Modern World History Mr. Kraft World War I the Great Swine Flu Epidemic of 1918 Directions

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Modern World History

Mr. Kraft
World War I

The Great Swine Flu Epidemic of 1918
Directions: Answer the following questions from the attached reading.

  1. How many people were killed in battle during the last week of October 1918 versus the number killed in America from an influenza outbreak?

  1. List the various places where the influenza outbreak may have originated.

  1. What was burned and how much of it was burned at Fort Riley, Kansas that may have contributed to the influenza outbreak, and what natural occurrence may have helped the spread of the outbreak?

  1. Who was the first known victim afflicted with the maladies?

  1. What was the daily, weekly, and 5-week tally of influenza cases at the beginning of the outbreak at Fort Riley? How many had died?

  1. What role did the 89th and 92nd divisions play in the spreading of influenza?

  1. What Norwegian liner was plagued with influenza, and where did it dock?

  1. Was an influenza outbreak unheard of throughout history? Explain.

  1. How many died of influenza in Boston during the month of October?

  1. What was the influenza death rate of people in Philadelphia on October 6, 1918?

  1. Where is the name of influenza derived from?

  1. What did Congress to do help fight the spread of influenza?

  1. Why was the influenza outbreak humbling and baffling to the medical profession?

  1. How did city leaders respond in their entertainment industries to reduce the spread of influenza? What happened in the cities that did not do this?

  1. How did San Francisco, New York and Chicago deal with the law and the spread of influenza?

  1. List the ways in which Colgate explained through an ad campaign how you could prevent the spread of influenza.

  1. How did the emergency room doctor in Washington insure that he would have room in his ward?

  1. What did Dr. Joseph Corrigan do to help with influenza victims?

  1. How did the Brill Streetcar Company adjust to meet demands?

  1. What were some of the less scientific explanations for the outbreak of influenza?

  1. What animal sickness was similar to influenza?

  1. What were the symptoms and afflictions that accompanied influenza?

  1. By what percentage did pneumonia deaths increase for white men between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four?

  1. What was done with a group of deserters and insubordinates in an effort to find a influenza vaccine?

  1. How did the influenza outbreak produce a shift in policy by Woodrow Wilson of supplying troops to the World War I effort?

  1. What was the children’s song recited by the President?

  1. What was the rumor that had spread through Camp Hancock, New Jersey?

  1. How long did the influenza epidemic last, when did the influenza epidemic come to an end, what was the final death tally in the influenza outbreak compared to the total number of people killed in WWI, and how many Americans died in this epidemic?

  1. What was done in 1951 that offered insight into the influenza epidemic?

  1. Why is the influenza epidemic of 1918 also known as the Swine-Flu epidemic?

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