My Road to Success By Louie Magbanua

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My Road to Success

By Louie Magbanua


I dedicate this book firstly to God because he has given me enough strength to finish this project. Second is to my family and loved ones. Thank you for the support that you have given me. Thank you for reminding me to finish my book and thank you for encouraging me when I felt that I cannot finish this book. Thank you also for contributing some stories about me. I also would like to thank my friends who greatly helped me in this project. They have been there for me whenever I have problems. They are my second family in school. Thank you also for contributing stories about me that I could not remember anymore. Thank you to all of you! God Bless You and May God be with you all!

Keep Moving Forward” – Walt Disney

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Birth of Louie 4

Chapter 2: Louie and the people around him 5

Chapter 3: Louie as a Kid 8

Chapter 4: Louie as a School Boy 11

Chapter 5: Louie and his adolescent stage 15

Chapter 6: Louie’s College Life 17

Chapter 7: Louie as a True Blooded Benildean 18

Chapter 8: Louie’s College friends 19

Chapter 9: Louie as a Friend 24

Chapter 10: Louie as a lover 36

Chapter 11: Louie’s Happy and Sad Stories 41

Chapter 12: What People say about Louie ‘ 45

Chapter 1 the Birth of Louie

During the 80’s, there are many music genres that are very popular. Rock, heavy metal etc. are a few of them. But one of them really stands out. The New wave genre. This type of music is very catchy that even little kids like this genre. One particular little girl was hooked to this genre, Sabrina. Sabrina is a very bright little girl who wishes to have a brother. She was very adorable at that time. Everyone was fond of her. Carrying her around. Bringing her to various places where she would eat and enjoy. But Sabrina’s life was lacking of something. A playmate. She wants a playmate to be with her every day and accompany her in her very awesome adventures. As time goes by, her parents noticed that she was sad. She lost interest in playing and other normal things that a kid her age would do. Her mother asked little Sabrina, Is there something wrong sab? Her mother said. Little Sabrina said none mommy. I was only wondering how my life would be if I had a brother or sister. Her mother was astonished by her question. Her mother then started talking with his father. And for some reason after talking decided to have another child. Around the late 80’s, Sabrina’s mother got pregnant. She hurriedly told Sabrina the good news. Sab, what would you do if you would have a baby brother? Her mother asked. I would love him, carry him, take care of him and play with him. Sabrina replied. I have a good news for you Sab. You are going to have a baby brother her mom said. Really? Is this true? What are we going to name him? Sabrina replied. Her dad approached her and said. If you could give your brother a name, what would it be? Sabrina replied hum… I think I would name him after my favorite song. Her father asked, what is your favorite song? Brother Louie Louie Dad. She replied. Her Dad said. OK! We will name him Louie because that’s what you want. Sabrina was very happy and excited of the coming of her baby brother. Every time her mother would bring her to work. She would start singing Brother Louie song in front of her mother’s belly. They would both sing in unison and maybe that is the reason why Louie is inclined or loves music.

Louie’s delivery was very crucial. When he was inside his mommy’s womb, he was aligning horizontally. Compared to normal babies, their orientation is vertical. Their head facing down and their feet facing upwards. But Louie’s orientation was like the rock a bye baby position. Head facing to the right and the feet facing to the left. His grandmother was very bothered by this since she is a midwife and she understands the risk of having this kind of delivery. A couple of weeks passed, still no development. Louie is still facing horizontally. His mother went to different churches to pray. She went to Baclaran church, Santa Clara Church in Quezon City, St Jude Church, Our Lady of Manaoag Church and Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. She kept on praying that she would have a normal delivery since they are not rich and having a caesarian would constrain their budget. She even resorted to having her stomach massaged by her mother. After a couple of weeks, it was starting to make developments or improvements. Louie is starting to move to the right direction and orientation. As the due date grows closer, so does Louie’s correct orientation. On his day of labor, Louie was already on the correct orientation and his mother did not have a very hard time. But based on his mother’s story, her eye nerve or vein exploded while in labor. Thus, causing her left eye to be blurry sometimes and become red when she is stressed or sick. At long last, Sabrina’s Brother was born. Louie Dominic. Louie was born on September 23, 1987. It was a normal delivery and was done at their house. He was a very healthy baby boy. Sabrina’s father was very happy since all of his children are girls. For him, this child will carry his name and lineage.

Dominic was actually derived from his name since his name is Dominic Antonio. He wanted his son to have a part of his name. Some of the options that they had were, Francis Louie, Francis Dominic, Dominic Anton and a whole lot more. But since their daughter wanted Louie, Louie Dominic was the one picked and legally became Louie’s name. There is also a story that when Louie came, his uncle from his father side made amends with his mother since he said that “Dominic really loves you since you already have two kids now.” He formally recognized that the marriage of Louie’s Mother and Father were accidental and was rushed for some reasons they would only know.

Chapter 2 Louie and the people around him

There are a lot of people around Louie’s life. These people are usually the one’s close to his heart and if I may say the people he loves. Firstly, I will introduce his core family. When I say the word “core” this means Louie’s main family. His Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother and 3 sisters. Louie grew up with these people around him and they are the one who taught him valuable lessons in life. I will start with Louie’s Grandmother.

Nanay as they all call them was a very well know lady in their area. She was well know because she was the best midwife in their area in her time. His husband is a doctor but Louie did not really know his grandfather because he died before Louie was born. Back to his grandmother. Nanay was also known as the lady who gives candy to people at church and at the streets. She usually brings a bag full of candies and whenever she sees people walking down the street, she would give them a handful of candies and even if they resist her offer, she would still insist that you get the candies and sometimes say “ Grasya yan ng Diyos tinatangihan niyo?”.

Louie would describe her as cheerful, funny, hardworking, “kuripot”, disciplined, intelligent, street smart and Loving. She loves her grandchildren very much. She would bring them to Jollibee just to let the kids play and eat their ever favorite (till now) chicken joy and spaghetti. Since they were not rich, they would just go there occasionally. Sometimes, she would bring panutcha. This panutcha is a sweet delicacy which is made up of nuts and sugar. Did I mention that Louie’s grandmother loves sweets? Luckily she did not obtain any diabetes related ailments. Anyway, this panutcha is pulverized until it is like powder and whenever the “ulam” is sinigang, she would sprinkle them on top of the rice then pour sinigang soup on it. Based on Louie’s story, it was one of the best foods that he ever ate in his life. The mix of sourness and sweetness inside the mouth was unmatched.

Nanay was the one who took care of Louie and his sister while their parents was gone. Since their parents need to work, nanay took care of them every day. She would feed them, make them take a bath, make them sleep during the afternoon (because she said that they would not grow up if they would not sleep in the afternoon) and after sleeping feed them every day with corn while watching the daily movie aired on the TV. She also believed in discipline. Whenever Louie and his sister did something wrong, they would get reprimanded and sometimes spank them. But that is part of growing up. Without her disciplinarian attitude, Louie and his sister would not grow into responsible individuals.

The next person that is very influential to Louie’s life is his grandfather. He did not meet his grandfather personally because he died before Louie was born but he had a lot of influence to Louie specially in the field of music. His grandfather was a doctor when he was still living. He was one of Makati’s finest municipal health officers. He was a very honest person and did not at anytime abuse his power or his privileges. He likes to play the piano and the violin. He is very active in his church and regularly serves there as a choir master or choir member. He was a man of principle. He would not retract his principle just to achieve something or to accomplish something. Too bad that Louie did not meet him. If he was still alive, he would surely be happy of what his grandchildren are today.

The next member that I will describe is his Father. Louie’s father is a Civil engineer and a Geodetic engineer. He was one of the pillars of Louie’s life since he was also the disciplinarian in the family. He would reprimand Louie whenever he does something that is not right. Even if he has to spank him, he will do that just to make you remember what you have done wrong. But in general, he was a good father. He would provide everything for his family and would not miss any activities of his children. Though he is not a hands-on dad since he needs to work, he tries his best to be on. During weekends, they would go out and visit places that they have never been to. But usually, they would go to megamall to eat and buy the necessary things his kids need. He is also “kuripot”. One time, Louie and his sister needed a camera and their mother asked them to look for the model they wanted. So they searched for one. The day of purchase came and his dad came along to check what they bought. When they were inspecting the product, their dad spotted something cheaper and comes with a printer. So their dad said that this one is better since it has a printer included. He insisted that they should buy the cheaper one. So the kids and their mother did not any choice but to buy the cheaper one. As time goes by, the camera was beginning to act up. Battery consumption went from bad to worst and they could only take around 10-30 pictures per two pieces of double a batteries. So they told their dad that it was acting up. So being the dad that he is, he did not believe it. After a while, he needed a camera and borrowed the camera of the kids. So he started to use it on his very important trip. It was ok at the start but as the trip progresses, it became worst. The battery was easily drained and he cannot take pictures anymore. When he arrived at home, he asked the two kids if that was the problem they encountered and the two kids nodded. They all laughed at the camera and their dad said that they will buy a new one since it was really crappy and not in good working condition.

Louie’s dad also loved travelling. During summer breaks, he would bring his family to different parts of the country or sometimes to other countries like china, Cambodia, Thailand, hongkong and Singapore. There was some point in time where they tried to have a US visa so that they could travel during that summer but sadly, they were not able to obtain visa’s due to some reason the family is disclosing. Overall, his father is a very responsible, supportive and loving father.

The next inspiration in Louie’s life is his mother. His mother was for him the best mother in the whole universe. Louie was very close to his mother. They would go everywhere together and go on dates from time to time. They would also go to churches that his mother would want to go to like Manaoag church in pangasinan. When Louie was still a kid, his mother would bring him to her office. They would ride the bus in mandaluyong and go down in cardona,Rizal.

Louie’s mother is like his grandfather a municipal Health officer. A Municipal health officer is the one in charge of the health of his/her municipality. She would train people in the community to handle certain kinds of work that would make the community disease free. She also the one in charge in diagnosing people with disease and giving them medicine or sending them to the nearest district hospital. She has a team. It is composed of 2-3 nurses, and 3-5 midwives. Her team loves her so much that when she resigned from work, they still contact her and ask her to comeback. But Louie’s mom did not want to comeback anymore. She wanted to go full time on her children.

Starting 1997, she went full time in teaching and bringing her kids in school. She is a very sweet, loving, patient and responsible mother. She makes sure that her kids always have enough food in the house and enough food when they go to school. She also makes sure that her children are healthy. Being a doctor, she knows what her children needs and when they are sick, she know how to treat them. One downside of having a mother who is a doctor is that you cant pretend that you are sick. So Louie and his sister usually have a perfect attendance record in school unless they become confined to a hospital or they really don’t feel well.

The next person in Louie’s family is his eldest sister Jeanina. Jeanina is the oldest daughter of their mother josefina. She was always not around to help Louie and his sister with their schoolwork but when she does, she would see it to a point that the two would get a perfect grade. Jeanina is a kind, generous,beautiful, cute, charming, intelligent, witty, smart, independent, workaholic, and a very responsible sister. She finished her degree in journalism in University of the Philippines Diliman. She is also firm in her beliefs making her a good journalist. She currently is based in Sweden and already has a family.

Jeanina is an editor in a newspaper company in Sweden. She loves her job so much that she would even risk her life just to get the news. She currently is assigned by her office to write about the tacloban disaster and she immediately flew there. She was also interviewed in a couple of Swedish local news and she talked about what happened to tacloban, how it looked like in its original state and she also encouraged the people in Sweden to help the people affected by this disaster.

Her family in Sweden is small. She has a daughter and a husband. They live in a condominium near a place called solna centrum and they live a simple life. Sometimes, they would go home to the Philippines and spend Christmas here. They said that winter in Sweden is very cold and lonely. Unlike in the Philippines, it is very festive and has many events and family bondings. Jeanina based on Louie’s story is always longing for her family in the Philippines. She has plans to spend the next 20 years here in the Philippines and I think that his husband agrees to this idea since his husband now is a freelancer photographer and website editor.

The next person that I will talk about is Louie’s second sister Evelyn. Evelyn is the sister of Louie which spent the most of the time with them. Evelyn acted as the second mother of Louie since their mother is always away because she has to work. Evelyn is a very responsible, loving, generous, beautiful, cute, charming, sexy in her own way, intelligent, responsible, caring and obedient. She is very obedient indeed because everything that their mother told her, she would follow so that her brother and sister would be well taken care off. Her brother Louie is 12 years younger that her. Based on her stories, Louie is a very naughty boy. So I could also say that Evelyn is very very very patient.

Evelyn finished her studies in University of the Philippines Diliman, same as their eldest sister. She finished the course international studies major in the Spanish language. She is currently working for a company in Makati and at the same time a blogger. She maintains a couple of blogs with her husband. Evelyn loves her brother and sister very much that she makes it to a point that she would visit them once in a while. Bring food for them or sometimes bring them to the malls to watch movies and eat dinner. Based on Louie, these are the most fun moments. He enjoys those times very much since he feels that everyone loves everyone. Everyone can be themselves and not pretend or act just for the sake of pleasing someone. Lately, they have been hanging out in a lot of restaurants. Evelyn together with his husband and his brother and sister visit restaurants and talk about how the food was and these things become the blog entries for that particular restaurant.

The next person very close to Louie’s heart is his sister Sabrina. Sabrina is the closest sibling to Louie. Since Sabrina is only 2 years older than Louie, they played a lot and hanged out all the time. When they were still kids, they played with each other a lot. They even do naughty things together. Sabrina is a very cheerful, loving, responsible, shy, quiet, beautiful, cute, charming, smart, intelligent, resourceful, forgiving, patient, naughty and obedient. She is the bestfriend of Louie until now. She is where Louie can confide about everything by everything means everything under the sun. As long as Louie is bothered by something, Sabrina knows it and would ask him if he is ok.

Sabrina is different from her two sisters. She studied in Ateneo de Manila University. She was the coolest sister among the 3. She would ask Louie to drink with her and hide it from their parents(since they are not allowed to drink). They would go to different places and spend time together. They would eat out (as long as they have money or Sabrina has money), they would play badminton or football, they would play computer games since Sabrina also loves playing computer games. Sabrina is also currently a doctor. She was the one who got the calling that her mother got. She studied in University of the eat Ramon magsasay memorial hospital. She now is a board passer and holds the license of a physician. She currently is “moonlighting” meaning that she would accept jobs from different companies as part time office physician since she would also want to enter residency in the coming year 2014. She would want to specialize in internal medicine or based on her story would want to finish infectious diseases medicine and work in unicef so that she could help many people who are in need.

She is also a good cook. She often bakes food for Louie like cookies and other things. Louie is sabrina’s guinea pig in cooking. Sabrina would ask Louie if what he wants to eat and she tries to cook it for him. She is very good in cooking things. Like her mom, she would just taste the food that she is currently eating and she would know what the contents are or the spices that are placed on that particular dish. She is always the one assigned to cook on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or new years eve. Based on Louie, her sister is the best person in her life next to their mom.

Chapter 3 Louie as a Kid

Louie and his family lives in a very nice neighborhood somewhere in metro manila. It was a fairly simple place with jeepney’s passing by in front of their house and many people talking outside the streets. It was not a subdivision and for many it may not be the most suitable environment for kids to live in. Louie is a very naughty kid. He likes to play and likes to prank people living in their house. He would play at the streets from morning till night. Playing with his neighbors and other kids who pass by their place. Unlike kids today, Louie experienced playing on the streets. He experienced playing patintero on a busy street, tago-tagoan, tumbang preso and other games played by kids during those times. Louie’s favorite game is tago-tagoan. He is sometimes called the master in this games because he is very hard to find. Playing on the streets gives you the freedom to hide anywhere you want. You can hide under parked cars, apartment building, passing by jeepneys (yes running beside them) and many more. I would describe these hiding places as very extreme since you have a risk of endangering your life but little Louie did not mind or does not know the dangers of doing those things. His favorite hiding place is under parked cars or among his grandmother’s plants and trees. Whenever her friends and childhood barkada would start asking kids to play tagoan, Louie will not be left out. He will come out of their house and join the game.

Louie does not like to be the It or Taya in any game. Secretly he is a very impatient kid and does not like to look and find people hiding that’s why he is always trying his best to hide. One time, I saw Louie hiding under a land cruiser (the old land cruiser of UNICEF). His play mates know that Louie hides under cars so they occasionally check for him under cars. But since Louie is very witty, he devised a plan to conceal himself under this car. He found parts where he could anchor himself so that he could raise up whenever someone looks for him under cars. One time, this plan backfired. He was happily hiding under a car then suddenly the car started. He panicked! He did not know what to do since the car is about to move and did not want to be the Taya. Luckily the game was paused because one of the kids was called by his parents so this gave Louie a chance to go out and choose another hiding place. When he went out, the driver of the car was shocked. Even if I was in his shoes I would be really shocked. A kid coming out from under your car is not a very funny idea.

But that’s not the end of Louie being naughty. As I have said, he likes to play pranks. Whenever his cousins from his father side visit their house, there are many “TRAPS” that are setup. From water balloons dropping, pale of water splashing people with water, powder in electric fans and all sort of things. One time, Louie and his cousins from his mother side setup a very cool trap. It is a sequence of traps that the end result would be a wet and featherful and powderful person. Featherful meaning that the person would have feathers sticking to him or her and powderful meaning the person will be covered in powder also. For the group, it was the most diabolic plan that they could plan. So the cousins of Louie visited them around 4pm in the afternoon. Everything was set. The trap was in place and ready to hit them. But the plan backfired! Because their mama (aunt and mother of their cousins) was the one who was trapped. She was very furious that all of them got spanked and got grounded from playing.

Louie as a kid did not grow up with his parents. Since his parents has to work, he was left at home with his grandmother or with his sisters or with his aunt and uncle. Usually, he was left with his aunt and uncle. These people became like his second parents. They would bring him anywhere they would go. Whenever they would bring their kids to school, Louie will surely be with them. To Makati then they would go to Quezon City. Louie was never bored. It was a fun experience for him since it was an adventure for him. Looking at the sights since during those times buildings are not that much abundant compared today. They would ride their Volkswagen beetle they named Pugo. It was a beetle with different colors in the body. It has yellow pink black and red. It was the staple transportation for Louie and his uncle and aunt. Sometimes, Louie was left at home with his grandmother. They would quarrel since Louie is a very naughty kid and very hardheaded. His grandmother would scold him because of this and sometimes get spanked and pinched. But did not make Louie stay away from his grandmother. In fact, his grandmother loves him very much and so does he. During lunchtime, his grandmother would feed him with various kinds of food like panucha and sinigang (trust me it is very very yummy). After that, Louie will take a bath and sleep with nanay (that’s what they call her). Around 3-4pm they would wake up. Nanay would buy corn and fish balls for him. After that, nanay would let him play outside as she watch over him. Nanay is a very sweet grandmother but sometimes has a temper. Louie as a kid also got interested in dancing. He would dance to these tunes whenever he hears them on the radio since these songs are his favorite song. With these songs, he was asked to dance during parties in their house. Whenever people visit them, his grandmother would ask him to dance for the visitors. Louie would oblige to his grandmothers request. Sometimes he would sing. OPM was the “in” thing during those times. The songs of Ogie Alcasid, Rivermaya, Introvoys and other Filipino Boy band group. But there is one song that he particularly likes to sing. It is the song Puff the magic dragon by Peter Paul and Mary.He heard this song from his dad. His dad likes to sing also. He likes country artist and love song singers such as Jim Groce, Seals and Crofts, Bread, eagles and the very popular local band, Asin. His dad would play the guitar and encourage Louie to sing with him. Those were happy times for them. Sometimes, they would finish 1 whole song hits (magazine full of song lyrics and chords).

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