My Road to Success By Louie Magbanua

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During the summer of his 2nd year in high school, he met a girl in MIRC from Saint Paul College Pasig. This girl was older than him (same batch as his sister) and said that she is greatly interested at him. So they exchanged numbers and pictures using MIRC. When school began, the girl wanted to meet up. So Louie obliged and ask for the help of his best friend Melvin in making an alibi. They went to megamall and met with the girl. She was cute and sexy. They played billiards and bowling in the ground floor of the mall. Then it all started. Louie became attached to this girl to the point that they would talk every night and share stories about school. Louie did not know that he was already falling in love. After a few months, Louie asked the girl to a date. The girl obliged and went to see him in Shangri-La mall. They just walked around the mall, ate somewhere cheap (since high school students don’t have that much money) and then talked. They both come to an agreement that they would officially be girlfriend and boyfriend. Louie was excited because this is his relationship. He wanted it to be perfect. After a few months, Louie saw a few text messages in his Girlfriends cellphone. It was from a guy and asking his girlfriend to come over to his house. His Girlfriend said that she would not go there since she has no business there and they both agree and promised. After a few weeks, Louie discovered that his girlfriend went to the house of the guy not once buy a couple of times already, so Louie became mad and separated from the Girl. After a few months, the girl texted Louie again. Asking to take her back. Louie being the kind hearted guy accepted her. Louie asked the girl what happened between them and the girl said the guy had another girl. So they went on the relationship.

After a few months, Louie started reviewing for his entrance exams for college. He reviewed in AHEAD megamall where he met new friends from different schools. He then met this new girl whom he likes, Trisha. She was morena, very sexy and cute and a cheerleader in her school. Louie tried to make a move on her but at first she did not seem to be interested. As the weeks fly by, there was another girl who was interested at Louie, Anne. She was quite short and a little chubby but has a very bubbly personality. They talked everyday about stupid things. When the review was about to end, Anne asked Trisha, “Whom do you like better? Louie or this guy?” Anne said. Trisha replied only with a gesture that Louie did not even know what that gesture means. So the review ended but they still have contact with each other, Louie got close to Anne and gave her a cd since she requested for one. Anne assumed that Louie likes her and said that he likes Louie too and he wants Louie to be his “MCDO” (pertaining to the advertisement Love KO to). Louie accepted it and they became a couple. But it only lasted for a few months since they have clashing personalities. Louie then focused on passing his entrance exams. Since his grades are low, he needs to score high on entrance exams to be able to pass in the universities that he likes. Luckily, he passed UP Los Baños, got wait listed in Ateneo de Manila University (due to his 78 quarterly average), passed De La Salle University-Manila (Bachelor of Science major in Electronics and Communications Engineering) and Mapua Institute of Technology (Bachelor of Science major in Electronics and Communications Engineering). He picked De La Salle University-Manila with the course of Bachelor of Science major in Electronics and Communications Engineering to be his school.

Chapter 6 Louie’s College Life

In the year 2005, Louie started studying in DLSU. In his first day of college, he was a bit late because he was still adjusting to the time of his classes. So he hurriedly went to his classroom. He sat there and listened to the teacher. He knows that his first subject and TRIGSOL. After a while, the teacher started introducing herself and her subject. The subject was FILIPI1. So Louie got embarrassed and went out the room. It was on the other side of the building of Velasco. Louie did not really like engineering. He always wanted to study computer science or any related computer course. But since he was now in la sale, the only choice is to finish his course. But that did not happen. He lost interest in studying engineering that he ended up prioritizing other things.

During his 2nd term in La Salle, he met a girl named Joanna. She was a pure Chinese girl and studied in another university. They met in Yahoo messenger a few years back and Louie contacted him again to get to know her more. So this girl obliged to meet with him and have a movie date with him. So they went on a date and on that same day, they became a couple. So as months go by, Louie would go to her school during breaks. The travel time is around 30 minutes and sometimes it may take 1-2 hours. So Louie, since he is in love did not mind these things and still went to the school of his girlfriend. The consequence is getting late for his classes and sometimes end up not going to class just to stay with his girl. This was the biggest mistake that Louie made. The girl became clingy to the point that when Louie tries to attend his classes, she becomes suspicious and would follow him to his school. It made his life go to the wrong direction and it became worst when he flunked all his subjects due to this love affair.

Come enrollment time, Louie went to De La Salle university manila to enroll. When he was about to enroll and give his assessment form to the person in charge, he was told that he already accumulated the maximum number of failing marks and it is best that he finds a new school to study in. So hearing this news, Louie got scared and did not know what he will do. His parents does not know that he has a girlfriend and does not know that he is not attending his class. So he made a big lie. He said that he is a scholar and a dean’s lister. He would not ask for any money from his parents for tuition but his mother would give him money for his weekly allowance. During those times, Louie would go to his girlfriend’s house somewhere in the south. He would hang out with his girlfriend’s brother and of course his girlfriend. This went for years without his parents knowing until he was so sick of what he is doing that he actually planned to admit it to his parents. He also planned to break up with his girlfriend because he was not growing as a person with her. So Louie basically wasted 5 years of his life for things that is not important and did not make him a better person.

So the year 2011 came, his father called up De La Salle university manila because he became suspicious of his son. Since he loves his son so much, he does not want to admit it to himself that he betrayed them. So His dad called him up and asked him a couple of question. Then the big reveal came. His father said that I already know what you did and we are going to talk when I get home. After the call of his father, his mother called him. Telling him why did he not tell her and his sisters about the problem so that they could make a way or plan to solve it. So Louie was instructed to go home. At home, his mother and his father was waiting for him. They talked for hours. Asking for the reason of why he did that. They even asked if he was taking illegal drugs or became a member of a frat or if he has an enemy at school. He said that he did not do those things. He then explained what happened and was very sorry about what he has done. So at first, they can’t forgive him since being betrayed by someone is very hard to forgive specially your only son. So after the talk, Louie was instructed to look for a new school where he could study and redeem himself. What they don’t know is that Louie already found a school that he wants. College of Saint Benilde. For people who don’t know College of Saint Benilde I would be placing a short description about this particular school. If you know the school, you could skip the description.

Chapter 7 Louie as a True Blooded Benildean

Louie took the Benildean entrance exam during the month of July. It was his last chance so he made preparations for the exams. He studied his past lessons and started answering his old college entrance exam reviewer. At the day of the exam. He feel a little confident and thinks that with his knowledge it would be sufficient. The exam came and some of the questions are alien to him. But he still tried his best to make intelligent guesses. After the exam, he felt relieved the exam is over and let his fate dangle in God’s Hand. With his grace, Louie passed the exam and got in his preferred course. Bachelor of Science major in Information Systems.

So during 2011, Louie started studying again after 5 years. His first class was NATSCI13 where he met his best friend Jorenz. They were both transferees from De La Salle Manila and are loners in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. So Louie approached Jorenz and they instantly jived. They became best of friends ever since. Sharing problems and secrets. But as the first few months progressed, they met new friends like Marz, Mj, James, Kiel, Kako, Val, Mariah and Meg. They were the first solid group of friends that Louie has acquired. They are solid till now and takes the same subjects.

When the programming subjects started, Louie thought that he would be having a hard time since he does not know the new types of programming language. So he tried his best to be good at programming. In his first programming subject, his grade was 3.5 out of 4.0. He only missed .2% in his grade to become 4.0. But that did not bring Louie down. The next term, Louie exerted effort in studying his programming subject. The subject was ISPROG2. The subject was about windows form applications, web applications and databases. At the end, Louie got the 4.0 he was aiming for. And for that particular term, he was also a dean’s lister. This time it is for real. He hurriedly went home and told his father that he is a dean’s lister. His father did not believe him and questioned him if he was lying again. With this scenario happening, Louie got pissed. As soon as he got his certificate from the registrar, he hurriedly went home even to the point of not attending his class. When he got home, he showed it to his father. His father was speechless and only uttered the words “ok keep it up!” That was the start of Louie being a good person.

But of course, his college life has its ups and downs also. One part of it was being in love again with a girl. The girls name was Trish and she was an SDA student. She was cute and has the appeal that could make you faint and go conscious again. Louie would fetch and bring her back home so that she would not have the hassle of riding the Metro rail transit. To cut the story short, Louie was heartbroken because the girl said she was not yet ready. After a couple of days of being heartbroken, he checked the girl’s Facebook profile. She was already in a relationship with another guy. This made Louie much sadder because he felt that he was betrayed. But as time goes by, there was another girl. Another Joanna, this girl was a simple girl who likes to have fun but at that time does not drink alcohol (I don’t have any information about this girl now). She was really the sweet type. But there are a couple of things that Louie did not like about her. Anyway, Louie was once again hurt by a girl and ended up going emo again. But all of those things changed when he met Meg. Meg was the sweetest girl he ever knew. She cared a lot about Louie and does not want him to be hurt by anyone else. So as time went by, they became close. Talking every day and exchanging stories about different secrets and experiences. So in the end, they ended up together and these were the happiest days of Louie’s Life. Today, Louie is currently busy with his thesis. He and his team is building a web application that would centralize all the room reservation to one website. This is under the spark program in which is an alternative to the traditional thesis track.

Chapter 8 Louie’s College friends

Louie has many college friends in De La Salle University Manila and De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. But louie has a few Core friends. Louie is very picky and selective in selecting his friends. He has a couple of qualifications in choosing is most trusted friends. That’s why sometimes, people assume that Louie is very “suplado” since he does not want to spend time with people who are sort of a bullshit person meaning too much drama, too much bragging, too noisy, trying hard and social climbers. Louie always looks for people who are always happy and positive thinkers. Who does not want to spend their life with these kinds of people? Louie also looks for those people who are simple yet have the capacity to be great in their own way. He does not want people who brag too much that I could do this and that because based on his stories, he already is portraying that role and he does not need another Louie in his group. Kidding aside, his group in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde comprises of people who got kicked out from De La Salle University Manila. They are all from engineering courses ranging from Electronics and communications engineers, Manufacturing Engineering Management and Industrial Engineer. For him, this group is perfect. They laugh a lot and they always have a happy time when they are together. Louie does not look on what his friends have in their pockets. He does not judge them based on how rich they are or how intelligent they are. For him, all of them are equal and in a barkada, they are brothers and sisters. Sharing things if someone needs them, or lending help to people who greatly need their help. So who are the member of this core group of Louie? Without further adue, here are the members and Louie’s description about them.

First up is Jorenz, Jorenz is Louie’s first friend in CSB. They met in their first class natural science 13. Jorenz is the loner type that likes to sit down on the corners of the classroom since he does not want to be noticed by the people or by the teachers. Jorenz is a very shy person and very very very Introverted. He does not want to talk to other people unless he really needs to. But Louie is the opposite of Jorenz. Louie approached him during the first day and they talked about a lot of things and decided to be partners in crime in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde.

Jorenz finished his high school in La Salle Greenhills and entered De La Salle University Manila taking up Manufacturing Engineering Management. His ID number is 110 and after a year, he flunked and got kicked out from De La Salle University Manila due to too much DOTA playing and skipping his classes. Jorenz is pretty much a regular guy but is very intelligent. For louie, he is one of the most logical person he met. He likes money ( YES MONEY) and would do anything that would earn him money ( not to the point that he would forget his pride and his beliefs and image).

He is also a guy that likes anime specially the gundam series. He is a gundam freak and he has around 15 model kits of Gundam in his room. He is usually the one always early in school because he does not want to pay additional money for his transportation so he would ride with his sister at 530am just to save. He then would arrive at school around 730 for his 1pm class. He would bring his red trusty laptop and play the hours away. He usually enjoy laid back journeys. He likes to talk about things in school, his life and gossips. He likes to gossip about people in school and they enjoy laughing at the stories.

He is Louie’s constant companion. They would go everywhere as long as they both have money and they are both willing to spend it. Jorenz is Louie’s bestfriend and he often confides to him since he would not tell anyone what Louie’s problem is.. he vows not to tell anyone and he keeps his promise since based on his words, he just wants to collect stories for futher black mailing tactics Jorenz is also very intelligent, he likes numbers and solving for money. He is most interested in subjects that concerns business analysis. Currently, he is Louie’s thesis groupmate and is in charge in the management of the paper.

The next person I will describe is his friend James. James is the shyest person in Louie’s group of friends. He is always the one being teased by the group because he is always silent and the only noise he makes is his fart. James likes designing. This is his passion ever since Louie met him. He was always the one in charge of their user interface when it comes to projects. He would design it with all his knowledge just to impress himself and others. James also loves coding.

He loves java very much to the point that he applied it to his thesis project. He even studied a framework in java called Spring and a tie up system called hibernate. James is pretty much a geek and he loves technology. James also loves to have fun. He likes watching movies, listening to music specially to demi lovato and camp rock songs. He likes watching chick flick movies since he is a self confessed hopeless romantic. He also loves mingling with girls. He would spend time with girls and help them with their projects. But sometimes, he gets in love with them. One time, James got really interested in this girl. This girl based on Louie’s story has a boyfriend and this girl is their classmate. This particular girl has a friend that at the same time likes James. This created a love triangle as you can call it. James likes the girl and the friend of the girl likes james. James is not at all interested on the friend of the girl and is entirely locked on to his target. Louie does not know if this is still on going right now but what he knows is James likes this girl very much.

James is also a haciendero. They have a big land in batangas which is planted with sugar cane. This is their primary business and his mom is the one handling it right now. James is batangueno that is why he has a weird accent when he talks. He has low to high pitch voice modulation which is sometimes amusing to the group. Sometimes they would imitate james and that would stick to them to the point that they talk like james. James is very kind even though he is very rich. He would not brag about anything that they have but you will surely know that he has the capacity because he likes to splurge at restaurants buying food that he cannot finish. James is also naughty. Naughty in a way that he would formulate plans just to make fun of you. He also likes to look at pretty girls around school. Everytime he sees a girl, he would automatically look at the girl and stare at her for a couple of seconds. Sometimes maybe it is creepy but they cannot do anything about james’ habits. This comprises the description of james.

The next person is Kiel. Kiel is often referred as the root of all evil. Based on Louie’s story, Kiel always talks about that even Satan is afraid of him coming to hell. His name is even substituted to the phrase “money is the root of all evil” replacing money with kiel making the phrase “Kiel is the root of all evil.” He is the root of all the “kalokohan” of the group. He is very quiet but if he likes the topic, he would talk about it all day long.

He also loves anime specially gundam. He is also sort of a gundam freak but not as freak as Jorenz. Whenever Jorenz and Kiel would talk about gundam, it’s like they have their own world and no one existed but the two of them. He is very naughty also. He likes to hide your things and would always deny that he is the one who took them. Based on Louie’s story, there are a couple of instances that he was victimized by kiel together with james. The first scenario was James has a phone that has a pen, he would bring it to school and let kiel and his friends borrow it. One day, kiel got the idea of hiding the pen. So he hid the pen and james looked for it. A week has passed and kiel forgot that James’ pen was with him. So kiel returned the pen to james and james was relieved. Another scenario was when one of the friends of Louie treated them to yellow cab. So Louie was the one who ordered. He left his phone with jorenz and when he came back the pen was gone. He did not realize it until the phone vibrated because it detected that the pen was not in the slot. So Louie asked them to return it back and it was returned a couple of minutes. It was placed inside his bag. But with that aside, kiel is a very responsible person.

During the project making in SYSANAL, kiel was the one who finished their paper works. He is also very intelligent. He is very witty and very smart at thinking of ways to solve problems and make alibies. He is from isabela and has a business there. Kiel also loves girls. But girls often regard him as suplado but he is really not. He is only selective to girls he would look at or talk with. If he does not like you, there is no way that you could make him talk to you.

The next person is Mj. For Louie, Mj is one of the two hipsters in the group. He is the one always updated with the new trends and news in the Philippines. He likes to dance the shuffle and enjoys listening to various kinds of music. In the group, mj is one of the hecklers. He is the one usually telling jokes or he is the one usually the topic of the jokes. He also likes one of Louie’s batchmates which is a friend of the girl that james likes. But that girl turned him down when he has already exerted effort. The girl said to her friend that she cant see or feel any spark between mj and her. The friend then told mj about that and mj was furious that the girl cant tell her what she is really feeling. So mj was devastated by this until now. With that aside, Mj is really a good friend. Sometimes he would do things for you and would help you in the best way that he can. Specially now that he has nothing to do anymore because his thesis is done. He is also cheerful and he likes to laugh and laugh at other people’s mistake. Mj is a son of a prosecutor in bicol. His mother is an accountant of the government.

The next person is Kako. Kako is the cool dude in the group. He is the person who is very trendy and very updated in the new fashion styles and trends. He is very kind though he is very rich. He drives a car going to school everyday. Kako is also the chickboy of the group(with the exception of Kiel). He has many girl friends in College of Saint Benilde. Some of them are girls that he courted but ends up not liking them. He is very picky when it comes to girls. Louie does not know what kako’s preference when it comes to girls. Kako is not the programmer type of person. He knows how to code but if he can get away without coding, he will take that route. Based on his Louie’s story, kako told him that the language he likes is c# and he dislikes java because of the Object oriented type of programming. Kako is also smart. He usually figures out ways on how to make things much simple and implement it faster. He is also a smooth talker that sometimes or almost always gets him out of trouble. Overall, kako is a kind guy and he is a person you can depend on when the time comes that you need somebody’s help.

On to the next person. I have finished all the boys in the group of Louie. I will now describe the girls of the Group. I will start with marz. Marz is a very sexy girl in her own way. Louie met her in their CSBLIFE class when they became groupmates for a series of projects for that class. They started to become close to each other during those times. They also went to an event CCP for their CSBLIFE accreditation. Anyway, Marz or Malou is a very shy girl at first, and then when you start to get close to her, she would be a different person. She is also very intelligent and smart. She describes herself as gorgeous and beautiful but some of their friends disagrees with her. Kidding aside, marz is very thoughtful also. Based on Louie’s story, Marz went to the hospital to visit Louie when he had an operation concerning his appendix. But Marz also has a mean side. Since she is from cavite, the land of the brave. Whenever someone teases her, she would always fight back. Sometimes, she would run and chase you just to pinch you. But overall, Marz is a nice person and very fun to be with.

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