Mulvaney’s Period 2 Honors English

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Mulvaney’s Period 2 Honors English

Mon, Oct 13 Peer editing of essays. Make sure you have a typed, printed rough draft.

Montana 1948 Part III work.

Tue, Oct 14 Book clubs meet

Oct 15, 16, 17 No school

Mon, Oct 20 Montana 1948 inquiry discussion on theme. Final essay due

Tue, Oct 21 Book clubs meet

Wed, Oct 22 Fool’s Crow inquiry discussion

Thur, Oct 23 House Made Dawn and Ceremony inquiry discussion

Fri, Oct 24 Love Medicine inquiry discussion

Mon, Oct 27 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee inquiry discussion

Tue, Oct 28 Final assessment TATDPTI. Start movie, Smoke Signals

Wed, Oct 28 Continue Smoke Signals

Thur, Oct 30 Ditto. Last day of quarter

Oct 31 No school

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