Middle Ages Projects Due Date: October 11

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Middle Ages Projects

Due Date: October 11th

Please select one of the following projects to complete for our Middle Ages unit. All research should be typed/written in a one-page report.

  1. Research a character of the middle ages and see what they would wear on a typical day. Make the outfit to wear to school.

Ex. king, jester, herald, baker, peasant, etc.

  1. Research entertainment during the Middle Ages and be an entertainer for the day.

Ex. Tell a story, do a puppet show, juggle or perform magic, etc.

  1. Copy a poem using calligraphy and illuminated letters.

  1. Research where the commoners would live and make a diorama scene of a medieval village.

  1. Research castles and construct a model of a castle.

  1. Make and test a model of a medieval attack or defense method. Explain the purpose and evaluate its effectiveness. Ex. Siege tower, trebuchet, catapult, etc.

  1. Research games of the middle ages. Teach the class to play one of the games. Ex. Chess, Nine Man’s Morris

  1. Research a mythical creature found in medieval stories and create a scrapbook of information and pictures.

Ex. Dragons, unicorns, gargoyles, etc.

  1. Research different topics of the Middle Ages and create a travel brochure.

Ex. Geography, homes, food, people, etc.

  1. Choose your own project. Research the Middle Ages and find a topic that interests you that is not listed above. Decide on a product and get it approved by your teacher.



Please return the bottom portion by Monday, September 20th.

I, __________________________________, will be completing the following project for the Middle Ages:

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