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The Wealthy barber 332.024/Wea/1992/CALM

A Midsummer nights dream 822.33/P7f/DVD/TC

Twelfth night 822.33Q7b

W. S’s Romeo and Juliet 822.33/U3t/T.copy2 L. DiCaprio & C Danes

Romeo and Juliet 822.33/U3p/ T.C. Zeffirelli 2 copies

Macbeth 822.33/T5c/2003/TC H. Baxendale& J.Connery

A Doll’s house 839.822/Ibs/TC

A Beautiful mind 921/Nas/Nas/2001/TC

Gallipoli 940.3/Gal/DVD

The Last days 940.54/Spi/DVD 2 copies

2001: A Space odyssey 200

The Adventures of Huck Finn Adv

The Affair of the Necklace Aff 2 copies

Age of Innocence Age 2 copies

Alfred Hitchcock’s Pyscho Alf

All Quiet on the western front All

Amadeus Ama

Anthony and Cleopatra Ant

Apollo 13 Apo/DVD

Arsenic and old lace Ars 2 copies

Awakenings Awa/CALM

Back to Everest Bac

Balabok Bal

The Bamboo bush Bam

Becket Bec/TC

Billie Elliot Bil/DVD

Birdman of Alcatraz Bir/TC

The Birds Bir

Black Hawk down Bla

The Long years Bra

Braveheart Bra/DVD 2 copies

Bridge on the river Kwai Bri/DVD

Brokedown Palace Bro/DVD

Boys and Girls Boy

The Long years Bra

The Breakfast club Bre 2 copies

Camelot Cam/TC

Castaway Cas/DVD

Catch me if you can Cat 2 copies

The Chamber Cha

Chocolat Cho/DVD

Citzen Kane Cit/DVD/TC

The Color Purple Col 3 copies

Coma Com

Richard Condie’s family album Con

Congo Con

Heart of Darkness Con

Conspiracy Con/DVD

Cornet at night Cor

The Andromeda strain Cri

Dances with wolves Dan 2 copies

Dead Poet’s society Dea 2 copies

Death of a salesman Dea/TC

Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood Div

Dr. Strangelove: Or how I … Doc/DVD/TC

Doctor Zhivago Doc .

Don Quixote Don/TC

Earthquake Ear

The Elephant man Ele/DVD 2 copies

Emma Emm 2 copies

The Emperor’s club Emp/DVD

The English patient Eng 2 copies

Fahrenheit 451 Fah 2 copies

Fahrenheit 9/11 Fah 2 copies

The Fellowship of the ring Fel

Field of dreams Fie/TC

Finding Forrester Fin

Flight for freedom Fli/TC

For love of the game For

Forrest Gump For 2 copies

Fried green tomatoes Fri 2 copies

Gattica Gat/DVD/TC

Lord of the flies Gol 2 copies

Gorillas in the mist Gor

Gosford Park Gos

The Grapes of Wrath Gra 2 copies

Great escape Gre

Great Expectations(1946) Gre/TC

Great Expectations (1997) Gre 2 copies

Great Expectations (1934)(b&w) Gre 2 copies

The Great Gatsby Gre

The Green mile Gre/DVD

Handel’s last chance Han

The Handmaid’s tale Han 2 copies

Harrison’s flowers Har/DVD

Hart’s war Har

Heart: the Marilyn Bell story Hea/DVD

Hearts in Atlantis Hea

Heavenly creatures Hea/DVD

The Horse whisperer Hor

Hotel Rwanda Hot/DVD 2 copies,1 missing

The Hours Hou/DVD

House of the spirits Hou

How can I tell if I’m really in love How/CALM

Howard’s end How

The Hurricane Hur 2 copies

I know a secret Ikn doubled with David

I know why the caged bird sings Ikn

Into thin air Int/DVD 2 copies

Iris Iri

It’s a wonderful life Its

Jane Eyre Jan/TC

The Joy luck club Joy

The Killing fields Kil 2 copies

The King and I Kin

Lawrence of Arabia Law

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Leg/DVD

Letter from Wingfield farm Let

Life is beautiful Lif

Liszt’s rhapsody Liz

Lonesome dove Lon/TC

The Long walk home Lon/DVD 2 copies

The Longest day Lon

Lord of the flies Lor 2 copies

The Lost boys of Sudan Los/DVD

The Magnificent seven Mag/TC

The Majestic Maj

A Man for all seasons Man 2 copies

The Man who would be king Man

The Matrix Mat

Million Dollar baby Mil/DVD

Les Miserables Mis 2 copies

Music of the heart Mus

My Big fat wedding Myb/DVD

My Cousin Vinny Myc/DVD

Napoleon Dynamite Nap/DVD/TC

Nell Nel/CALM

Not without my daughter Not/DVD

O Brother where art thou? OBr/TC

October Sky Oct 3 copies

The Odyssey Ody

Of mice and men Ofm/TC John Malkovich

Of mice and men Ofm Robert Blake

The Old man and the sea Old 2 copies

On getting screwed Ong/CALM

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest One 2 copies

Ordinary people Ord 2 copies

An ounce of cure Oun

Outbreak Out/DVD/TC

The Outsiders Out

Paradise road Par/DVD

A Passage to India Pas 2 copies

Paul’s case Pau/TC

Pay it forward Pay/TC

Penguins behind bars Pen

Persuasion Per

Phantom of the opera Pha/DVD/TC

The Pianist Pia 2 copies

Pleasantville Ple

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Oval Portrait Poe

The Postman Pos/DVD

Powder Pow/CALM

The Power of one Pow/DVD

The Princess bride Pri

Rainman Rai/DVD

Regarding Henry Reg/DVD

Remains of the day Rem 2 copies

Remember the Titans Rem/CALM

A River runs through it Riv

The Road home Roa

The Rocking horse winner Roc/TC

Roots (set) Roo 2 copies

Rossini’s ghost Ros

Rudy Rud/TC

Saving Private Ryan Sav

The Scarlet Pimpernel Sca 3 vol set (separate)

Schindler’s list Sch 2 copies

The secret of Roan Inish Sec

Sense and sensiblilty Sen 3 copies 1DVD

Shackleton Sha 4 vol set

Shakespeare in love Sha

Miracle at Moreaux Sha

Shirley Temple: Baby take a bow Shi

Shirley Temple: Curly top Shi

Shirley Temple: Heidi Shi

Simon Birch Sim/TC

Snow falling on cedars Sno 2 copies

George and Rosemary Sno

Something wicked comes this way Som/DVD

Sphere Sph

Stand by me Sta

Strauss: the king of ¾ time Str

Summit on ice Sum/DVD

Supersize me Sup/DVD

The Talented Mr. Ripley Tal/DVD 2 copies

10 things I hate about you Ten

The Tender tale of Cinderella Penguin Ten

Tuesdays with Morrie Tue/TC

The Thin red line Thi

A Thousand acres Tho

The Three faces of Eve Thr

Time for mercy Tim/CALM

A Time to kill Tim 2 copies

To Kill a mockingbird ToK 3 copies

To Sir with love ToS

Toys Toy

The Truman show Tru/DVD 2 copies

12 Angry men Twe/DVD 2 copies

Twister Twi/DVD

Unlocking DaVinci’s code Unl/DVD

Cages Van

The War of the worlds War

We were soldiers We

West side story Wes/DVD

Whale Rider Wha/DVD

What’s eating Gilbert Grape Wha/DVD 2 copies,1 missing

White Oleander Whi

The Wizard of Oz Wiz missing

The World according to Garp Wor

Wuthering Heights Wut/DVD 2 copies

King Lear 822.33/T3c/DVD

Bollywood Hollywood Bol/2002/DVD

Born into brothels Bor/2004/DVD/TC

Breaker Morant Bre/1997/DVD

Capote Cap/2006/DVD/TC

China rises: modern China Chi/DVD/TC at circ desk

Crash Cra/2004/DVD/TC

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon Cro/DVD

Dear America Dea/2005/DVD

Fahrenhype 9/11 Fah/2004/DVD

The Glass menagerie Gla/1973/DVD

Heaven and earth Hea/DVD

Hoop dreams Hoo/1995/DVD

In cold blood InC/2004/DVD

Jakob the liar Jak/DVD/TC

Malcolm X Mal/DVD 2 copies

March of the Penguins Mar/2005/DVD 2 copies

Men with brooms Men/2002/DVD

Nuremburg Nur/2000/DVD

Our town Our/Wil/2003

Pearl Harbor Pea/2001

The Sweet hereafter Swe/2004/DVD/TC

Waking life Wak/2002/DVD/TC

Way down town Way/2000/DVD

Young Frankenstein You/1974/DVD

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