Minutes of the uucf board of Directors April 15, 2014 Attendance

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Minutes of the UUCF Board of Directors

April 15, 2014

Board: Don Reagan, Janet Cushing, Jennifer Caires, Brett Lovgren, Linda Rothbart, Roger Helm, Hanh Michael, Mary Katherine Morn

Absent: Nigel Astell

Staff: Rich Sider, Eve Stevens, Laura Horton-Ludwig

Guests: Rev. Keith Kron, UUA Ministerial Transitions Office Director, Judy Gallimore, Board nominee

Don opened the meeting at 7:30 pm and Jennifer provided the spiritual opening.

Consent Agenda

The minutes of the April 1 meeting were approved.

Minister’s report

Mary Katherine referred to her email regarding the Program Evaluation Committee’s report and the CT’s recommendation that we hire John Monroe as Acting Minister for Social Justice for 15-20 hours per week. Reach Campaign funds will be utilized for hours over the 10 budgeted in Operating. The Board affirmed the recommendation. Mary Katherine and Martha Ades, Lay Minister for Social Justice, will follow-up with John to confirm the appointment.

Music Director Search

Janet updated the Board on the Music Director search. Over 50 applications were received and 10 have been interviewed by Skype. The search committee has agreed to invite 3 candidates for on-site interviews. The committee hopes to bring a final candidate to the Board for appointment by late May.

Interim Minister Search Process

Keith Kron reported that approximately 250 ministerial positions are in some form of transition each year. Based on his experience, he thinks the two main issues UUCF will deal with in this transition will be grief at Mary Katherine’s departure and surprises along the way about what the new minister will do differently or not do at all.

The interim minister application is due on Thursday and then all openings become available to those in search for an interim position. By Friday, Apr. 25, those is search will let Keith know where they would like to be placed and he will send the UUCF Interim Minister Task Force the list of those interested by Apr. 28. UUCF will have until May 9 to identify the candidates of choice.
The Board needs to decide the length of the interim ministry – either 1 year, 18 months, or 2 years. Two years is the most common length but there are pros and cons of all time periods. The Board discussed a number of questions regarding timing and the interim and settled minister search processes. Search committees for settled ministers are elected and the Board discussed various methods for selecting the slate of search committee candidates.
Keith indicated that the Interim Minister Task Force is normally three people selected by the Board to review the list of applicants and their materials according to the schedule described above. Each Board member will send to Don three names of people to serve on the Task Force by tomorrow. The top three names will serve as the Task Force.
The Board discussed the Interim Application with Keith and he made a few suggestions. Rich will revise the application based on the feedback and will circulate another draft tomorrow. The application must be submitted by Thursday.
Next Meeting

The next meeting will be April 29 – an extra meeting to continue transition planning and to catch up on regular business.

The Board adjourned at 9:35 pm.

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