Mw middle West ne northeast pac pacific rm rocky Mountains se southeast sw southwest

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Heritage Studies 3 Chapter 6 Test

A. Match each region with the characteristic.

MW Middle West NE Northeast PAC Pacific

RM Rocky Mountains SE Southeast SW Southwest

RM 1. Mountains in this region formed a giant wall, keeping settlers out

for many years. (122)

PAC 2. The fiftieth state to join the United States of America is in this region. (124)
SW 3. The Spanish settlers changed this region. (121)
MW 4. Pioneers going west often settled in this region. (116)
NE 5. New York Harbor is one of the many harbors in this region. (113)
SE 6. Jamestown, the first English settlement, is in this region. (114)

B. Using the word bank, name the region each state is located.

MW Middle West NE Northeast PAC Pacific

RM Rocky Mountains SE Southeast SW Southwest

NE 7. Vermont (113)
SE 8. Virginia (114)
MW 9. Iowa (117)
SW 10. Arizona (110)
RM 11. Colorado (122)
PAC 12. California (122)

C. Fill in the blanks using the word bank.

Alaska Massachusetts Middle West regions

Smithsonian Southeast Southwest the West

regions 13. The United States can be divided into six sections or ___. (110)
Massachusetts14. Which state’s nickname is “the Bay State”? (113)
Southeast 15. Slaves were used in this region to work in the cotton fields. (115)
Middle West 16. Lewis and Clark explored much of this region. (116)
Southwest 17. Coronado was a Spanish explorer who searched this region

for the Seven Cities of Gold. (119)

the West 18. The Rocky Mountains and the Pacific region make up this area. (122)
Alaska 19. What is the largest state with many natural resources? (124)
Smithsonian 20. This museum keeps historical objects and important documents. (126)

D. Write the letter of the answer in the blank.

c 21. Separatists from England first settled this area. (111)

a. Midwest

b. Pacific

c. Northeast

a 22. Charleston, South Carolina, has an important harbor in this region. (114)

a. Southeast

b. Northeast

c. Midwest

b 23. Settlers wanting to move west swarmed into this area after the War for Independence. (116)

a. New York

b. Ohio

c. Virginia

a 24. As new lands opened up, surveyors were needed to ___. (117–18)

a. measure land and mark borders

b. explore new territory

c. make new roads

c 25. Four states make up the Southwest, the largest of which is ___. (120)

a. Florida

b. Michigan

c. Texas
a 26. What people first lived in the West? (122)

a. American Indians

b. English settlers

c. Spanish explorers
c 27. Missionaries that came to Hawaii had a great influence on ___. (125)

a. King William

b. President Washington

c. Queen Kapiolani

E. Give the answers. (Answers will vary.)

28. Name your region. ___________________________

29. Name your state. ___________________________

30. Name your capital. ___________________________

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