Modern Fiction Name: Nietzsche and Existentialism – Web Quest

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Modern Fiction Name: ___________________________________

Nietzsche and Existentialism – Web Quest

Instructions: Use the “Nietzsche and Existentialism” PowerPoint on my PowerPoints page to complete the following table in your own words. This counts as a quiz grade; if you copy and paste, you will receive a zero! Be sure to complete the entire table, as we will reference these notes throughout our Tolkien unit and use them as a study guide for the final exam for this unit.

  1. Define “existentialism”:

  1. Based upon the information on slide 2, what do you think “all is relative” means?

  1. Define nihilism:

  1. What’s the difference between passive nihilism and active nihilism?

  1. According to Nietzsche, why do humans feel anxiety?

  1. How does Nietzsche feel about the concepts of “good” and “evil”?

  1. What can save us from the terror of existence, according to Nietzsche?

  1. Why is technology dangerous?

  1. What is the Will to Power?

  1. What is the highest form of the Will to Power?

  1. Describe a Slave Soul. How does this Soul act? Upon what does this Soul depend? What creates Slave Souls?

  1. Describe a Master Soul. How does this Soul act? What motivates this Soul?

  1. What’s the problem with memory, and how can we solve it?

  1. Identify and explain the 3 types of memory, according to Nietzsche.

  1. Explain/Describe the differences between an authentic life and an inauthentic life. Which one do you live? Support!

  1. How can an existentialist lead a happy life?

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