Ms. Hengesbach 24 November 2013

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Haley Feldpausch

English 10

Ms. Hengesbach

24 November 2013

Jackie Robinson: Game Changer

“A life is not important, except in the impact it has on other lives,” said Jackie Robinson (“Jackie Robinson changed face of sports”). In fact throughout his life he faced serious opposition from those around him because of the things he was trying to do. He wanted to better the world that surrounded him. And Robinson would stand up for what was right even if it was not what was popular. Jackie Robinson had a positive impact on American history, because he broke the major league color line, stood up for civil rights, and was an inspiration of others.

Jackie Robinson was able to break the major league baseball color line, because of his character and support from those around him. According to Branch Rickey Brooklyn Dodger manager and owner, “I want a player with guts enough not to fight back” (Loretta and Mathless, ed. 98). Robinson’s character was essential to his success in breaking the major league color line. His character would be challenged during games and he would be challenged during games and he would have to stay silent and not be provoked. Without his strong resistance to the derogatory terms that were said about him and towards him he would not have been successful in breaking the color line. Because if he would have acted out in violent ways, his acts would have given those around him an excuse to act more violently toward him then they already did. Second of all Robinson was able to break the color line, because of the support he received from those around him. When Robinson received racial harassment from opposing teams his teammates saw that Robinson was not going to react and they were very sympathetic towards him (“Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson”). Furthermore Robinson was successful in breaking the color line because he had the support of his teammates. Even though he had a strong character he still needed some people that were on his side and wanted him to be successful. Robinson was successful in breaking the color line shows his impact on history and the fact that he would stand up for his rights and the rights of others.

Jackie Robinson showed he stood up for rights through his work in the army and his involvement with the NAACP. In fact when he was in the army he was told to move to the back of the bus, and he refused to. And when he refused to he was sent to court where he was later acquitted of the charges and received an honorable discharge from the army (“Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson”). The simple act of refusing to move to the back of the bus shows that he had a significant impact on history. In fact by him not moving Robinson showed that he was willing to stand up for what was right, regardless of what backlash he would ultimately face. Besides Robinson’s civil rights work in the army he worked as a chairman on the NAACP (“The Jackie Robinson Foundation; About Jackie Robinson”). By working with the NAACP shows that Robinson wanted to be involved in helping work towards equal right for not only himself, but also he wanted equal rights for those around him. Furthermore working with the NAACP Robinson was able to promote equality among everyone. He also promoted that the racial prejudice going on needed to come to an end. Without a doubt by Robinson standing up for and improving the rights of others he inspired others.

Jackie Robinson was an inspiration to others because he helped integrate sports and he got things started so that it was easier for African Americans to get equal right. To begin with Robinson’s success well integrating baseball helped to put the serious and relevant issue of segregation into the public’s eye (“Robinson affected American society”). This was an inspiration to others, because it showed that one person could make a large impact on a major issue. Also this event was a source of inspiration because Robinson showed people that even if a situation posed challenges the task could still be accomplished. Furthermore Robinson was an inspiration to others because he showed that people could gain rights if they worked at it hard enough. Even though Robinson did not make the nation completely open to African Americans he at least made them a little friendlier and more open (“Jackie changed face of sports). Because Robinson made the nation more open he inspired people to stand up for the rights that they were entitled to. And through integrating sports and making the nation more color friendly he inspired people’s views to change, and with people’s views changed African Americans could do things that they had never done before

Jackie Robinson impacted American history because he changed the lives of the people around him and he helped start the integration of sports. He had a strong character that allowed him to be composed enough to break the major league color line. His character also helped him gain support from his teammates. Second of all Robinson played an active role in helping people realize they could gain rights if they fought for them. And he once said, “The right of every American to first class citizenship is the most important issue of our time” (The Jackie Robinson Foundation About Jackie). Jackie Robinson truly embodied “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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