Midterm Report One of My Favorite People in the Trojan War- hector

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Midterm Report

One of My Favorite People in the Trojan War- Hector



班 級 :應英二A

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姓 名 :邱美枝
The heroes of the Trojan War, I like Hector- Trojan prince. The great war between Greek and Troy was provoked by the human ignorance and avarice knows no bounds of Gods. The Greek army invaded Troy. Trojan King Priam and Queen Hecuba had many brave sons to lead the attack and to defend the walls. Hector was the noblest and bravest warrior. As the story of The Trojan War wrote: Greek hero Achilles had been told by his mother: Very brief is you lot. Would that you could be fee now from tears and troubles, for you shall not long endure, my child, short-lived beyond all men and to be pitied. No divinity had told Hector, but he was equally sure. “ I know well in my heart and in my soul”, he say to his wife, “ the day shall come when holy Troy will be laid low and Priam and Priam’s people.” Both heroes fought under the shadow of certain death.

Though the Greek hero Achilles and Troy hero Hector knew their will die in this war, they face their fate. I think Hector and Achilles were tragic heroes. They did what they have to do as a warrior and they were emotionalist. Before Hector want back to the battle, his wife asked him to stay. Hector said to his wife he could not be a coward. Hector fight always in the forefront of the battle. He knew his wife will be very sorrowful. He still went back to battle although he was very concerned about her. Finally Hector killed Patroclus who a friend of Achilles, and in revenge Achilles killed Hector. Achilles then drove his chariot around the walls of Troy, dragging Hector's body behind him. Priam finally begged his son's body from Achilles. The Trojans, mourning, burned Hector's body, and buried his ashes. When the fighting resumed, Troy fell to the Greeks.

The Trojan War was cause by Paris- Trojan prince and Helen-the fairest woman in the world, but it was arranged by Gods of Olympus. I think, in this war every one was loser. They lost to Gods arrangement. How can human resist to fate that was arranged by Gods? The answer is no one. So Hector and Achilles are heroes of tragic. They face to their fate and died a hero's death. That why Hector and Achilles both are the first Heroes of The Trojan War.

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