Messages from the highest spheres

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Dear Reader,

Why do people on earth accept good and evil? Accept that there are people who live only for evil, others who practice both — good and evil — whereas for some of them the only aim of their lives is to serve and to help their fellow-men. Everybody, whatsoever his standing — knows this state of affairs. But only a few know that this state has its reason, its cause, and that it also has its effect — an effect that can be either good or evil — and that the human being itself is the bearer of both — cause as well as effect. It is a fact that in the cosmos, too, on certain planes, are spirits which talk just as people on earth talk. In the cosmos are planes where just the same struggles and conflicts prevail as on earth. Spirits stay there which do not feel any love, which even hate other spirits for only a trifle, and which bear feelings of revenge for a paltry insult; or which, for a small offence will pursue a spirit during its reincarnation on earth, or on another low planet, with hatred and will make its reincarnated life very difficult indeed. If you will try to find the reason why some people on earth have so many difficulties, you might discover often that they are pursued by entities from the cosmos, which manifest in the dwelling of their victim — which try, by some gesticulation or expression, to make them believe, for instance, that in or around the house a hidden treasure could be found, and if only they could unearth this treasure, they could live happily ever after. Why should not people believe this? The spirit will indicate the exact spot — in a wall of the house or in the garden under a tree, or close to a hedge — and the victim will bore holes in the walls, dig into the ground underneath the foundations of his house, might endanger this house or even let it collapse. And, of course, nothing is ever found! Meanwhile the victim is in despair. His peace is disturbed — as is the peace of the family. He becomes feverishly maniacal, hunting for hidden treasure — a type of materialist, who puts hope and trust into an invisible entity which does not possess any physical strength even to use a hammer or a shovel, but misuses its physical force to vex and hoax its victim and make him suffer. Just as on earth, among reincarnated spirits, where good and evil are mixed pell-mell, where people love one fellow-being and hate the other, where one fortunate fellow gets help and assistance in abundance, where as the next one will be cursed and persecuted. Just the same conditions prevail in those cosmic spheres where such types of spirits arc living. And just as on earth some people are living who are unable to feel hate for others or to bear them a grudge, and do not want to avenge themselves on people who wronged them are in the cosmos spirits prepared to forgive their enemies and to repay evil with love and which, from out of the cosmos, try to help their enemies when left on earth in difficulties, with inspirations of good counsel. Meditating on good and evil and trying to trace their roots, you may ask this question: Do good and evil actually exist? There is on earth a saying: "Each bird sings specific to its type". What is the conclusion? No bird is able to produce other tunes but those which Creation permits him. And if you transfer this to human beings you will realise that every person acts according to the standard of his evolution. In other words: A spirit which is doing its first incarnation in a human body has as yet no experience. This human being has no special virtues. He is primitive. He has not yet suffered because he has so far not entered the tunnel of darkness, of evil, of suffering, and of purification. He does wrong, and he even enjoys doing wrong. He cannot help it because he is not yet able to distinguish between good and evil. He has instincts and still belongs more to the world of animals than to the world of human beings. He still belongs more to matter than to the world of thinking people. He belongs more to the earth than to the cosmos and to the spiritworld. In other words: He is himself — as he is — not more. When you realise this truth, you will also realise the cause which gives rise to the evil he is doing and you will judge his maliciousness not as evil, but as an expression of his present state. He lives actually as he is. He cannot live differently. He cannot give what he does not possess. Evil is only evil when it is done deliberately and on purpose—with the intention to do evil to hurt somebody or to offend somebody, mentally or physically. Is evil committed by a primitive person who does it because he is unable to distinguish between good and evil really evil? It is an expression of his type, his character, his instincts, his nature, his permittivity. You cannot really call it "evil" — notwithstanding its evil consequences. Is it wrong when a shark feeds on live fish or even human beings? Is it wrong when wild animals satisfy their hunger by eating the flesh of other live animals or human beings? Is it wrong when a cat catches mice or rats or even birds? Is it wrong when human beings eat birds, animals, fish etc., to keep their physical body in good shape? Sentimental people find this wrong and want to persuade human beings to live only on grain and plants — but would therewith the evil be extinguished? The upkeep of the physical body requires a certain amount of animal meat as well as of grain and vegetables. If a parson abstained during a certain time from eating fish, meat, grain and vegetables, he will feel it necessary to start eating them again. And if he for himself might renounce these foodstuffs, he is never able to force his cat not to catch mice, rats and birds. The forces of nature are stronger than the human will and even stronger than the will of the human spirit. One has to differentiate between the killing of animals for the support of the physical body, and the killing of animals to satisfy bloodthirsty tendencies or for the pleasure of killing. Everything created has an aim and an intention. Everything lives to fulfil its destination on earth. This is valid for minerals and plants as well as for animals and human beings. There is no evil in the natural workings of the earth, of volcanic eruptions, earth-quakes, typhoons, thunder and lightening, storms, high tides — with all kinds of dismal results there from. There is nothing wrong in the reciprocal destruction of plants and animals. It is a Law of Nature which originates from the Creation of this world. There is even nothing wrong in the reciprocal destruction among primitive people, considering that they are still very close to the evolution of animals. Will all these reflections entitle you to accept the false axiom that earth is a purified planet and without any evil at all? To accept this theory and to proclaim it is in itself already very wrong. The 'real evil is: consciously to make other people suffer. As somebody reflects upon the best means to hurt his enemy, he uses his intelligence, his reason to commit evil. Then he misuses his intelligence and his reason to commit evil instead of practicing good. Reason is the Divine Instrument, which the human mind has received to distinguish between good and evil, to omit vices and to exercise virtues. It is a Divine Gift which permits him to develop love and compassion — permits him to become a better human being, to rise in the spiritworld, to evolve, to collect wisdom and to prepare for himself a better place for the life in the cosmos, in Eternity. From this epistle you will be able to trace the reason, the cause and the consequences of the origin of evil and also the consequences and the effects of this caused evil, of the process of evolution, through suffering, of the cause and the effect of the process of evolution of the human spirit on earth, of the natural evil which is depending on the evolution of the human spirit and of the consciously committed evil with its cause and its effects and consequences. The higher the human spirit evolves, the better it comes to know the ways of life and the more will it feel reverence and respect and admiration for the Creation and for the Laws of the Creator which include inexhaustible Love and Compassion and which the human being will only fully understand and value when he uses his mind in the right way: "In the Service of God through Love and Compassion".

Dear Reader,

One cannot expect of a human being living on earth what one expects of a discarnated spirit, which has reached a certain degree of evolution. But the mission of this type of discarnated spirit is to bring wisdom to the peoples on earth, for them to reach the same degree of purification through knowledge, wisdom and science. Good spirits come essentially to show these human beings the way — the road to purification, to ascend and to evolution — although the choice is always left to the human beings themselves: "the right of self-determination" and the will "to purify and improve". These invisible spirits lack the competence or the right to allow these human beings to shirk the suffering for which they have asked before their reincarnation, their "Karma", for which suffering is necessary for their improvement and for fulfilling the purpose of this life. Consider what these Holy Happenings have given mankind! The Christspirit has no mere need to purify His Radiation by incarnation on earth to ascend to the Host of God. He has, however, in His many incarnations and particularly in His Incarnation in the body of Jesus, facilitated the process of suffering for mankind, by instructing and directing them how to arrange their lives, to receive — after the death of their physical body — admission to the Eternal House of the Father and to Eternal Bliss. The Christspirit disseminated Morale and Love and Compassion. He was no preacher, but His Life was a model as standard for His fellowmen and for posterity. The Christ's Radiation is an Aureole of the Increate Light. His Love for mankind is unending. His Compassion matchless, His Goodness priceless. His Self-denial and His Devotion beyond compare. His life on earth was a model for everybody — but people at that time were unevolved and base, as many are still today. People had forgotten the commandments which Moses — instructed by God — had proclaimed — they thought no more of Zoroaster and his teachings, of the teachings of Lao-Tse — Confucius Gautama Buddha (he Prophets etc.—nor of the times of the burning of Jerusalem as punishment for materialism and lucidity — and the limes when the people of Jerusalem were in Babylonian captivity and slaves, had long been forgotten by the offspring of those whose prophets were Jeremiahs and others. Impetuous and greedy for wealth and luxuries, for dissipation and thirst for pleasure consumed them. They were possessed by the master of evil and closed their eyes to the Light Divine. They were lost in darkness. Some church-leaders preached morale, but they themselves lived in vulgarity and inanity. A minority, who were different, were being joked and laughed at for being apart. It was at such times that Jesus-Christ, the Christspirit, was incarnated in (he body of Jesus. Many texts about morale and many anecdotes of His life are quoted in the Gospels and these tales are short and concise. Jesus has declared concerning the process of reincarnation "you have to be born from water and spirit or you cannot enter the Kingdom of God". The meaning hereof is that the human being is a duality-one part earthly and the other part spiritual. This is confirmed in the Bible by the text: "What is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the spirit is spirit". Jesus confirms also: "You have to be born often until you may enter the Kingdom of my Father", and thus indicated that the human spirit has to be reborn repeatedly in a physical body until unltimately the spirit returns to God. These explanations of Jesus maintain the whole Spiritualistic Philosophy. This philosophy is confirmed and spread by Allan Kardec, "the doctor of the poor" (Dr. H. L. Rivail), who is the latest reincarnation of the Christspirit. The motto of his work is: "To be born - to die-to reincarnate — always to rise and purify — that is the Law". Meditate on these Great Truths: the Duality of tile human being: the body and the spirit, that the body is the fruit of the earthly father and mother and the spirit the fruit of the Divine Father — that the spirit is born repeatedly in a human body and after perfect purification returns to the Kingdom of God — and lastly: that the Christspirit had returned to earth, about a century ago as Allan Kardec (resp. Dr. H. L. Rivail) to proclaim the Spiritualistic Doctrine and Philosophy and therewith completed the cycle of Divine Laws, proclaimed on earth. The name of Allan Kardec is well-known. It is Allan Kardec who reveals the spiritualistic aspect of the Gospels, their "Sacred Truths" — of the human spirit, reincarnation and life in the beyond — which Jesus gave in parables. 1800 years have passed before the Marvel and the Mysteries of these Revelations were explained to us by Alan Kardec in the following books; "The Book of Mediums", "The Gospels in the Light of Spiritual Philosophy", "The Creation", "Heaven and Hell". All these books are still the basis of True Spiritualism in the Service of God. Allan Kardec's mission was to give people on earth proof of the fact that the "dead" are alive on the other side of the grave — in the beyond, the cosmos. In this he was a hundred per cent successful because all — after reading his books —were convinced of the irrefutable truth of the contents. Never before or after has anyone explained the Gospels in their true value and correct meaning as Allan Kardec, due to the fact that the Spirit of Christ was born in the body of Allan Kardec. to explain and clarify in plain words, what He — as Jesus — has preached in parables. Since His life as Jesus, the Gospels have been explained in divergent conceptions, through church-leaders and publishers, each desiring that his personal conception of Truth should be accepted by his special church. None of them succeeded — until Allan Kardec published his renderings and these will be eternally correct. How could it be different since we know whose spirit dwelt in Kardec? Do you perceive the connection between Jesus and Allan Kardec? The latter is the continuation of the former. Jesus proclaimed the Divine Truths in parables; Allan Kardec unveiled the so far not understood meaning. It was the same spirit — living in Jesus and later in Allan Kardec. Therefore, pray with your heart and soul — just as Jesus prayed when in difficulties. Neither of them realised at that time what a great treasure they were harboring in their souls — the treasure of Divine Wisdom. Both of them, have, with lavish hands, unsparingly, distributed this treasure to humanity. And meditate about this Message given by Allan Kardec in a spiritual séance: "The Spirits of God, which live in the Perfection of the Heavens, shall — when the Sign is given — an infinite Host of Teachers spread over the earth. Like stars from the sky they will come to open the eyes of the human beings and enlighten them".

Humility is submission to the Will of GOD,

Submission is childlike simplicity,

Simplicity is wisdom,

Wisdom is tolerance,

Tolerance is the outcome of experience,

Experience is gained through struggle and suffering,

Struggle strengthens the spirit—suffering brings purification,

A strong spirit is more valuable than a strong body,

A strong spirit follows the road to wisdom,

Wisdom and purification lead to spiritual evolution,

Spiritual evolution is the result of cultivating love and compassion,

Love is a Spiritual Force,

Humility, submission and tolerance are also Spiritual Forces,

Compassion is the strength to forgive,

To forgive is to receive forgiveness.

Humility, Love and Compassion are Divine Virtues,

Cultivate Divine Virtues and your life will be full of rejoicing.



Messages from the Highest Spheres to the longing and searching reincarnated spirits on earth.

Mediumistically communicated by the agency of

the Spirit of Truth

the Spirit Kuthumi

the Spirit Maitreya

the Spirit Allen Kardec

the Spirit Monyn
Dear Reader,

The duality of the human being is a fact. This duality in the human being means the physical body and the spirit, which is born within this body. The physical body which you can see with your human eyes and feel with your human hands is of the earth; the spirit, which is not visible to your eyes and not movable for your hands, is of the cosmos with its many invisible spiritual spheres. The physical body is born of the desire and the natural urge of father and mother, and without the union of these two physical bodies the formation of a new physical body would not be possible. By the Will of the Invisible Creator, Life enters into each physical body. This life is a spirit created by God. A spirit which, by the permission of God, is reincarnated on earth in a human body, gives life to this body. Without a spirit the human body is a lump of flesh without vigor and without feeling, powerless and ineffectual. The brain does not work and the body cannot move spontaneously. It does not feel irritation or pain, joy or suffering. It is born to waste and fades away to mingle with the dust. The father of the body is an earthly human being, in whom a spirit is also living. The father of the spirit, which gives life to this physical body, is God. The cells from the bodies of father and mother combine and grow and build the body of the child — the Atom of God is present in each of His Spirits. The human body, thus produced by a human father and a human mother, develops as a physical being, according to the type of parents who have begotten the child. Its body develops — due to biological laws — to the type of the parents, as their type propagates with the cells of their bodies. The spirit, which made its home in this body leads, directs and protects this physical body. The spirit is not a product of father and mother; it is an entity of its own, created by the Will of God, Can it therefore be surprising that, sooner or later, this spirit in the human being will gain the conviction to also possess a father and that this father is not from the earth, but from the cosmos? This spirit influences the mind of the human body wherein it dwells, to respect his human father and be obedient to him. The spirit knows this to be necessary and to be the fulfillment of a Law of Nature, a law which is spontaneously accepted by everyone of "good will", and it is known as "the love of the child". In the cradle the child already stretches its little arms towards its mother and for father's voice it soon feels respect. What is it that reacts thus towards father and mother? Is it the physical body? Oh! no — but the physical body is under the influence of the spirit. It is the spirit within which, by this love for its physical parents, expresses its gratitude for the opportunity which they have granted it, to reincarnate in a human body, which reincarnation it has to undergo in order to balance previous evil deeds and to collect wisdom, which then again enables the spirit to further unfolding and rising in the spirit world. Usually the spirit within the child already knows the spirits living in the father and in the mother. Very often they have — in previous reincarnations — lived together in the same family. It might have been — in former reincarnations — the spirit of father or mother, brother or sister and now it has returned to them, to help and to assist them in their striving to become a better human being and — as such — a higher advanced spirit. Their mutual spiritual love has a reason and already began in previous lives. An invisible bond is between them: love of the parents for the child and love of the child for its parents results from this spiritual love — and thus this mutual love and help gives them much experience — experience in turn develops wisdom and wisdom then helps them to lift their eyes to Heaven where they will at last find the Eternal Father of their inner "Self", their Spiritual Father, the Creator of their everlasting "ego", the spirit which always wants to purify more and more, to live ultimately in the Light of God. It is not odd that a human spirit, who never enjoyed the love of his physical father, gives all his love to his Father above and trusts Him and looks to Him for help and protection and comfort — all of which he cannot obtain from his father on earth. It is not odd that a higher evolved human spirit, after giving his love to his father on earth, gives his love also to God, his Eternal Father. What an enormous comfort it is for a child — having no longer a father and a mother on this earth — to be able to send its prayers and meditations to its Divine Father; it will not feel lonely or lost. Watch, in a boarding-school, how much devotion some pupils give to their crosses or to an image on the wall near their beds, where they thank God every evening for their life on earth and for their health, where they pray for the health and the wellbeing of their parents, who gave them the opportunity to do their studying so that in later life they might be able to fill a good social position and occupation. Watch, in orphanages, how some of these lonely children look with deep feeling towards heaven and thank their Divine Father for the protection which they receive. Watch the inmates of Old-Age Homes, where these inmates receive charitable care from municipalities or from social welfare institutions, how they trust in God and look to Him for help and comfort and thank Him for the good care they receive in the evening of their lives on earth. Watch in the hospitals, where every nurse does her very best for her patients — after operations or during their long inactivity, often lasting many months or even years — how these patients implore their Invisible Father to restore their health to enable them to work again, to fulfil their task on earth. Watch those, too, who are morally decaying — from drunkeness, from prostitution, neglect, loneliness etc. — but who still call on their Father in Heaven and ask Him for His help to make them turn back to the good path. In such moments they loathe their bodies, their disgusting conduct towards wife and children, towards their fellow beings — but the evil reclaims them — until at last willpower and trust in the future awakens them, calls them to order and makes them try to reach the good path, to improve and rise. Everyone, even the criminal in prison waits for the end of his sentence, will — in moments of abating and depression — turn his thoughts to God, his Spiritual Father, and ask forgiveness for the evil he committed. He feels not only miserable for evils done in the past, but he feels now too the responsibility heavy on him — the retaliation for his mistakes, the day to pay for all his evil deeds. He feels feeble and tired and he follows the only way out still open to him: the path of penance and of submission. Then he asks the Father of his spirit to grant him strength to endure his penalty, and to grant him the strength, too, to improve and keep straight after his discharge. And he hopes that later, after this penance and suffering, that nobody will have further reason to reproach him. The father plays a big part in the life of human beings and also in the life of the spirit. A mother, rearing her children, will ask: "What will father say?" or else: "If you want this or that, ask father's permission". A child, wanting something and being doubtful about it, will first ask: "Will father not be angry?" But the human spirit, which dwells in the body, will first — whatsoever he means to do — ask itself the question: "Will this agree with my conscience? What will be the consequence? Can I answer for it to God?" What is the human conscience? How is it connected with the word "subs consciousness"? The sub-consciousness being part of the spirit within — and the spirit is the force which gives life to the human body, and life belonging to the cosmos is the radiation of the Creator of all that exists, the Father of the human spirit, the Supreme Lord and Master: GOD. If a person asks himself the question: "Is what I did good or bad?" then already the spirit raises itself up to the Father in Heaven — then already it is asking for help and support from spirits of higher evolution. Then it takes the advice of its leader-spirit which is authorized to advise this spirit — in the Name of its Spiritual Father—always, when it is doubtful about good or evil. There are many spirits reincarnated on earth, who disregard their Spiritual Father, who think they have all power themselves and who neglect the advice given them by spirits of higher evolution. These spirits are still of a low development and show how conceited and headstrong they are. And how much evil has this already brought? How much disappointment has it caused them? And how much have those spirits deplored their attitude? How deeply have they regretted it? How many children on earth have neglected to listen to the advice from father and mother, who have had so many experiences in the school of life? How many have perished thereof? There are parents, who — through lack of spiritual evolution — have shown their children only the way to material success and have neglected to show them the road to spiritual perfection. It is also a fact that many children abuse their right to spiritual self-determination, who take their father's advice as a command, and rebel against it. A father "commands" if he thinks it necessary for the welfare and good auspices of the child, but rather gives "commands" or "advice" from his own experiences. The right to self-determination is not, in itself, a danger to the child. But children do not realize that this is a spiritual right and not a worldly one. The father, however, does not know that his command will never prevent a child to follow the path which — as spirit before its reincarnation — it has asked for. The child should in any case accept with gratitude the father's advice and recommendations and try to follow them. You celebrate, as is your human custom, "Fathers Day", which is, as such, not a feast introduced by a religion or a church. It is rather a feast day, introduced by merchants, by mercantile calculations. But nevertheless, this day is of a deeper spiritual meaning because a child, which shows homage and reverence to his father on earth, will also feel reverence for his Spiritual Father, for God in His Heaven. Every material gift — however small — which such a child brings to his father on earth with love and reverence, is at the same time a Reverence to his Divine Father. The material gift goes to the father on earth, with all the child's love included. But love and submission rise also to Heaven and to the Father in the High Heavens; He feels it too. The love, which the child feels for his father on earth, radiates forth to the Throne of God. And He accepts it as a token of love from His spiritual child who, on earth, born in a human body, fights and suffers for its Liberation and its Bliss.


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