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and anxieties, before I reincarnate again for a temporal life in a human body.

In short now, I shall not remember anything of all my prayers. Mist already

gathers around me and I feel afraid. Let the fear pass, let the mist increase!

Give me a feeling of joy and thankfulness, because the gates of deliverance open

wide for me! Let now the struggle start, the reason for my cleansing - Let the

result of my reincarnation be conquest and liberation!

Why do you mourn, friend, why are you discouraged And bend your head into your

hands?... Did you not get from life, what you expected? And now your soul

suffers for worldly reasons? Have you met with a sudden disaster? Did you

lose your father, mother, your wife or your child? If this happened to you,

you are right to feel sorrow - And to meditate on your life, which once was

so happy. How have you behaved towards those, who have passed? Do you feel

qualms of conscience about your behavior towards your parents, wife, your

children or your friends?... And you cannot find a way to repair these

offences? Each one on earth makes many mistakes, The one purposely, whilst

the other is not conscious of it. Examine your soul and search for a reason,

Why such a yearning fire of regret burns in your soul?... If you are justified

in your sorrow and compunction, There is something on your conscience, which

accuses you; Your sorrow and self-reproach are thus justified And in fact you

undergo mental suffering ... But if you find no reason for remorse in your

heart, when the conflagration stigmatizes your spiritual life and when deep

remorse shakes your conscience ---

Are you not then an egoist, who considers only his own worldly happiness?

I well understand: a dearly loved being has passed away: You are left

alone - without help or succour - Your life is boring and you feel

lonely - Days and nights are lonesome and slow in passing. But have you ever

considered, my friend, that death, which seems so dismal to you, does - in

fact, in absolute truth-not exist?... and that your loved ones are

living - if invisible - in the cosmos?... They are—just as ever-around you

as much as they are able; They follow your thoughts, your words, your deeds,

They know all about you, more than you do yourself, They help and support

you in your strife and distress. They do understand the deep sorrow, that

ails you, And they speak to you, with a small soft voice. You hear and

understand them, but you think it illusion - You bend your head still

deeper and feel your hurt still more. Think less, my friend, about you own

fate - Rather mind those, who have left you: For their task on earth should

now be Finished - but they cannot find peace as long as you mourn. Is it not

a sign of egoism - although you suffer - to dwell only upon your own sorrow

and grief, and neglect to think about those, who - for you invisible - live

on in the cosmos? .....

Their life on earth was - as seen from above - only a short journey with many

afflictions. Their true home is in their Father's mansions, From where they

go to and fro - many a time. You too, my friend, will one day return there,

to see the Light of God and His Almighty Power. There you will find those,

for whom now you grieve, and who are far more joyful than you are to-day.


My Father, as I am close to the end of my days, I am able to consider the bygone

days of my life. I have carefully adjusted my life, from childhood onwards and

worked for my subsistence as a human being. But life brought me struggle, strife

and suffering, I had to struggle to retain health—and also against low spirits

and their evil influence. Sometimes I won and sometimes I failed in these

battles — and again I encountered more struggle, more strife and more

suffering — and forever was there the difference in strength, courage and

perseverance, for low forces crept up from all sides. Often I did not know, that

they were around—and being blind of their presence, I had to fight in the lark

against unknown forces, until I was emaciated — the foes were there, but I could

not distinguish them. From where does the evil originate? What is the cause and

what are the effects? Sometimes I felt forlorn and faint, but at other times I

felt invigorated and strong, and my reaction too was strong... Often I felt helpless

and close to destruction, and escape seemed impossible. I was too deeply involved

and ensnared, disgrace and dishonor seemed unavoidable. But then — how often have I

been strong enough to resist evil, to conquer it — have saved my honor, — have in

deep humility — thanked God for the strength and the possibility, which He granted

me, to achieve the good and virtuous. Still — whether defeat or victory—1 always

felt sad and sorrowful and was moved by a deep longing: must the earth be—for ever

and .ever—such a dark battlefield? could people not see and enjoy a foretaste, a

presentiment of Eternity? But no — Heaven cannot be realized on earth. The human

spirit, which reincarnated on earth, comes here for cleansing and evolution — and

it has, for that reason, to undergo suffering and tormentation. And those, who have

reached a high degree of evolution, are accordingly more sensitive to the evil

radiation of low spirits. Suffering may be balancing the Karma for failings of

previous lives or the effect of low radiation. I have in this life paid my toll for

previous shortcomings, and I have felt the radiation of evil spirits ...... now all

this is adjusted, since I have understood the causes and effects of evil. I thank

You, my Father, for the trials and difficulties of this life — for the lessons,

which were to my elevation, strife, sorrow and suffering were the subjects in the

school of life—and the results are: evolution and rising in the spheres of the


I thank You, my Father, for everything, which I have learned

on earth. When I entered this reincarnation, I met new horizons,

which seemed endless.

Then I understood: much have I to learn in this new life. In

the beginning I have—in my eagerness to progress—mastered all

things only physically and from material viewpoints. But when

my physical strength began to wane and physical values seemed

to me temporal and unimportant, I began to realize the value of

spiritual and even immaterial concerns. The new horizons widened

—the gates of wisdom opened—and much was revealed to me,

of which I had never dreamt and never seen. And I found Truth

—Truth which kindled the Divine Light in my human brain.

Now I feel this Divine Light shining in me and am eager to

enlighten my brothers. But there are many, who cannot endure

this dazzling light and prefer to live in darkness. This Light is

spiritual and those, who desire to realize it, have to adjust their

spiritual vibrations to it and must believe in this Light. Many

people are not sufficiently prepared, to recognize the Light Divine,

because they are still primitive and live in spiritual poverty.

Unbeknown to them, the Light of God has planted His Atom in

them and presently the time will arrive when this Atom awakes

and longs for its origin. Just as a child finds calm and peace in

mothers arms and listens to mother's voice!—so will this Spark

of Light inflame a brighter Light—Wisdom shall disperse the

darkness - and its vibrations shall soar back to the source of its

Divine origin: to God. Thus has it happened to me too, oh my Father!

And now — since all is accomplished, I feel. "Life on earth is

very short". I may have learned many things and found some wisdom,

but each day of my life on earth I do feel or discover a new spark

of Truth or Wisdom. Then I feel very small and perceive, how limited

my own initiation really is — and I realize, that a human being — much

as he may be initiated in Higher Wisdom—is never proficient and has

to have much more experience, before he has reached the highest rung

of Wisdom. He is as yet not perfected, he is not yet liberated from

all earthly influence. He seeks — ever and ever—for more Light, more

Wisdom, a higher Evolution. And I realize too, that — once I am back

in the unending, infinite cosmos—new studies are waiting for me,

studies, which will be given by Higher Spirits. I shall be shown new

ways, shall be led to still wider horizons and shall rise to Higher

Spheres in the spirit-world and there yet collect deeper Wisdom and

new Truths. But on earth people live, who know nothing and think they

know everything. They worm their way up to leadership—but are soon to

fall down. When I look back on the life, that lies behind me, I realize

too, that my goodness was sometimes deficient, my love was not

comprehensive enough, my compassion never really unselfish.

I have changed as a result of my many life - experiences — what has it

taught me — what will it weigh! and how high has my evolution advanced,

when I return to my sphere in the cosmos? What about my knowledge, my

wisdom, my evolution and my rising?... I shall arrive like a small child,

who begins in the lowest standard, who will be introduced to wisdom and

has to pass all standards and improve as he advances. Let me — Oh my

Father — retain my humility and submission — let me always regard myself

as one, who knows nothing and has still to go through many schools, until

he has found the highest wisdom, the deepest humility and full submission

to Your Laws. Let brotherly— and childlike love always live in me and allow

me—specially—to live in Your Light of Wisdom, so that I may always proclaim

Your Glory!


I know now—my Father—how to cope with the responsibility, which in this

present human life is given to me. I thank You for this gift—I realize

my mission, realize its many stumbling-blocks and danger points and its

ultimate victory. When I came down to this barren earth, I was not

cognizant of what I was to do here.—I struggled through youth as a

dreaming child in school, where I learned to differentiate between

good and evil. Later, when I became more prudent and analyzed, what

happened, I pondered and asked You my Father, what I should do here and

what was the reason for my living on earth. I never understood Your

Answers — but still — 1 knew, that there was something, which I did not

understand — a gloom, a mist surrounded me ...... there must be Light

somewhere, only I could not see it. As much as learning, experiences

and struggling have bothered me with progress or defeat — as much as

intimidation’s, temptations, fascination and scorn have let me struggle,

fall and rise again—just as much have perseverance, persistency and

energy given me the ability to endure and bear with circumstances — and

slowly the mist dispersed and off and on a little beam of light penetrated.

But whatever I did, whatever I asked for—only streaks of light came

occasionally and enlightened my soul: the yearning to know more of the

Unknown, the ardent wish to know from where I came and have to return

to — remain unfulfilled. Today I see — in moments of devotion or

meditation — forms or faces of people, who have passed on — or thoughts

from former incarnations, in the aura of other people—or I hear voices,

which commune softly — or I feel the touch of invisible entities. But

these perceptions are only of short duration—because the earth and physical

matter claim my return. However — I feel the existence of other

worlds — beyond the earth, which I can touch and see and which are

physical — worlds, which are concealed—hidden from human eyes - but which

exist, invisible, fluidic and infinite. Brothers from the cosmos came to visit

me — some visible, some fluidic. They have told me: death does not exist;

your body is of earthly origin — but you, your spirit hails from the cosmos, is

an Atom of God. Slowly you climb and find the way upwards, which leads you to

Bliss and Eternal Light, where you live in everlasting peace and are able to

cleanse and evolve further. Part with your worldly desires, search for wisdom,

for love and compassion, spread your unselfish love among your

fellow - beings — this is your work for your rising to the Light of God.

I thank You—my Father— for the rays of Light, which You have laid down in my

heart. Let ever more Light disperse my darkness, so that my brothers on earth

may see Your Glory and. Your Almightiness.


Why am I born on this barren earth — Planet of contrast — of light and of

darkness — in a human body of physical matter — and always searching ...

I do not know for what? I remember something of former times, A question,

which pursued me from early youth: "What is my task here, what is my

mission?" I found the answer only late in my life. I have studied art,

science and philosophy, searched the different Creeds from over the world...

I have tried to understand beauty — and beauty in turn developed to

aesthetics and later to ecstasy ...... From all the various Creeds

which I encountered, I realized a deep feeling of mysticism radiating,

But no Creed and no Church on this earth has succeeded to further this

deep mystic devotion in me. Art has helped my soul to be touched by

aesthetics, which enflamed my senses to high ecstasy — a feeling, a

notion, above earthly sensations, which lifted the veil of the Unknown

a little. Then more of the Unknown was revealed to my searching; The

sense of Mysticism grew clearer in me; I ascended to High Spheres in

the cosmos And many secrets penetrated to my heart. Secrets from the

Unknown, the infinite Cosmos — from spheres, where discarnated spirits

live — There I learned: the real Truth, which man is seeking, rests in

himself — within man and his soul. When I searched further into human

nature, To find beauty and sense for aesthetics — I learned very soon,

that beauty of body and its forms of aestheticism are of short duration.

Wear and tear of time destroys all human beauty, gnaws at the body,

until it becomes threadbare — till nothing remains but

only "remembrance", which the spirit transports into life in the cosmos.

I have searched for the beauty of the invisible spirit — for that, which

remains, though the body decayed — I found Love, Goodness, the

perception of Truth, Righteousness and all forgiving Compassion. I have

tested my friends and my dearest relations — and often I stood in deep

admiration for all the offerings and sacrifices, which they brought for the

welfare of their beloved ones. But then I have read in the eyes of some

people hate, envy, discontent and feelings of revenge. I have seen

darkness in eyes of primitive, low evolved people, who have left the right

path and served demons of darkness. Spirits on earth are mostly in blazing

flames, where golden and red and dark colors mingle, where good and evil

combat one another, or where love and light endeavor to subdue hate and

darkness. People on earth search for freedom of spirit, Walk through a

fire with gloomy dark shadows, but which also radiates bright shining

light... May the spirit pass all tests necessary and ultimately evolve

to the Wisdom of God!


Father, you always come alone to visit me here in my school, Tell me—do I

not have a mother like other children? Why am I in a boarding-school with

so many other children? Do I not have a mother, to tend me at home?

Father, it must be lovely to be kissed by a mother! To hear her words of

love, to feel the touch of her hand! I should like to share everything

with my mother, confide all my joy and my grief, whilst she embraces me...

Mother, I search for you all day and I never find you; You never come by

day to this huge, inhospitable house. I only see you at night, when I am

dreaming, Then you talk to me, go with me, softly stroke my cheek... Father

tells me: Mother is in Heaven, in Bliss and in Light. Why then do you not

come to your lonely child at day-time? Is heaven also a big house, where

nobody may leave? Where you may only visit me during my sleep? Father tells

me: one day, my child, you will also reach Heaven You will find your mother

there — in beauty of Light — You will live in this Light, together with

mother — and your joy, your happiness will be shared with her. Father tells

me; I go first to meet your mother, We prepare a beautiful home there for

you ... And when you — at last — are freed from this life here, You will

join us and we all will live happy together. Why then, my dear Father, must

we wait such a long time? Why does mother only come at night, never by day?

I long to embrace her so much for a short while and talk to her here in this

unfriendly house ... This house here is far too big for me — father — the

people are cold and too often too harsh, the children are either too wild or

too silent, there are only a few, which I could ever call friends. I and all

the other children, who live in this house, are strangers here and do not

want to live here. But we have to work, to build up our life,

Father — please, tell me! how am I to do this? "My child — you have already

built up your life here, But outside this house life is quite different.

Life means: fulfilling duty, discipline and chastity, Here you receive a

foretaste of life still to come." "Prepare yourself to meet struggle and

strife, even suffering in the life which awaits you, once you are grown

up. Your mother has suffered all this, my dear child, and left us, when

she gave you your life". "And in years to come, always remember your

mother, and all the sufferings, which were her fate; you will draw from it

strength for the days still before you. Learn to bear the cross of your life

with submission". "And always remember and be deeply convinced, that your

mother has never left you alone, she is always with you — in your dreams

at night-time, this proves, that at day-time she is watching you too".

"She protects you on earth, on the path which you tread, She cares for

you, that you do not only have grief, but also days full of happiness and of

achievement, therefore — my dear child — do not forget mother! "

I thank You, my Father, that You gave us — during our reincarnation — the

opportunity to commemorate the crucifixion of the body of Jesus and the

resurrection of the Spirit of Christ. I have listened to sermons of

preachers and theologians and was disturbed by their different perceptions

of the life and the strife of the Redeemer, of His teachings. His efficiency.

His instructions. One minister proclaims the Christ as the Spirit of Love,

who brought Calm and Peace to the people on earth, another preached: He came

with a sword in His Hands, to spread dissension and discord among them.

Dear Father — one of them must needs preach a wrong message — one of them

could never have understood the aims of the Christ... one of them must have

received wrong inspirations and must have deviated to the false

track — another must have had a low evolution. My Lord and Supreme

Master — be merciful to him — who is on the wrong path, show him, how to

understand the Christ. We notice everywhere, that school teaching, even

theological studies, are not sufficient, to make people understand

Divine Truth. A human spirit has first to cleanse, to balance his karma,

then — slowly — he will find the path, that leads to perfection...

only after this perfection will he be able to understand the Christspirit

in His various Incarnations, including the one of Jesus. Teach me too — my

Father — to understand the life of Jesus better and grant us to find the

right path, which leads to perfection — let us suffer experiences of life,

so as to speed our cleansing — and give us the grace to reach higher

evolution... Let us then rise to the Host of Your Spirits, to prepare

s — through struggle, sacrifices and suffering — to understand more deeply

the lives on earth of the Spirit of Christ, the struggle and suffering of

Jesus. We know and accept — our Supreme and Almighty Lord and Master — the

Christspirit was reincarnated in Jesus. He did this reincarnation not for

personal reasons, but to show mankind the path which they must choose, to

cleansing and to perfection, so as to reach higher evolution. The sword,

which He brought with Him to earth, was not a sword to spread trouble and

discord among people — between father and mother, or father and son, or

mother and daughter — the sword was spiritual and was directed towards the

evil on earth. From this sword hails the fight between good and evil —

because in nearly every family, in each household, in each group

of friends, is someone, in whom the spirit is born, which wars

against those of good intentions and helps to their downfall.

But ultimately — good is born from evil — and this good

lets love develop among people. Such spirituality — however —

matures only after many reincarnations, after many life-experiences, much

sorrow and suffering. From kind inclinations hail love for one's neighbor, love

for all mankind — love, that awakes compassion in the heart of human beings,

compassion which forgives humanity all mutual offences. Jesus Christ was the

personification of Love, Helpfulness and Compassion — revealed by His thoughts.

His words and His actions. His sword was spiritual, never turned against people.

His sword opened the human eyes to the evil, which lurks hidden and lures the

spirit — this sword has marked every human spirit, those who chose the right way and

those who wandered astray. Teach me — oh my Father — in remembrance of the

Crucifixion of Jesus and the Resurrection and Ascension of the Christ-spirit

to His Divine Home — to understand — in deep-felt meditation and unbounded

gratitude — more and ever more His struggles. His sacrifices. His sufferings — and

let me realize their Divine Worth and Importance.


Slowly, my Father, but with careful direction Did You guide my steps over the rugged

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