My Road to Success By Louie Magbanua

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Before meeting up Val and Meg, Louie had friends Kiel, James, Jorenz, Mj, Kako and Marz. They were classmates and batch mates at the same time. Val was ahead by one term but has the same subjects with them. At the course of the different terms, Louie’s friends merged with Meg, Val and Maia which became a tradition to meet up every day; a tradition that is composed of laughter, sadness, problems, jokes, anger but mostly jokes and laughter. Everybody enjoys having the whole group around. They are all also classmates at most of their subjects. Projects, quizzes and home works become a bonding time for them making the work light and at the same time a learning tool.

At the start all of Louie’s friends were enrolled in different sections so they talked about the courses through Facebook. They would help each other in different subjects especially when one of his friends was having a hard time. Louie would always go the extra mile to learn more than what the teacher has talked about in class and share this learning to his friends. He would make sure that his friends would understand the code and not just copy or paste it. This leads to the Mail Library meetings that they had. They would most of the time meet up in the Main Library while doing home works and sometimes just seat, enjoy the air condition and chat about different things. In some times the Library attendant would get their attention because they laughing too loud. Sometimes they would borrow a game of scrabble and play until the chips were gone. They would come up with very funny words. Louie, Val and Meg would also sometimes borrow books about programming languages. Books in the library are mostly unused and are often out-dated. Books in the library are one of the best collections they can find. Most are unused and haven’t been borrowed. Louie reads them as a refresher to increase his knowledge in the programming language.

Val loved Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC); Louie would bring Val and their friends to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) when problems face them. Louie and his friends enjoy eating at restaurants. It is part of their schedule every day. They would have lunch and mirienda before and after class usually depending on the time. Sometimes they would share stories of their future. Things that they want to do after college. Louie enthusiasm for life inspires his friends to be like him or even dream bigger. Other stories are there past, stories of the life they had before college.

Louie also takes time to celebrate not only his birthday but also his friends. He treats them extra special on their birthdays. He tries to make them feel that “it is your day, enjoy it”. He really prepares for it. It was Val’s first time to spend it with new friends in Benilde. Louie and Meg surprised Val with a new wallet that she uses every day. Mostly they would spend it in school; they celebrated in Papa John’s, Yellow Cab, Mesa, and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Pizza is a common favorite among Louie and his friends.

People around Louie are blessed to have him as a friend. It is easy to tell him the true story of happiness joy and sadness. He is sincere in saying sorry and telling them that it is going to be okay. It is easy for people to be themselves around him. With Louie’s friendliness, he tries his best make friends with his classmates and helps them even though some of they are not as friendly as he is. In classrooms, he would approach other classmates who are having difficulties in classes and does not judge them. He would just simply lend a hand. Louie’s care and sincerity helps out the people around him. His extra step of effort goes out an extra mile. Being a good and loyal friend is one of Louie’s best qualities.

Louie is a knows a whole lot about music whether it be from the 60’s or classical or rock. He has an huge collection of them. Louie plays the organ. When Val and Meg were at Louie’s house. Louie played a few songs for them which were really great. He is a good organ player. Louie has also won many competitions in playing the organ.
Louie is the technology goes to guy of everyone. Louie loves technology and technology loves Louie back. He is what people can say a developer of the future. He a person that has opened his mind to what programming and future technology can do to the world. He does not stick to the past and as a quote from the movie Meet the Robinsons “Keep moving forward”.  He appreciates technology and loves to play with computer games. Louie keeps himself updated of the different gadgets, software and hardware. He enjoys upgrading. He always looks for the best of what he needs. He is a good gamer. He often plays with his friends.
Louie enjoys playing computer games with family and friends. One of the games that they played was Sid Meier’s Civilization V games. The game was about different countries becoming more civilized as the games goes on. The game costs around eight hundred to nine hundred pesos. The game is a turn base game. Louie, Val and Jorenz would play almost every night.  Louie, Jorenz and Val would each get a country and run it as a leader. The game starts off by placing your settlers in a location and the player gets to start there. They have tried Mahatma Gandhi, Harold Bluetooth and George Washington. They would form their country and produce troops, food and a government for their people. Sometimes they would invade other countries and win that country as to be part of their country. Sometimes it is backwards. Other countries find Louie, Jorenz and Val's country a threat so they attack their country. It is funny because during the game you get to see the players' actors of sabotaging the country. Louie would have elephants as his warriors, Jorenz would have swordsmen and Val would have archers. Sometimes it is hard for them to build up the country because of the location, there would be less food but more mining others have less mining and more food. Each turn is the player can choose to study Mining, Farming or Fighting. Players also get to share their resources so Louie, Jorenz and Val, share resources to help one another. The game also allows players to play like an alliance team. So if one country earns a skill allied countries would earn them as well. The down side is that if one country becomes an enemy of the opposing team all countries will be an enemy of threat team. This would help them advance to the next technology and unlock skills of the country. If a turn reaches a golden age then earning money and other needs would be double in count. They would level up their city until they are able to create other cities that are annex to their capital city. Each country would have different specialties such as Louie's country India; they are known to be a country of peace and can lead to a good future. The A.D. part of the civilization includes airplanes, trains, and roads similar to what they have. The game is turn base so it usually takes a few hours and days for them to reach and level up their city. They tried up many different leaders such as Catherine of Denmark, Nobunaga of Japan, Bismarck of Germany, Genghis Khan of the Mongolian, Montezuma of the Aztec and Augustus Caesar of the Romans.
Louie also enjoys playing DOTA 2; here his patience is tested because Meg and Val do not know how to play DOTA at all. So he teaches and plays with them and helps them in cases of difficulties in the game. The game is about defending two bases and one has to defend their four towers. In DOTA, you can also buy things that can help you fight. The heroes are helped by creeps and they become stronger as the level goes up. The groups can invade the other camp’s base and destroy them. Once one of the bases is destroyed the owner of the base destroyed loses. The game goes around twenty to thirty minutes.
Torchlight II is another game that Louie plays with his friends. This game is different from Civilization but a little similar to DOTA. The game starts off by choosing a type of player. Louie would be an engineer, Jorenz would be an Outlander, Val would be a Berserker and Meg would also be an Outlander. Each player would also be a pet. Louie's favorite pet would be the Panda. Players in the game would become stronger as they level up.  Players can also buy items that make their players stronger. Louie would share his high impact weapons to Val and Meg. The game works better if the team plays together. Louie would take on the strong enemy and would call Val and Meg to fire up if the enemy is weak enough. The game also includes tasks that they have to complete. After completing the task they would receive an award. The award can use or sold to earn money. After completing a quest, they move on through a portal and complete another quest. The game also takes Louie and his friends a couple of hours to finish.
Left for Dead is Louie, Meg and Val’s favorite. Meg and Val have not played a computer games for quite some time so this was the game that they played together for the first time. It was funny because Louie was having a hard time leading the team because Meg and Val were bad at it. Meg and Val have to play to a lot to get the hang of it. The game is about survival. There are four characters Zoë, Coach, Ellis and Nick. Character assignment is random so anyone can be any of the character given by the game. The game has different stories and each story has around 2 or 3 check points. The goal is to reach a check point without dying in the game. Weapons are given throughout the game.  Enemies of the game are composed of the Witch that slaughters the player if they catch you. Louie is a good witch hunter he always is the player who gets to kill the witch. Val’s favorite is the witch. Louie always rescues her on it. Another enemy is the Jockey which jumps on top of the player until the player loses its life.  Meg is a charger magnet. Chargers charge on you and pound the player until they die. In one story of the game, players
Have to sacrifice a character in order to win. Louie would sacrifice himself. Meg and Val would fail at it because they are attacked as well. Louie, Meg and Val tried that level a couple of times and it took them around 4 games to get it right. In another story, players go through an underground pipeline. They encounter the same enemies including the Spitters. Spitters spit on players their acid which lessens the life of the players. Another enemy is the Smoker; the Smoker uses its tongue to pull you until the character dies as well. Val and Louie are Smoker magnets. Every now and then the game encounters a hoard, which is a group of zombies coming and slaughtering the players. This hoard is sometimes automatic or sometimes triggered. Louie always warns Val of the hoard but Val is not careful in shooting bullets to an alarm car. The player needs other team mates to help out in regaining strength. In one story of the game. The players are set in a mall and gas tanks are scattered around the four floors. The goal is get all gas tanks fill it in the display car and run off with the card before the hoard comes. There are about thirteen gas tanks and it is scattered around the mall. The strategy that Louie, Meg and Val did was to get all tanks from upper floors throw them down and then fill up the car with gas. Louie would ask Meg and Val to follow him but they do not listen. He teaches them the different commands to survive the game. They end up dying or wounded somewhere in the mall. Failing to get gas tanks. Through the course of the story more boomers, chargers and jockeys come out. In some times Meg would shoot the glass accidentally and causing her to be left hanging on the fourth floor rail. Val would come to rescue her but ends up falling on the rail as well. Louie would be held up by different enemies thus ending the game. Louie, Meg and Val would repeat the game again resulting to the same errors ending the game again unsuccessfully. This also happened in the sewers of the underground episode only worse. Val was the first to fall on the side of the pipeline leaving her hanging on the side. Meg comes to try and rescue her but ends up hanging on the rail as well. Louie was the last surviving player who comes near the edge ending up falling on the pipeline. This incident happens once or twice in a game they play. It is funny but can get annoying sometimes especially during the third or fourth try. They play this game for about three to four hours and it is like an outlet for them when they play. It also gets noisy because of the music and sound effects of the game.

Louie likes to fix computers whether it be a software problem or a hardware problem or issue. Val has a golden finger that breaks everything. She would go to Louie over the weekend or leave her laptop with her and Louie fixes it only to be broken again the week after. Especially in their PROGAP3 class which was advanced Java Programming. It included using Java Eclipse EE and Apache Tomcat which was sensitive software because sometimes it gets broken without even touching it. Val would get a huge number of errors and is unable to study. Louie would happily fix it. Val’s laptop is also a wreck which gets broken especially during presentations.  

Louie, Val and Kako had a Gilmore experience when Val wanted to upgrade her old Central Processing Unit or CPU. Louie taught Val the different parts and what she needs to as student of programming. Louie and Val’s favorite store is the PCHub in Gilmore which had everything in it. Their first trip was buying a monitor, video card and power supply. The monitor was a 23-inch ASUS IPS monitor, the video card was an ASUS GTX650Ti, and the Power Supply was 550hp FSP power supply. Kako was looking for a laptop that he could use. They bought all these parts and Louie fitted them all in a small yellow Transformer CPU case of Val. The CPU case was old and small but Louie forced to fix it very well. Louie enjoys fixing computer and works with his heart when doing it. He is like a conductor of an orchestra when he’s building a computer. On that same day Louie also bought his new motherboard with a MSI brand. Louie takes care of his things. His gadgets last longer than they are supposed to be because he treats it very well. When building a computer Louie makes sure that his work is at its best inside and out.
The next time Louie helped Val to change her CPU case because the old was getting a lot problems when it comes to heat. Val and Meg went to Louie’s house to stay overnight and fix the whole inside of the computer. After their long trip from Gilmore. They stopped at a gas station because Val’s car needed air. When they reached home Louie excitedly built, cleaned and fixed the whole CPU. Val would fall asleep while they are watching a local cable channel PBO. Louie, Meg and Val enjoy watching original Filipino movies in PBO.

Louie also accompanied Meg when she bought her ASUS laptop. Val also tagged along. Before buying, they all met up in World Trade Center in Pasay City because they attended a PC Express Expo which had a sale on different computer parts. Afterwards they proceeded to Mall of Asia (MOA) to buy Meg’s laptop. They had fun laptop hunting and they ended up in a Gadget Store. They checked out the price and bought the laptop. The three enjoyed each other’s company and Val even danced Teach Me How To Doughie in the store which she promises not to go back into anymore. Louie set up Meg’s laptop for her and Meg uses the laptop every day in her everyday activities in school, DOTA, Facebook, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

At the end of the term Louie and his friends decided to go to Tagaytay for an excursion. Louie, Val and Kako were designated drivers. Since they were planning this ahead of the term they decided to invite their group of classmates, Kayla, Sheree, Miguel, Rocky and Ana. They were their batch mates and classmates in many different subjects. They met up in school around 9 in the morning proceeded to the South Super Highway road to Tagaytay. Louie had a bigger car and the boys decided to take a sit in his car. Jorenz, Mj, James, and Kiel were in his car. Val brought a smaller car but Kayla, Sheree, Miguel, Rocky and Ana road on it as well as Maia and Meg. Meg was Val’s companion on the front seat. Before proceeding to the South Super Highway Louie wanted to stop at SHELL Magallanes because Louie though Val’s car was a little lower at the back because of the number of passengers seated but no one wanted to transfer so they decided to move the cooler instead. The cooler was full of water, juice and junk food. On the way, while of the South Super Highway. Louie is a good driver and knows his way around road trips. Val is not good with roads or left or right so Val followed Kako who had his own car. Kako took a different road and Val ended up getting lost is Paseo De Roxas. Louie easily found Val and they continue to convoy until Tagaytay. It was a little traffic during the road so it took around an hour or two hours to reach Tagaytay. The fresh and cool air was very relaxing. They did not turn on the aircon instead they just opened up windows. Louie has been to Tagaytay for more than a thousand times so he knows his way around. It was a good decision to have the trip after the end of the term. It was a time to relax, have fun and rejoice that they had successfully ended their term. Moving forward to the next set of subjects they will encounter. Upon reaching Tagaytay, they were supposed to meet Sheree but she was not able to follow due to schedule conflicts with a different trip. The had lunch at LZM one of the popular restaurants in Tagaytay. They ordered many local foods such as Bulalo, Bangus, BBQ and other pinoy foods that they were famous for. They had fun sharing stories and having laughs in LZM. They spent about two or three hours and went off the another part of Tagaytay. Shoe Mart opened a new rides and fair in Tagaytay but it was still a soft opening. They entered the amusement park which cost around 50 pesos each person for the entrance. Inside they had Ferris Wheel an Anchor’s away ride and an some Carousels. Louie, Meg, James, Kiel, and Mj were game and wanted to ride the Anchor’s away. So they did, they had the time of their life. Val, Maia and Kako were enjoying their of view of their friends in the ride. At first they were laughing towards the end they were feeling that the ride was not safe enough because they felt that their safety belt was getting loose. Kayla, Ana, Rocky and Miguel also rode the Anchor’s away but rode on the other side of it. After the amusement park stop, they headed for People in the Sky park in upper Tagaytay. It was a good 20 minute drive up and when they reached their, they found no parking so they decided to turn around. They stopped at a little spot on the side of the road and watched the sunset. They stayed there for a good 2 hours. Ate they junk food, took pictures, and listened to music and told jokes and stories. It was one of the best sunsets.
After the stop, they proceeded to Ponde Rosa in Laguna; Louie’s family owns a unit so they were able to enter to the private subdivision. The place was very peaceful and relaxing. They went to the club house where there was a swimming pool, a Church and a huge parking lot. They stayed at the parking lot and again had big laughters and funny stories. Ate the rest of the junk food and juices. The funniest thing happened because Jorenz accidentally farted and everyone laughed hard about it. They stayed there for about an hour or two, to get ready for the drive home. It was getting a little bit darker so they drove cautiously. On the drive home, the trip was a little faster but also traffic specially when reaching Manila. It was a fun and at the same time a tiring day for everyone but it was a worth it long trip. Although the trip was short Louie and his friends became closer and Val’s driving skills leveled up. It was a trip that they wanted to repeat someday, similar to their retreat. Louie as a leader knows how to relax and enjoy, he also knows when to be serious in work. This shows balance and happiness in his life.
Louie, Val and Maia had a six to nine evening class for an Accounting course which was ADVAACT. The class was composed of around 25 students. Accounting was a challenging subject for Val; Louie was doing well at it. It had a whole lot of topics including preparing balance sheets, income statements and learning about break evens. It was one of those subjects that was hard to concentrate to because by 6pm everybody was already tired. The class would have breaks but Louie, Maia and Val would just take the chance to rest and sleep off the fifteen minute break. They had long home works as well. So many yellow pad papers were used in that class. Quizzes were a challenge because they would trick questions within the trick question. Sometimes the Professor would come late and a different Accounting Professor would come. The professor also teaches at Asia Pacific College in Magallanes so she takes a cab to Benilde and arrives around 6pm just in time for class. The professor would also give bonus points to increase our grade. The happy part about the course was they can have cheat sheets in class. Louie, Val and Maia alternated in creating the cheat sheets. They have it photocopied before entering the class. Of course, having a scientific calculator at hand is important.  
Louie, Val and Jorenz were classmates in BUFINMA; it was sort of a special class because they only have about fifteen to seventeen other classmates. It was fun because they would have mirienda at the cafeteria before entering class. Meg would join them as well. They would have PAO TSIN for mirienda sometimes KFC if the budget was high. They would have a thirty minute break. Sometimes they would buy chips to bring to class. Their favorite was clover chips. IF they went to KFC they would bring a snack box. BUFINMA is the code for Business Finance. Topics of the class ranged from topic in ADVAACT which was Advance Accounting. Similar lessons such as the Assets Liabilities and Equity.  New topics like Stock Exchange and Time Value of Money. The professor of the class was Professor Santoyo. He was a good professor although in some times Louie and Val and Jorenz would play scrabble or UNO in their iPhones. Sometimes they do listen to Sir Santoyo and they were able to ask questions. Topic was sometimes interesting. Louie, Jorenz and Val enjoyed the class. Quizzes of Prof. Santoyo were always a treat because it is open notes and open everything sometimes it would be a group quiz so the three would pair up. During the class Prof. Santoyo would have fifteen minute breaks so Louie, Jorenz and Val would go to the famous vendo machine located at the third floor of Mutien. The favorite order was always cold or hot milo. Professor Santoyo changed the final project a little bit. It was a game. The games were to create groups of three and are given 25000 dollars’ worth of stocks. It is the group’s choice whether to put more or less stock on real estate, dollar exchange or just keep the money. Louie, Jorenz and Val would group up separate the 25000 worth of stock to real estate, oil and dollar exchange. Oil was pretty expensive so they bought only a small portion of stock for it. Since stock for real estate went down they bought more and during the next part it went up so decided just to keep the stocks. Mining became illegal so their stock for the mining just became still and was not increasing its value at all. At the end of the other group had a higher money left than Louie’s, Jorenz’s and Val’s group. It was okay because through the game of Prof. Santoyo they were able to understand more about stock exchange. Louie, Jorenz and Val got good grades at the end of this class. They had fun while learning about it. It was one of their last academic subjects in Benilde.
Being an Information Systems student one of the major subjects include IT-INFRA or Information Technology Network Infrastructure. The subject was all about networking. Types of network, connections, addresses and area connections. The first half of the subject was pure discussion and it was a little bit difficult to follow. Sometimes even they even felt sleepy in class but the Professor which was Professor Arnn tried his best to keep the class awake and alert. Louie, Val, Meg, Kako, James, Kiel and Mj were classmates in this class so it was an every Monday and Wednesday class that was full of laughter. Kako would usually bring his mirienda and share it to everyone. It was composed of hotdog and bread. Quizzes were fun in the class because Kiel would be noisy during quizzes and sometimes shout out the answer. Also Professor Arnn would dismiss us early sometimes thirty minutes earlier that the class is supposed to end. Kiel would ask Sir Arnn if he would dismiss us then he would laugh but after an hour he really would. Louie would sometimes say to Val and Meg that Sir Arnn is offended but he tries hard to be a good lecturer. Louie enjoyed this class. He was the first one to understand the lessons completely. He is also the one who asks important and relevant questions to the professor. Sir Arnn would entertain his questions and they would discuss about network technologies. Louie was also the first one to learn the Cisco Packet Tracer software which showed how network connections happen. He studied them and taught his friends how to use it. It was very tricky but he was able to discuss it easily.
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