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RC-2020, Inc.

F’14 Business Meeting

October 11, 2014

Belfast Metropolitan College, Northern Ireland


CEOs Attending:

Bruce Leslie (Chair), Armajit Basi, Cynthia Bioteau, Rufus Glasper, Cesar Maldonado, Frank McLoughlin, Marie-Therese McGivern, Dennis Michaelis, John Morton, Eduardo Padron, David Riordan, Paul Sechrist, Mary Thornley, Art Tyler and Marie-Therese McGivern

President’s Report – Bruce Leslie

Bruce called the meeting to order at 9:10a.m. and welcomed first-time attendee Cesar Maldonado, CEO of Houston Community College District. He explained a previous decision concerning cancelled hotel room reservations that result in an attrition charge to the association would be charged back to the cancelling CEO.

The RC-2020 website anis being redesigned by Elevations, a company specializing in non-profit associations. Original photos (not stock) will be included in website along with college descriptions.

ACTION: A motion was made by Art Tyler, and seconded by Amarjit Basi, to approve the March 15, 2014 meeting minutes. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report – John Morton

John referred to the Financial Report noting a total of $172,767.18 in cash assets. He reported the association has at least twelve months of working revenue thanks to the support of members and sponsors. He also reviewed the proposed budget for FY ’15 (January 1-December 31), which he anticipates will net approximately $8,000 in revenue over expenses.

ACTION: John Morton moved to approve the Financial Report and 2015 Budget as submitted. Frank McLoughlin seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.
Membership Report – Paul Sechrist

Paul summarized his written report noting the number of current members is at thirty-two, and if all invitations are accepted, the maximum number of members will be achieved.

• Dr. Leigh Goodson, the new CEO at Tulsa Community College and Dr. Deneece Huftalin (the new President at Salt Lake Community College) have agreed to continue membership.

• Dr. Donald Generals (the new CEO at the Community College of Philadelphia) and Dr. Vicki Martin (the new President at Milwaukee Area Technical College) are being encouraged to remain as members.

• Dr. Michael Burke (previous CEO at Milwaukee CC) requested membership status for Riverside Community College (California).

• The CEOs of the British Institute of Technology in Vancouver and Dallas Community College were invited to this meeting but unable to attend.

ACTION: Paul Sechrist moved to add Riverside Community College to RC-2020’s membership. Eduardo Padron seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Since Dr. Burke has been a regular participant, the requirement to attend a meeting before becoming a member is waived.

ACTION: Paul Sechrist moved to reaffirm the earlier decision to extend invitations to the CEOs of the British Columbia Institute of Technology and the Dallas Community College District to attend the next RC-2020 Roundtable and Meeting and to consider membership. Mary Thornley seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

ACTION: Paul Sechrist moved to extend an invitation to Steve Curtis to become an Emeritus member of RC-2020. Rufus Glasper seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

• Paul asked attendees to check the Member Roster and note any corrections.
Operations Report – Janet Beauchamp (for Katherine Boswell)

Janet conveyed Katherine’s greetings and her regrets for not being able to attend because of a recent injury. The major projects underway are:

• Katherine will contact members for a public information contact who can provide photos and a brief description of institutions for the RC-2020.org website. The site will have the flexibility to change focus to align with emerging issues and the ability to include international components to represent a global unity. Additionally, each college will have a profile on the site, allowing a college/district to highlight a specific theme and/or mission. She plans to have this project completed by the end of November.

• Katherine is also working on incorporating changes to the RC-2020 Bylaws after they have been approved by members. Her goal is to send the final version by the end of the year.

• Hotel contracts for the Spring and Fall (2015 Roundtable and Meetings have been negotiated and signed. The programs are being developed. More information will follow.
Future Meetings:

• The Spring 2015 Meeting will be held in Jacksonville, Florida on March

25-29. Cynthia will host the meeting at Florida State College. Members confirmed their support for an “Information Technology” meeting theme.

• The Fall 2015 Meeting will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 7-11. This will be in conjunction with the International Balloon Festival. Hotel reservations should be made early because this event is a major attraction.

• Art Tyler offered to host the Spring 2016 Meeting in San Francisco, California. The date is TBD.
Old Business:

Bylaws – Bruce Leslie

• Attendees reviewed and recommended changes for the RC-2020 Bylaws (attached) that guide the associations policies and procedures. After the full membership has responded to these changes, they will be revised as approved and sent to an attorney for a final review from a legal perspective. The new version will then be sent to members.

• The recommendation of the Steering Team (aka: “Executive Committee”) is to retain the original legal name of “RC-2000” for IRS identification and to continue to operate as with a dba (“doing business as”) RC-2020, which will continue to be used on the website, in documents and on checks. Art Tyler suggested considering a new name that would be more long lasting (i.e., “Renewal and Change”). This will be discussed at a future meeting.

• The Steering Team suggested two Articles in the Bylaws be changed immediately to allow members to vote electronically.

ACTION: Cynthia moved to revise Article 2, Section 6 and Article 3, Section 15. Eduardo Padron seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Sponsorships – Rufus Glasper

• Rufus reviewed the Budget and Financial Statement noting the Budget for each meeting next year is $50K and that there will be an anticipated $13K shortfall. The Sponsorship Committee considered ways to enrich and expand sponsorship activities. “General” sponsorships of $10K (i.e., Veridis for this meeting) are a major support. General sponsor representatives are given access to all social events and tours and, for this meeting, Felix Ortiz with Veridis was allowed nearly an hour of private time to present and interact with CEOs. Felix was pleased with the time and attention given him and his company.

• A discussion pursued on the possible intrusion on CEO discussion time by including a General Sponsor representative at all social events. Rufus noted that a business representative has never attended all social events. Bruce asked members to send their reactions and ideas to Rufus for Committee consideration and further discussion at the next meeting.
New Business:

Officers – Bruce Leslie

Bruce explained the change in leadership beginning in January as Cynthia Bioteau begins her two-year term as President and he submitted nominations for officer openings. These have two-year terms also beginning on January 1, 2015:

~ Marie-Therese McGivern for the position of Vice President/President Elect

~ John Morton for the position of Treasurer

ACTION: Eduardo Padron moved to accept the nominations as presented. Frank McLoughlin seconded the motion. Motion passed by a unanimous voice vote.

Committee Chairs – Bruce Leslie

Bruce announced that he and incoming President Cynthia Bioteau have selected these standing Committee Chairs to serve concurrent with President Bioteau’s term:

~ Membership Committee Chair – Brian King

~ Nominating Committee Chair – Paul Sechrist


Following a review of the Bylaws, the meeting adjourned at 11:30a.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Janet Beauchamp

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