Midterm Review – Practice Midterm Friday, February 1st

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Midterm Review – Practice Midterm Friday, February 1stAll Classes

Multiple Choice and fill in – approximately 50 questions
You will need to be familiar with a large amount of material (from page one in your Interactive Notebooks through page 26 – Louisiana Purchase) It would be wise to begin getting reacquainted with the material as soon as possible – like, today.
Here is a list of questions that will help guide you in your studying of the material:
What was “The Enlightenment”?
Who are the 2 main contributors to the Enlightenment we spoke of in class?
How is their influence felt in the Declaration of Independence?
What is the purpose or intent of the Declaration of Independence?
Why was signing the Declaration dangerous?
What are unalienable rights?
What are “the train of abuses”?
What are the Articles of Confederation?
Describe the type of government set up under the Articles (federal govt. vs.

State govt.)

Why were the Articles of Confederation set up to support a strong state govt?

What are the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? (Be specific when describing – THERE WILL BE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS!)

What was the impact of Shay’s Rebellion on the Articles of Confederation?
Understand the Virginia and New Jersey Plans and what they called for regarding federal and state government.
Understand the Great Compromise and its impact on how the new American government was formed. (Legislative power and separation of powers)
Understand the details of the 3/5 Compromise and its impact on American Legislature.

Have a solid understanding of the three branches of US Government

What are the responsibilities of each branch?
Know which branch is associated with Articles I, II and III of the Constitution
Understand why the Constitution was written – (Why did they need a

New written plan for how the government will work?)

Who were the Federalists and what were their political beliefs?
Who were the Anti-Federalists and what were their political beliefs?
What is the Bill Of Rights?
Understand the Rights covered in the Bill of Rights and why they are a part of the Constitution.
What is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
What problems does the Northwest Ordinance address?
Describe the Judiciary Act of 1789.
Describe how rural and urban populations feel about government during the presidency of George Washington.
Describe the plan of Alexander Hamilton for the US Economy during Washington’s presidency.

How did Hamilton solve the issues that the South had with his financial plan?

Describe Hamilton’s views of government contrasted with Jefferson’s plans.

What are their main differences (government and economics)

Be prepared to describe loose vs. strict interpretation of the Constitution and who supported each (Federalists/Democratic-Republicans)
Who were the Democratic-Republicans and what did they stand for?
John Adams Presidency (Jefferson as VP)
Describe the XYZ Affair
Describe the Alien and Sedition Acts
Understand Nullification (who supported this idea and why?)

What are the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions – Do they support nullification?

Understand Jefferson’s policies of government

What did he do about Alien and Sedition Acts?

How did he save government money?
Marbury v. Madison
Understand the issues that were brought up in this Supreme Court Case – what is it about?
Why is this such an important case in American Government history? – You must understand this!!
Louisiana Purchase

Where did this territory come from?

Why were the owners willing to sell?
How Much did it cost?
Why is this such a big deal??
How does this issue relate to slavery issue?

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