They live a simple life but are full of love, respect and faith. Louie and his family give time to bond with one another. They enjoy going to Tagaytay and other places. In Filipino, they are “malambing” to one another. They share laughs and happiness as well has problems and difficulties. They face problems together which shows how strong they are as a family. Despite the different challenges in Louie’s life, he learns to get back up and face the world with a smile. He is not afraid to make mistakes because in his mistakes he learns and becomes a better person. And with the accomplishments that he has attained, Louie is just beginning his great journey of life.

    • Valerie Maxine Tiong

Louie is my friend. He is a dear friend and this is what I have learned about him ever since I knew him at the end of the year 2012.

Louie is kind. He shows his sympathy to the less fortunate and to those who are poor in spirit.

Louie is thoughtful. He knows how to take care of his family and friends.

Louie is sensitive. He knows what words to speak and what actions to do in appropriate times, places and the right people.

Louie is humorous. Whenever he’s around, there will always be laughs and something happy to talk about.

Louie is careful. He makes sure not to hurt other people through his words.

Louie is keen. He remembers and takes note of things that are special to those who are dear to him like birthdays, favorites and the likes.

Louie is responsible. He is mindful of his obligations as a son, as a student, as Catholic and as a Filipino.

Louie is neat. He likes his things arranged tidily and orderly.

Louie is intelligent. He is gifted with unique intellect. He is good with logic and algorithms.

Louie is patient. He does not easily give up on tests and trials. He takes time to get through it and learn from it.

Louie is reliable. His friends would always feel at ease whenever he says “Okay lang ‘yan. Ako bahala sa’yo.”

Louie is well-mannered. He knows how to act appropriately at the right places and at the right time.

Louie is visionary. He has big dreams for himself and for those who are dear to him.

Louie is sociable. He can easily make conversations with those whom he just met.

Louie is creative. He can play with words very well and write rhyme poems in just minutes.

Louie is charismatic. He can easily get the attention of those around him.

Louie is artistic. He plays the piano very well.

Louie is gregarious. He is someone you can easily approach.

Louie is courageous. He does not back out of challenges. He tackles them head on.

Louie is affectionate. He knows how to show his fondness and share his warmth to other people.

Louie is passionate. He lives on his own beliefs and values. When he has already taken on a challenge, he will not give up until he passes through it.

Louie is brave. He can make his friends feel safe around him.

Louie is wise. He makes sound judgments. He takes into account his experiences whenever he makes decisions.

Louie is filial. He takes care of his parents in many ways like running errands for them and such.

Louie is selfless. He is willing to sacrifice for those who are dear to him.

Louie is polite. He knows how to respect the elderly.

Louie is understanding. He always consider other people’s situation. He’s also accepting.

Louie is a person you will grow to appreciate more as you spend more time with him and get to know him more.

    • Agnes A. Alcira

Serious. Leader. Clever. Achiever. Enthusiastic. Peculiar. Self-motivated. Avid fan of Vendetta. Obsessed with cars. Definitely a computer geek in closet. He's a man of few words but thousand actions. He can be a joker and cunning at the same time. Thanks to his extrovertness, it draw us closer. He's not the kind of guy as what he appears to be, definitely more than that. If he knew your weaknesses, he will not save you from your pitfall. Instead, he'll drag you even more but will make sure you will make through it. He'll make your weakness your strength. Philanthropist in disguise I would say. He's someone who would help in tough times but let you learn in your mistakes. He would tell you that you stink without making a fuss. Because he accepts you for who and what you are. If he likes you, then he likes you period. Nothing will make him like you less. He's fun to be with, always very positive unless something throws a wrench in his emotional works, and he can rage very easily. He's keen on learning. One good thing I learned from him is that if I stop learning, then I'll stop in growing. He is good at every subject, but he never shows pride in his abilities and always tries to learn harder.

    • Marielou Kirsten Lanzar


In life, sometimes you meet people who could change your life around. It could be your family, teachers, or your friends. Life is full of successes and failures altogether. I am transferee from the other side along with my block mates. I don’t know any people around in my new school until a block mate of mine introduced me to another transferee like me. He is Louie Magbanua, a student of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, a determined schoolboy, and an excellent friend. I met this student during one of my boring subjects in the said college during my early semesters. My first impression was that he’s an arrogant student, however after hanging out with him and with my block mate; I learned that the impression I made was not that at all. In fact, Louie is a fun person to be with and likes to joke around with people. He is a very friendly person in a way that he easily gain friends and can socialize with them easily. He is also a clever and responsible person who manages his time effectively and ensures that tasks are accomplished ahead of time. Though sometimes he gets irritated with people who has a bad odor because he has a sensitive sense of smell and yet ensures that he himself too also smells good every time. He is a person who does not spend his time doing nothing compared to other students around. There are times where he experienced sadness in his life. Times wherein there are conflicts within our group, conflicts in his personal life, and stress in school. Though stress in school will not be always applicable for the reason that he doesn’t care in some of his subjects. He told us that he was a color-blind though I believe that problem doesn’t stop him from doing what he likes.


Louie has so many hobbies, though I’ll just write some due to time constraints. From what I have learned from him in the past 2 years, he likes to play video games, he plays the piano, and he also likes to listen to music. He is a java programming devotee in whom he dedicated his time studying it and gaining a good grade from it. In addition to, he likes to gossip a lot and gets fresh scoop from other people every day.


He is extremely interested with beautiful girls having a white tone of skin, slender body, and good personality which he spends time looking at during his break. He is also interested in different devices or gadgets especially his desktop computer in which he changes the parts every time there is a new one. Louie is also a car enthusiast and loves his cars which he always brings in college.


Well I would say that Louie is really a good and worthy friend. I learned a lot from him. However, if you look at him sometimes, you may think that he is in a bad mood but actually he’s not. Actually in the past few days, he’s telling us that he looks like Jericho Rosales. I thought that there was a storm coming… didn’t realize it was just him.

    • Michael Jayson Pormento

“Louie is Awesome. Louie is the Best. Louie Loves Korean Girls. Louie Loves codes like me.”

    • James Wilzen Layug

When I transferred school I thought that I would be the oldest in that batch I joined in, until the my second term where I met one of my closest friend in school. His name? Louie Magbanua. The first time I met him was when my friends from De La Salle University were with him and they are calling him “Kuya” or “Kuya Louie”, at first I just thought that they were calling him “Kuya” because he acted or dressed old but when I asked my friend MJ Pormento, he said that Louie was a transferee too from De La Salle University but he belongs to a much higher batch. Knowing that he came from the same university that we came from, it got me thinking that he either transferred because of engineering is really hard or that he slacks most of the time. These assumptions will be answered in a while for this guy’s life is an open book and he likes talking about it.

During the first term that I hang out with them during our breaks, I got the chance to know each and every one of them specially Louie since he likes to share things to us especially when he already experienced it first-hand. Louie transferred school not without any drama to go through. When he got a letter that he is not anymore eligible to reenrol the next term of his stay in DLSU, he didn’t know how to tell his parents the news, instead he pretended to still be enrolled and during this time, find ways to earn money. I can relate to this because when I received the news that I almost maxed out my allowable failed units my world collapsed and felt like that I’m a failure and I’m ashamed to tell my parents the news.

After finding out Louie’s story for transferring, I’ve got enough to tell what kind of person he is. Louie is an independent, strong willed individual that would give you wise advise not because of his age but because it is right. Louie will help anyone that deserves his help and ignore the ones who just remember him when they need help. He is, most of the time, the brains behind our group’s activities either for fun or serious business. When you challenge him and brought up his past, he will take that challenge and prove you wrong. He will prove that he failed back then not because he is not smart enough but because the choices and actions he made was wrong. Louie is one of the people I know that once he set his mind into something and focused on it he will definitely finish and deliver on time.

    • Karlo “Kako” Guevarra

When the time where we all need to find thesis mates, all of my friends left. I know that I’m not a smart girl, that’s why they just ignore me. It's during the worst times of my life that I get to see the true colors of the people, until Louie Magbanua together with his friend came and talked to me. They are group of smart and naughty people but they didn’t judge people easily.
During our thesis, I see Louie Magbanua as a leader. He is respectful of his members. He empowers his members by encouraging us to offer ideas about decisions that affect our work. He also helps inspire the commitment of team members to meet goals and objectives. He lifts us up into the clouds instead of dragging us down into the mud. He makes sure to seek out the positives in our group, and helping us overcome own feelings of self-doubt and spreading optimism throughout Team Sparkle. He is smart; he entertains new ideas, thoughts, and ways of doing things. He comes up with new and he doesn’t like to stay the same, he loves to grow and develop. His learning grows and develops because he is active in researching, and understanding new things especially in programming. He is willing to try out new things, knowing that if it doesn’t work out as intended; failure is often cleverly disguised as a learning opportunity. He “swings out there”, and it usually pays off.
He is unique and he didn’t compare our group to someone else. I learned from Louie Magbanua that, if we're somehow better than the person that we're comparing ourselves to, it gives us an unhealthy sense of superiority. If we're worse than the person that we're comparing ourselves to, we usually discredit the hard work that we've done and dismiss all the progress that we've made as Team Sparkle. What I've found is that the majority of the time this comparison doesn't stem from a healthy place. If you feel called to compare yourself to something, compare yourself to an earlier version of yourself.
I also describe him as a brother or a guy with a lot of Sense of Humor. He is like a brother who can joke around and know when to have fun or when to be serious. He is also open, honest, and real. He didn’t build on false images. He expresses what he feels and he will right all your wrongs and make suggestion for your improvements.

    • Mary Grace Pamaus

Fun to bring around, because besides patiently driving for us and always patiently waiting for the ladies to finish their seemingly endless shopping spree, he also willingly (but with a whine) carries the shopping bags. I love that though you are young, you are not easily manipulated and impressed by riches and shallow frivolities. In fact, you avoid such. That I think is impressive, and would want my own kid to be.

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