Mississippi Burning Directed by alan parker

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Mississippi Burning

Directed by



Name: __ _________________________________________

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Mississippi Burning – Directed by Alan Parker

Fill in the gaps on the sheet, quoting where possible to support your answers

  1. What ideas about the film’s content do you get from the credits sequence?

  1. What techniques are used to build tension in the scene where the three boys are being chased?

  1. The next sequence introduces the two FBI agents who are arriving to investigate this crime. Note the difference between the two men in terms of:


Age: ____________________________________________________

Experience: _________________________________________________

Clothing: ___________________________________________________

Attitude: ___________________________________________________

  1. Watch the sequence where Ward and Anderson meet the sheriff and his deputy. How do these local officers feel about:

  1. The incident that is being investigated?

  1. The two agents?

  1. The scene in the diner tells us a lot about race relations in Mississippi. What do you learn about?

  1. How the negroes were viewed by the white people

  1. The difference between Ward and Anderson

  1. Explain what happens to Hollis and why

  1. After the incident where a stone is thrown through their window and the Klan leave a burning cross outside, Ward says:

Write down Anderson’s reply, explaining what he fears will happen

  1. When they see the Klan members meeting, each man tries to find out their identities in his own way. Explain how each agent operates

  1. Quote the sheriff’s lines which explain how he and the other whites view the black population.

  1. What does Anderson find out at the beauty parlour?

  1. We see Hollis thrown out of the car on the main street. How do the local Police react



  1. What do they realise when the boys’ car is found?

  1. What is Ward’s immediate reaction?

  1. How does Anderson respond?

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