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Dear Reader,

Many people on earth, in their ignorance, doubt the continuance of life after death in the invisible cosmos. You often hear people saying "Let us enjoy life while it lasts, for tomorrow we may be dead" — or "Let us take the opportunity while we are young, when we are old we no longer can", or "We live only once", etc. These words cause very poor vibrations in the world of evolved spirits. The spoken as well as the written words have their vibrations. Also every line and every form — on paper, in space or elsewhere — vibrate a force which stimulates certain feelings which, for a primitive spirit reincarnated in a human body, are hard to resist. There might be only one low human spirit, telling some primitive people: "Enjoy your life now, death is the end of all". Many would be fascinated by such words, and the magnetic radiation of the earth works on the vibrations of the physical body. He would feel this remark to be true and let himself go and indulge in all kinds of excesses. Why do only a few people believe in the continuance of life in the cosmos? Everything existing: the minerals, plants, animals, human beings — everything is evidence of life; there are forces which can never be destroyed and these forces grow stronger and stronger with the progress of evolution, from mineral on to human being. There is — after all — not only a Voice from Heaven to proclaim this truth to be decreed over and over again, from generation to generation, so that nobody need be ignorant of it — science confirms it by experimental tests, supported by theories, but also by irrefutable formulae and analysis of matter. The smallest known element of matter is the atom. The atom consists of electrons. But it is no more possible to call electrons "matter"; electrons cling together and form a solid whole — the atom. Atoms, too, cling together and form a solid whole — the molecule. Molecules again cling together and form a solid whole. There exist forces which permeate everything — a magnetic field, which is not of earthly material, but originates from the cosmos — a power which attracts and retains. Science has also established the fact that there are actually two forces: not only the power of attraction, but also the power of repulsion. Take, for example, the electric current: two negative poles repulse each other — two positive ones as well, but a positive attracts a negative one and a negative pole attracts a positive one. The smallest mineral particles are charged either positive or negative. Each positive charge attracts a negative one and each negative charge attracts a positive one. Thus they cling together by a force that is not of this earth, but of the cosmos — invisible and indestructible. In the world of plants: is not each plant, each flower, each leaf and each fruit composed of cells which are kept together by an invisible power? Is not every plant a whole — and is there not a magnetic, vibrating, cosmic, invisible force which keeps it a whole. Animals and human beings: are not they too, composed of cells which cling together? which stipulate a positive and a negative radiation? Whether mineral, plant, animal or human being, everything has — as an entity — a positive or a negative polarization. Certain minerals cannot be mixed because both might be either positive or negative. Certain animals, even of the same type, are adverse to each other because they have the same polarity. They avoid each other or they fight each other. But if the one be positive and the other negative — sex has nothing to do with it — they will be friends. It is the same with human beings: opposites attract each other, equality repulses. Do not think now that "negative" for a human being means that somebody is always contradictory and bad tempered, whereas "positive" means some- body who is always good natured and amiable. Oh, no. There are "people of good will" among positive or negatively adjusted people as well as "people of bad intentions". Positive or negative polarizations are cosmic, indestructible radiations, which are immortal and belong to the cosmic rays.

Test with one of the few means which are accessible on earth — whether two people who wish to marry have positive or negative polarity. If both of them have the same polarity, their convictions and tastes will clash. If they marry, their marriage will be unsatisfactory and sooner or later will break up. For what reason? They have the same type of radiation, therefore they repulse each other. That is the only possible explanation to give. Is there a sure way to establish whether a person has a positive or a negative radiation? Yes, by radiesthesia. The pendulum will show there is another cosmic ray to which the pendulum reacts and answers the question you ask. But, alas, not everybody is able to use a pendulum or a divining rod. Many people consider it to be "black magic" and there are even people who condemn, from ignorance, this "science in the service of the Lord". There is only one way out — if two people wish to marry they should be careful and not be too hasty or be influenced by worldly reasons such as money, good salary, physical beauty social position or smart dresses. Many a man marries a pretty dress or a pretty girl without knowing the kind of spirit in this pretty body. Many a girl marries a breadwinner, or money or a social position, but not a comrade for life. Nothing is more fatal than to act in too great a hurry. There must be harmony between two spirits and not only worldly advantages between the two people concerned. Harmony between two people is only possible when there is mutual spiritual love and when this mutual spiritual love is valued far higher than worldly bodily desire or other advantages. True love comes into being only between two people of opposite polarity. Just as two electric poles result in a current to light a lamp or to keep a whole factory going, so between two people of opposite polarity — the electric spark in them awakens feelings of true ideal love, the feeling of belonging to each other in spiritual understanding. This power roused is the origin of their happiness on earth, of their spiritual love here and in the cosmos. Subconsciously they understand that life continues after the death of the human body, because the force which caused their knowledge is the result of their mutual harmonious radiation, and this force is not of the earth or physical, but is an invisible, indestructible, immortal force which — after the death of the body — remains to live in all Eternity. The Atom of God, which permeates everything existing, is the .source out of which it all originated—be thankful to the Lord God for that.

Dear Reader,

If you carefully consider the views on life expressed in these messages, you will realise that the term "evolution" has spiritual value. The human spirit has received the Divine Grace to raise his evolution in each of his reincarnations and thus to reach a higher grade of wisdom, love and perfection. You have previously received an explanation of the saying of Jesus: "In my Father's House are many mansions", which actually means: "In the infinite cosmos are many spheres of life". You have also been told that: "Life on earth is the mirror of life of the discarnated spirits in the cosmos". On earth, as in the cosmos, there are many spheres of life — people of different evolutions live there:

1. the primitive spirits which live their first incarnation in a human body,

2. spirits which have already passed through several incarnations, but which still choose the road of evil,

3. spirits which did wrong, but want to overcome the evil by repentance, atonement and improvement,

4. spirits of very evil inclinations during their last incarnation, they persisted in the evil and were not prepared to purify,

5. spirits which are prepared to purify and to climb up, which seek wisdom and try to develop love and goodness,

6. spirits which reincarnate in a human body to proclaim the Laws of God and which — by their exemplary life — will show less evolved human spirits the road to liberation. There are people on earth who look for war and rebellion, and there are others who radiate Peace and Love. There are those who only look for material welfare and the pleasures of their physical body — and others who are more concerned about their spiritual evolution than for the physical aspect. People who want to conquer the world by force and to suppress every individual thought — and again others who value and respect every individual opinion, notwithstanding their own personal conviction. There are those who desire to dominate and lord over their fellow-creatures — and others who just submit and drift with the multitude. Those who have to suffer on account of those who never think of the comfort of their neighbour, but are only anxious to satisfy their own personal greed and passions. The true leader is not he, who by intrigues, wrong politics and false axioms will handle affairs — not he, who only looks at things from a material aspect — or the naive idealist either. The true leader is not necessarily a financier or an industrialist or "a man of the people" — neither need he be a dictator nor a weakling. From whatever sphere a leader of people hails, whether from the aristocracy, from the populace, from finance or industry, first and always he must be a human spirit of high evolution. He must have accumulated a large amount of experiences, must know his people. must not be prejudiced against one part of the population to the advantage of the other. He must meet the interest of capitalism, but also that of the people. He must be developed all round — must lead the people in material as well as in spiritual concerns. He must be gentle in his actions — but also firm if the necessity arises. He must be a good father as well as a righteous, equitable judge. It is not a pleasant role to be a leader. He will meet with many a stone and many a trap prepared for him. Primitive and low deceivers will cross his path and make his life difficult. There is always the risk of wrong criticism. People who care nothing for spiritual life and for evolution will ever make new claims which cannot always be accepted. Irresponsible elements will try to seize power, to gain ruler ship. Disloyal people will crowd around him and adopt a threatening attitude. The leader's goodwill to keep the peace by kindness and understanding will be wrecked. He will experience that good and evil form separate fronts, and that even his friends — looking for profits — change to the adverse side, that he can really rely on only a small number of unselfish supporters. Others will form a front and accept some of his theories but reject the rest. Struggle, anxiety and sorrow are there for him, who as leader, desires to serve his people in an unselfish way. And still, he is on the right track — his spirit only needs strength to persevere. The wisdom he gained in successive reincarnations, the experience he gained in this incarnation, his goodness, his veracity. Iris feeling for responsibility, his love for his work and his people. His unselfishness, have made him a rational idealist, who takes his time allowing truth to triumph in the end. The true leader is the mirror of the Highest Leader of (be? human spirit, of GOD. On the Throne of Eternity, the Almighty Father directs with His Wisdom, His Love and His Compassion for the fruit of His Creation: the human spirit. He sees, by the Vibrations of His Creation, the hard and difficult pilgrimage of His Children. This pilgrimage includes not only the human spirits of this small planet, called earth — includes not only the reincarnated spirits on other planets of your solar system — incorporates uncountable solar systems with their planets and satellites, where spirits live, reincarnated in physical bodies, which slowly climb the ladder of evolution. It includes also all kinds of material matter, with which they render each other's short incarnations unendurable and which allow them — only gradually, after many reincarnations — to listen to the Voice of God, their True Leader. And with spiritual evolution — repeatedly returning to earth, living always among new generations, will they proclaim the Name of their Highest Leader — GOD — as they try to show reincarnated human spirits the road to wisdom, love and goodness — the path which leads them to Eternal Bliss. Meditate now and then on the path which a good leader — the true leader — has to go among the human beings — meditate on the difficulties connected with this path — meditate on Him, Who is the Creator and Master over uncountable solar-systems. planets and satellites, where human spirits reincarnate, people who seek the Light Eternal — an Atom of which lives in everyone.

Dear Reader,

Discord is not only sown in communities, but definitely also between intellectual people, philosophers, theosophists and even spiritualists — to lead them into darkness, to create misunderstanding and to spread wrong ideas about certain views. It originates from low spirits, spirits without evolution. Few people meditate on disputable questions and few wait for the subconscious mind to lift the veil from their eyes. Their answer is chiefly intuitive and without argumentary proof. Unaware they increase the existing chaos. Once they arrive at some conclusion, they cling to it and even try, if necessary, to use their false axioms in proclaiming falsehood to be a truth. A person appreciates his prestige as human being, but ever so often he degrades his spirit. For instance, the word "mysticism" is one of many which is understood quite wrongly by most people. Few dictionaries give the exact meaning of this word. The few which actually do so, give the following explanation: "Mysticism is the doctrine or belief that Knowledge of God and of Spiritual Truths can be acquired by direct influence or by spontaneous enlightenment, different from the usual way of conception by sense-organs or by consideration". Some people explain mysticism as something mysterious or occult — others maintain that a mystic is somebody who prays excessively — whilst others perceive church ceremonials as being "mystical". Actually mysticism is a daily realization and has nothing to do with mystery or occultism, or with excessive praying or church ceremonies. Mysticism is the belief in God, the Supreme All Highest Being — it is a doctrine and a belief; mystic philosophy, however, is not acquired from books or from church services or ceremonies. Books and church services can only plant seeds in the souls of men, to ripen into mysticism. The reincarnated human spirit accepts merely conditionally what he has been taught of Divine Knowledge and Spiritual Truths. However, he completely accepts the Mystic Philosophy as the still small voice, which speaks in everybody, to give him the conviction and the faith that everything that he has heard about God — everything he has been told about mystic philosophy, is right and true. Thus the seed that has been planted in his soul has grown into a plant and starts to bear fruit. The still small voice rooted in man grows deeper and deeper, takes a firm hold and always gives an answer to a question which is asked. And if it has not been asked anything, it will commune about many questions: the "Supreme Being", the Creator of the Universe" and the human spirit — the Father of All and of all Life". This small voice talks especially about mysticism and morale. According to a person's increasing faith and conviction, these instructions grow more and more important and take an even higher course. They include man as physical being and as spirit — the material earth and the cosmos — the universe with its innumerable solar-systems, planets and satellites. They include the Duality of the human being: the physical body and the spirit — the temptation of the physical body for earthly pleasures and the longing of the spirit, to fulfil its mission on earth. They include the suffering and the strife which the spirit has to undergo during life on earth — the spiritual suffering to comply with the task of counterbalancing the evil done in former incarnations and in this one — the process of purification to expel the vibrations of evil — he struggle against the evil which is hindering this purification and rising — the will to reform and to unfold — to overcome hate and vindictiveness and to develop love and compassion. And especially they include the wish to give the reincarnated human spirit the conviction that life goes on after the death of the physical body — to show it the path to gain wisdom, wisdom through experience, which is the path to the Light of God, for the Essence of God's Wisdom — to imprint Love. Trustworthiness. Honesty, which comes from wisdom — to show him how to live to be able to enter Eternal Life as a purified spirit, able to rejoice in the Bliss of the Light of God's Wisdom. Mysticism is the completed ladder to rising, purification and evolution. It is the road from primitive beliefs to the Highest Degree of Faith and Conviction — to obey the Laws of God, the Laws of the Cosmos, the Laws of Creation, of Karma, of Purification of the Unfolding of the Human Spirit — and lastly: the firm belief in Eternal Spiritual Bliss — is the Receptivity for Initiation of the Small Inner Voice from the Cosmos. Do not let confusion remain in you any longer — do not let false axioms and false schemes, which are instigated by the destroying forces of the underworld, take root in you—but work to build up the future. Let the darkness, which surrounds you, dissolve before the Light of Wisdom. Travel the path of Love, Truth, Honesty and Compassion. Listen with devotion to this still small voice always whispering in you, which is not the voice of your human mind, but the voice of your own spirit or of your guide, of your Leader — or your Protecting Spirit. This is the "Voice of your Conscience". Listen to this voice and do not wait for another voice, which tries to influence you to do evil and to neglect the voice of your conscience. The more you listen to the good voice, the stronger will it sound, the more shall you be influenced, the shorter will be the path to your own purification and evolution, your road to Eternal Bliss. Let ignorant and uninitiated people — those, who sow the seeds of discord and misunderstanding of the deeper meaning of mysticism and mystic into God's Garden — sow their weeds. They are also seeking the path which more advanced spirits have already traveled. The time will come, when they, too, will seek Truth and Wisdom and then they, too, will be gardeners in God's Garden, when they, too, will be of good intentions. The time will also come when God will collect His Harvest, when the weeds will be destroyed, and on the threshing floor the corn is separated from the chaff — just as is done on Doomsday — when the good spirits will be separated from the bad and the "Gates of Eternity" as well as the "Gates of Destruction" will be opened.

Dear Reader,

You have already been told about things which bring discord among people. The human language is so incomplete that a word is not always available to give the distinct meaning or a picture of the thought expressed. To understand the true meaning of a word. a person must learn to grasp it with his spiritual reason, not with his human mind only. And if he is not well developed psychically, he should not be ashamed to ask exactly what the correct meaning is. The language of primitive people incorporates many words of different meaning because primitive language is rather poor of words, just as primitive people are devoid of deep and good thoughts. The language used by civilized and learned people is more exact in expression of the correct meaning of words, but simple people and those who are not linguists, do not understand the deeper meaning of certain words and regard many words as synonyms, although a synonym always expresses a difference in meaning. If everyone could be able to grasp spiritually a picture of the real meaning which a person desires to express in his spoken word, his thought — the language could be very poor of words and no synonyms would be necessary. The spiritual picture stands clearer and more perfect in space than the spoken word. As an example, let us analyze the words "Love and Compassion", and further, "Admiration, Beauty and Aestheticism". Love is like a multi-faceted diamond, although a feeling of sympathy is always present. Love may well include physical desire. But love also expresses a spiritual condition, which excludes all earthly wishes. The first is a condition of material love and a demand for possession, the second is an inward veneration, a submission, a complete unselfish surrender, which will result in deep devotion and sacrifice. Love of God, which makes a man a mystic, can cause such a state. Is compassion the same? No. A compassionate person is one who is charitable. To reach this condition, one must have developed Love, love for one's neighbour. Compassion, too, has several aspects which may be called material and moral compassion. Material compassion is expressed by giving alms to the poor and to needy people, by building nursing homes, orphanages and old age homes. Moral compassion means that people try to give spiritual support to the poor, the sick, the crippled, to orphans, widows and old people. Without love you cannot bring either material or spiritual help and charity to others — and without a feeling of compassion you cannot feel love. What would happen if the Love of God, which is poured out over all reincarnated spirits, did not include compassion? In this sense, "Love of God" has produced a spiritual picture, which does not only express Love, but includes compassion and also a picture of forgiveness for evil, committed during periods of primitiveness and ignorance, wherein the human spirit lives and lived. How strongly do words and synonyms change in meaning if they are analyzed either with the human brain or perceived as a picture with the spiritual eyes. The whole life on earth would get a different aspect, if people understood one another better and misunderstandings were done away with. How strongly would the prospects of life on earth change if people considered the meaning of these words: "Admiration, Aestheticism and Ecstasy" in their spiritual aspect. These words may be compared with the earthly grammatical degrees of comparison: beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful. Admiration is the expression of a transitory condition — but still, there is admiration for things physical and material, or for things spiritual. You admire a human being, an animal or anything else for the beauty of their form, colour, etc. And you admire a flower for its fragrance — but you will admire a musical composition for its theme — a person for his character, his piety, his mysticism, his sacrifice, his heroism, etc. The first type of admiration is material; the second is spiritual. Admiration is just a superficial, passing feeling, which does not remain permanent for life. Aestheticism is a condition of higher admiration, expressed by lines, forms, colors, tunes, etc. An aesthetic feeling arises from a condition, wherein a person gives expression to great admiration. It is a concentration of a spiritual feeling and of human intelligence which locates in the mind. There is no difference between spiritual and material feelings — both are condensed into one. A sculptor first creates an image of his statue in space. He sees his creation with his spiritual eyes. This creation stands there in space and he observes it with his spiritual eyes. He modulates it and looks for the centre of gravity which is necessary. He harmonizes lines, forms and expressions of the whole. His spiritual creation is now clear before him to give it its material form. Spirit and human mind work together for the realization of an ideal: a work of art. The artist stands with one foot on earth and with the other foot in the spiritworld. He might be obstinate and maintain that he stands with both his feet on this earth, but actually he is unaware that several times during his work he has been out of his human understanding and melted to a unity with the spiritworld. Visualizing the form of his creation in space is a spiritual condition. To convert this spiritual creation into a sculpture of earthly material is both material and spiritual — but the innermost contents, the intention as well as the love, with which the artist produced his work of art, are spiritual. In the expression of vision, of lines and forms and in the love which cling indestructibly to his creation, lives an atom of his soul. This clings to it as spiritual radiation and influences the visitors, who look at it and who feel these vibrations. An aesthetic feeling is raised in the onlooker — a feeling which is not passing but rests with him for life. It remains in his subconscious mind, from where it will rise as a lovely remembrance. This is Aestheticism. Ecstasy is the higher grade of aestheticism. If aestheticism permits the human spirit to work together with its human intelligence, to create a feeling whereby the person is standing with one foot on earth and with the other in the cosmos — then ecstasy is a condition wherein the human intelligence retreats to the background and the spirit comes to the fore. There is no question now of thinking or meditating and to plan with one's human brain how to proceed, ft is the spirit now which does the work, having turned from admiration to aestheticism and further to ecstasy. Then man no longer stands with both feet or with one foot on earth. He is — unawares — in a trance, wherein he works automatically, not clearly knowing what he is doing. His spirit has left his body and another spirit, stronger than his own, has entered to do the work — as he wanted it done. The human being is well able to stand before his own creation in so deep an aesthetic devotion as to reach a state of trance, where only his spirit is the judge of what he sees. Ecstasy is the Highest Grade of Rapture which a human being is able to reach. The origin of admiration, aestheticism and ecstasy is Love — love that starts by radiating from material things, develops to things spiritual and terminates at the goal of its vocation: GOD. In a trance, a spirit worthy of this experience, is able to reach God Himself — the Divine Father in Heaven — because this spirit will

leave the body and — borne by love and compassion — blend with the rays of wisdom, where this state of ecstasy will condense and thus blend with the Light of God. Ecstasy is the departing of the human spirit from the body, dissolving the influence of the human intelligence and leaving work and deed only to the spirit. But discord between people is not yet dissolved. Misunderstanding and giving a wrong meaning to certain words are sufficient reasons for the rising of discord between people. Therefore, learn to understand the synonyms of earthly languages, analyze them with your spiritual eyes. The image, which is built in space by the radiation of your thoughts, is the true meaning which this word should stand for — because it is the radiation of your thoughts and not of your words. Meanwhile pray that better and better understanding will ensue among peoples on earth, that Peace through Love will reign, and that each will find the path to wisdom, which is the road to God and to Eternal Bliss.

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