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path of life. All was strange and benighted in the beginning, But soon Your Light of

Wisdom dispersed much of the gloom. Now I know many things, understanding their

causes and effects, And know also, that more revelations await me. There is never

stagnation on the road to perception — Wisdom knows no end and Eternity is Infinite.

I do understand, there are many spheres in the cosmos, and that the advanced spirit

leaves its sphere of evolution to rise to the next one, on a higher standard — to

acquire there new truths and collect deeper wisdom. On earth as well as in the

infinite cosmos Are ascending spheres of spiritual perfection. And there is — in

reality — no difference between cosmic — and evolutionary spheres. s a spirit

perfects, it evolves and appertains to a higher sphere in the cosmos; it leaves its

friends and its relations, who cannot as yet follow to higher perfection. Have I

left many human spirits in this life? Or have they left me? the spiritual union

never once failed, disloyalty never betrayed our love. But an unseen force — some

vague influence made us differ in feelings, in thoughts and in deeds; and each of us

climbed diverse crests, but not one could fathom the causes and effects. Now I

understand and I feel and consider, that earthly perceptions and ideologies are ever

more adverse to my own deep convictions, and that I withstand life on earth more and

more. I do not feel at home on earth any longer, It seems, I belong to another

sphere — a spiritual sphere with more love among people, where brotherly love is

always active. A sphere, where I collect more wisdom, Where new truths will be

revealed to me, Where feelings of hate and vengeance are unknown, and all are linked

in a great brotherhood. How few spirits on this low planet earth come to me, to

share my views and convictions — few people feel in harmony with higher ideals — most

of them cling to the earth with its physical pleasures. Give me the strength and the

courage — my Father — to fulfill my mission on earth to the end. I do not feel at

home here, new horizons have opened, my body is aging and my spirit is weary.

Let my summons —guided by High Spirits — never end like a voice in the wilderness,

but let the few people, who care to listen, follow the path to new spheres in the

cosmos, Let them understand that the call from beyond are Your Impressions, Your

Thoughts, Your Wishes and Will; Let them continue my work and my mission In coming

generations and new reincarnations. Let them choose the path of submission and

service, Let them exhibit cleansing, perfection and evolution to their followers;

Let them proclaim Your Love, Your Charity and Your Compassion, And reveal to them

Your Wisdom and Your Wise Eternal Laws.



I have wavered so long between spiritual and material solicitudes, 0 Father, now

I have found comprehension. I am no more interested in any materialistic affairs.

I realize: it is needless to care about riches and pile up possessions; eventually

they remain on earth, A spirit may only take spiritual views and impressions to the

cosmos, after the death of the body. And should not the remembrance of my earthly

possessions fill me with sorrow, once I live in the cosmos? Would not this

remembrance disturb my peace, make me sad and full of grief, when I realize that my

fortune is left to the wrong people — people, who will use it for material pleasures

and lewd entertainment’s — who have no respect for the estate, which I obtained

through long hours of hard work, until I had it established? Shall I not feel qualms

of conscience in the cosmos, considering the fact, that I am guilty, because those,

to whom I have left possessions, are now living in sin, in excess, extravagance and

sensual pleasures? Is there not the danger for them, to become wretched and forlorn,

become lost in the mire and be absorbed by earth's dark forces? Dear

Father God — help me, give me good counsel, so that I do not hurt those, who — by

using the fruits of my zealous work — may come to harm — and may not suffer remorse

and regret for my carelessness. I now live in gloom and darkness and am restlessly

waiting, to see Your Light, oh my Father — to bring me wisdom, so that I may help my

descendents — in whatever way — may give them good inspirations to choose the right

path, not to misuse their heritage, not to commit any indignity or outrage, so

that — once I have returned to the cosmos — only happiness, peace and gratitude will

be remembered.



On the rays, which flow through the infinite cosmos

hover atoms of strong unknown forces.

The rays and the atoms float methodically

through human spirits and human bodies,

and wherever these atoms cast anchor

they need spiritual sustenance — nl: good intentions.

Either one or the other develops these atoms,

human beings give them the substance, which they need,

and the spirit uses this force at will,

The will thus grows stronger, obtains strength and longing,

which perform magic deeds for those spirits,

which banker for wisdom and for new horizons.

Primitive people are not born with good will.

Earth with her abundance of riches and pleasures

draws and attracts them like a magnet.

They supply the body with resistance and opposition —

and the cosmic rays — charged with the atoms of good will —

are hardly able to pierce through their dismal aura.

This continues for many reincarnations,

during which the human spirit has to collect

many experiences of life on this earth of sorrow —

until the atoms of good will are able to influence it.

The good intentions awake only slowly,

and apathetically submit to the Power of High Spheres.

Good intentions are a gift from Our Creator,

which He granted the — incognizant — human spirit,

and which this spirit bears along to the cosmos.

Good intentions are an Atom of God,

which makes it able to accept and practice the Laws of Creation

and collect for its soul Love for God and the All.

Good intentions are forces, which give strength to the spirit,

and help it to succeed in its struggle for existence,

cause it to bear with submission all grief and struggle,

make it realize the Laws of the Cosmos and Karma

grant it esteem for its neighbor and his primitively,

and choose the right path to reach cleansing and wisdom.

Good intentions are the starting-point to Paradise in the Cosmos,

where each flower is an Atom of deep understanding.

Understanding is the first source of Faith and of Wisdom,

Wisdom and Faith are founts of joy and gladness —

and the happiness, which hails from them,

is Eternal Bliss in the Light of God.

Let me—oh my Father — choose the right path —

which is called: path of good intentions;

let me be brimful with obedience and submission,

in compliance to Your Laws, which lead to redemption.

Teach me — above all — modesty and humility,

and permit my good intentions to reach Your Eternal Bliss.



As I look back — oh Father — on the life recently behind

me — I realize all that I underwent on earth — during this last

life with its good and evil happenings — was for my own good and interests.

I felt — in difficult moments — sufficient energy to cope with

the struggle for existence and thus I gained self-confidence and determination.

I also suffered defeat at times, when I had to bend my knee

to forces, which were stronger than I was. But yet — I never lost

courage, never considered, that defeat could break my pride —

and therefore never found the way to submission — submission

to the existing laws: man-made laws and Your Laws, oh my Father!

Defeat may be hard to bear, may harm one's physical health

— and even the health of the spirit. But a day will dawn, when

the human being realizes the necessity of defeat for the good of

his cleansing and for his spiritual upliftment. The conquest was

important for me, to open my eyes to the beauties of life, defeat

was necessary to break my obstinacy and to accept the rules of order and discipline.

Conquest and defeat made me understand — during my life

on earth — the advantages of the "golden middle way", to strike

the happy medium, to improve as human being and — to understand

the life of struggle of other people — also to encourage

fellowship among those of good intentions. This is the path of

Love, Charity and Compassion, which illuminates these people of good intentions.

Enlighten my path, oh my Father, let Your Light illumine

my road and grant me the favor, that the Wisdom — which

Your Light aroused in me — may radiate to all people of good

intentions, so that all may reach the goal, for which they were

reincarnated on earth: "to improve through struggle, its defeats

and its conquests, to cleanse and to rise in the Host of God's

Spirits and — ultimately — to enter the Light of God and

Eternal Bliss".



Why, — oh my Father — does the world not understand me? . . ..

I regret, that I have so often to entreat You,

To ask Your counsel about things, which I do not understand.

I desire so much, to tell You, that I understand it all,

All the life-experiences and all other things, which life has taught me,

But there is always something, which is stronger than I am,

and I am unable to penetrate the core.

My brain is not tilling to focus the meaning.

Thus I turn to You, oil my Father, as a child asks for help,

to beg for enlightenment, counsel and wisdom.

How is it possible. Father, that, when I esteem a person

and greet him with kindness —

he judges quite differently from what I was intending? .....

The one takes my friendship to be a trick and diplomacy,

to perhaps gain material advantages — .....

The other thinks it to be sexual desires,

and therefore neglects his duties of friendship.

He tries to satisfy his egotism, his ego —

In this way toilsome built friendship is destroyed,

irretrievably, cruelly and irreparably.

How many people came to me in this life,

who confided their most intimate troubles —

who laid bare their heart's secret feelings ....

Sometimes I was touched and I listened to their tales;

I felt their suffering as if my own —

their joy was my own joy —

and I valued their friendship;

I was happy to have such dear friends.

But ever so often the connection was broken

by low instincts for possessions and greed.

Now I am alone again, oh my Father —

Is there not one person, who will not desert me? .....

A friend to share my life and my thoughts? ....

and protect me, give me good counsel and help? ....

"HE" tells me: you have to have faith, my friend,

In God's own good time you will understand much.

You live on a low planet of pleasure and matter;

Most people do not understand your love, your devotion.

And when once you will rise to the Throne of the God-Head,

You will learn, that you radiate Wisdom and Love".

"Whilst you radiate your love among people,

and these—in return—treat you with distrust and suspicion,

you have received something far better: the Love of God!

As little as people understand your love,

just as little are you able to understand the Love of the Lord!

but as you have planted good seeds in the hearts of others,

so has God planted His Seed in your heart.

Each one has to purify to rise and to gain evolution.

He, who has received the seeds, will reap their fruit later—

Though he, who gives freely, may receive heartache as thanks".

"God is the Eternal Father of all human souls.

He gives continuously of His Love and Compassion.

He receives little thanks—and the neglect of so many souls

gives Him much grief and great sorrow—

Let therefore your gratefulness compensate a thousand times

for all the thanklessness of the multitudes—

You have realized, what devotion and love signify;

Noticed the depth of God's inexhaustible Love!

Do not worry about the negligence of people,

But rejoice in the imperishable Love of Your Lord!"

Let me oh my Father—understand the deep meaning.

which lies hidden in the words of the soft, still voice.

Let his voice always be heard by me:

so that my friendship may take better forms,

so that Love shall further develop in me,

so that I may be prepared to understand people better,

so that I may receive their love also,

so that I may give much love to them all—

but above all: that I may spread the Wisdom of the Small Voice,

for the welfare of people—and—oh my Lord God—to your Glory!!


Oh Father, Who is in Heaven,

Who is the Creator of all human spirits,

I beg You to clear my thoughts from confusion,

To fill me with feelings of love and of goodness.

Lei my thoughts tend to be consecrated to piety and devotion,

Allow my deeds to be compassionate and forgiving!

Life on earth brought me much suffering and sorrow:

Still, the result of it lies improved my spirit!

Evil influences made me often deviate from my aim—

I have stumbled on stony roads and the (horns have pricked me—

But each time I rose. lifted my staff and went on.

I have always searched for Light and for Wisdom!

I searched the human soul for its deep inner feelings—

T found there much evil and little goodness and worthiness.

Now 1 am confused again and T am longing for Your Light, my Father!

and trust, that Your Light will illumine my soul.

and show me the path, where T may find new wisdom.

I know, T shall gain new strength—oh my Father—

Whilst I escape from tins temporal darkness—

And I shall rise and find the winning goal—

The goal called "Death", hut which is "Life Eternal".

How intensely thankful T am—oh my Father—

for all my many experiences of life!

For the good and the evil—for strife—sorrow and suffering.

All was for my betterment, much was thus revealed to me:

Impressions and feelings became more profound—-

Thoughts became clearer and convictions firmer—

All my actions were intended. to meet Your Approval, were full of Love and compassion.

Give me strength and courage—oil m\' Father--so that I am able

To fulfill all, that has yet to be done—

So that each human spirit may receive the radiation

From Your Love, Your Compassion, Your Justice,

And live close to You in (the Cosmos -for ever and ever!


I have meditated long—oh my Father—

About the wonder of birth . ..

Darkness surrounded me . . .

The cloudy veil was misty and heavy.

I find neither rest nor peace . . .

I must ensue and understand this wonder—

"Life" certainly is something more than "physical"—

Life is Power, invisible, invincible.

"Life" is present in minerals, plants, animals and human beings—

But no one can see this Power, which sustains them all . . .

This Power must surely have its source in the cosmos—

Must hail from You alone—You, my Almighty Father!

Long have I doubted, rejected, searched . . .

And finally I have gained this conviction:

The human body is earthly, the "life-force" is "spirit":

"Spirit" fills all: earth, sun and the whole universe.

What the human being has to undergo on earth—

His strife, his sorrows and all his suffering—

Leave in his soul remembrance and moral sensations,

Which the spirit takes over to its sphere in the cosmos.

I know, the words of my earthly talks

Are vague, they do not penetrate, do not convey the correct meaning—

My feelings give You a much clearer impression

Than the words, which slip from my mouth.

I have also pondered so long—oh my Father—

About the wonder of death . . .

"Birth" and "Death" are vague conceptions,

Which—1 think—embrace a deep mystery . . .

But since I have seen the wonder of birth

Indescribably and perfectly revealed to me,

So is also the wonder of death unveiled

And I now understand clearly the secret of both.

I now comprehend far better

Than my words are able to express:

Everything—Father—is ruled by Your Spirit,

Everything bears an Atom of You . . .

Permit, that each human spirit,

On earth as well as in the cosmos,

May learn to understand this Holy Mystery

And be—ever and anon—intensely grateful to You.


My Father, I met a person, who is good—

Will I be able to keep him for ever? . . .

So many people came and we became friends . . .

Their feelings and thoughts were in accordance with mine',

Attachment developed to spiritual love . . .

But when the time came, to assert our convictions,

They forsake me, one after another—like shadows faded away.

My heart ached, pity overwhelmed me, all my hope, my trust was rejected.

Can it be true, that spiritual values have to be kept hidden, and that

a wise man must never reveal holy relics?

Can it be true, that human people are only interested in worldly, material affairs?

No—this is the hand of the invisible Evil, which hindered us, to proclaim wisdom,

It is the invisible Evil, which drops poison into people's mind and part fervent lovers,

It is the invisible Evil, which binders, that "Love through Peace",

"Compassion through Forgiveness" conquers the world . . .

Let me rely, oh Father, on those, who understand me and let this

understanding be mutual,

Let the bonds of friendship, which were sealed, last eternally,

Separate the evil persons from the good ones—and let them

understand one another, let their bond of love never pine away!

Let Your Children, oh Father, build a front of Love and Brother-

hood, so that there may be Peace on Earth.

Destroy the power of evil and let Your Light of Wisdom be

kindled, so that Your Kingdom may be realized on earth,

But let Your Will be done and never my will and let Your children,

—oh Father—be filled with Love, Submission and Trust!


Dear Father, You gave me permission

to return to this barren earth,

to be reincarnated in a human body . . .

When I awoke from my slumber,

I did not remember whence I came,

Or what I should have to do here . . .

But life on earth taught me many a thing . . .

And now, that the end of my life has arrived,

I look back for the last time

to this life, that lies behind . . .

How much I had to suffer

during this short time on earth!

How heavy have I sinned against Your Laws . ..

Father— can You forgive so many failings? . . .

I did not immediately understand You, Who sent me

and have thus neglected You.

Then, slowly—have I returned to You,

with faltering strides . . .

My love expanded to confidence,

and nothing can deviate me from this road.

All through my strife and my suffering

I felt the fervent Love,

which radiated from You—and I could feel too

Your unending Compassion.

You have always been with me

when I—floating on the sea of life—

was looking for the path, which was hidden,

and not easily found.

My searching brought me to many false tracks,

it was at first abroad road, which I have followed—

and many obstacles were there as well,

and many great dangers.

I ran away, fearfully—

then, filled with remorse, I chose a narrow forgotten path.

There I found sorrow, strife and suffering.

My task in life was now decided:

Try to help the poor, the sick, the cripples,

Bring comfort and hope to those, who need it. . .

Unaware of my actions

I have sacrificed much—even myself—

I forgot my ego, my sorrow and suffering . . .

There was never time, to think about self,

too much work had to be done . . .

And suddenly the evening of life appeared . . .

My mission ended—all is finished . . .

Do not let me look back on the worldly past:

I have to think about the imminent future.

All, what I saw before through a misty veil,

now lies like a clear day before me . . .

Thank You—oh my God—You have not forsaken me!

I have suffered the radiation of the earth

and under physical matter.

But now Your Radiation has penetrated me,

has brought me back to my Father's Mansion.

May I be worthy, oh my Father,

to live in Your Light for ever and ever.


Is death the end of life,

Or is it the beginning of a new existence? . . .

Images awaken in me, as vague as shadows,

Images of loved ones from the past and the present.

As under the influence of the sun rising above the horizon,

Each of these images looks like a living person . . .

They beckon kindly and wait for me . . .

Will this be the end of my life? . . .

But those, who beckon and wait and reflect.

Have left life on earth long ago already,

They stand there alive in an aureole of light . . .

Will this then be the end of my life? . . .

I can reach their thoughts without their speaking . . .

I feel their wishes as images in me,

I feel on my body soft hands, which soothe me.

T read in their eyes: your future is beckoning! . . .

Surely—this is the end of life on earth,

But it is also the beginning of my fluidic existence.

Thus life is like a mist—what a wonderful Light

Shines in the cosmos, !n the world of the spirits! . , .

To die is not the end of life . . .

For the spirit it is liberation,

The return to its Father's Mansion,

And the end of a journey of danger.

Let me now ponder about days, which have passed,

And let me separate my good attributes from my bad ones—

Let me balance those two

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