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Point 18 of Our Revelations is as follows: The human spirit is reincarnated on earth in a human body, to learn to realise itself — after spiritual perfection - to be an Atom of the Divine Essence, which is Love and Wisdom. This Revelation gives rise to certain questions, i.e.: 1. What do we understand by "spiritual perfection"? 2. What is an Atom of the "Essence of God"? 3. What is "love" and what is "wisdom"? Nobody on earth is perfect and each one commits — unknowingly — mistakes, errors and stupid actions. A perfected spirit does not return to earth again, to reincarnate in a human body, because it is no longer able to adjust itself to the earth with its many evils and corruptions. You may object: "What about the Christspirit, a part of Whom is born in the body of Jesus, and Who — according to Your spiritual letters — has so very often retuned to the earth"... Surely He is a perfect spirit, because the Christspirit is a part of the God-Head Self and a part of the Most Holy Divine Tri-Unity?... And what about those Spirits, of whom is assured, that They are splits of the Holy Spirit and Who have also so often reincarnated in a human body and returned to the earth as human beings? They too are exalted, sublime, perfect spirits, without any need or compulsion to return to the earth for the purpose of cleansing themselves from previous evil and depravity?... This certainly is a great truth. They do not reincarnate again in a human body to rise and to become better spirits or to purify from evil and shortcomings. But although it is difficult for them to live in a human body, they do it voluntarily, to help reincarnated human spirits on earth, who search for wisdom, to show them the path which they have to pursue and come into contact with the Light of God and to learn how they have to adjust themselves by good intentions and good actions. They are not free of strife, care and suffering. They are even more than other reincarnated spirits the toy of low spirits without evolution, because these spirits know that High Spirits are reincarnated on earth, in order to fight evil and vice, to extirpate and uproot these by using their highly developed common sense, physical strength and their spiritual wisdom. These reincarnations of High Spirits are in the Divine Service of the God-Head Himself. Reincarnated spirits are inspired and protected by other High Spirits and have to fulfil a mission, of which they are usually not cognizant, but which benefit other reincarnated spirits to further their evolution and their preparation for Eternal Life and Bliss in the Spiritworld. How then is a reincarnated spirit able to achieve perfect purification and what is the meaning of it? ... Purification means dissolving of all its evil tendencies and shortcomings; this is mostly achieved through mental suffering. Reincarnated spirits are on different degrees of purification and evolution. The Spirit of Christ in His various Splits has for this reason reincarnated in different degrees of evolution in the various spheres of evolution, which people on earth have reached. He contracted the habits and customs of each of these people, and according to their traditions — showed them the path to purification and evolution, which was adjusted to their particular type of culture and their manner of living. This path, which He indicated, is therefore different for the various people — different for the Jews of Moses' times — for the Syrian people of Zoroaster — the Chinese of Lao-Tse and Confucius — the Indians of Gautama Buddha — the Greeks of Socrates — the early Christians of Jesus Christ — the Arabian people of Mohamed — and the Spiritualist;, of Allan Kardec. But the goal is the same for all of them: to encourage the human spirits to part with evil and shortcomings, to acquire good virtues and to accept the Revelation about the Essence of God, which leads them to Eternal Bliss. Spiritual perfection matures gradually and not suddenly. Spiritual purification is adjusted to each degree on the scale of perfection, according to its degree of knowledge of men and life-experience. Each reincarnation in a human body contributes to the capacity of comprehension of spiritual wisdom and this is proportional to the amount of evil, which this spirit in question has overcome, its acquiring of virtues and liberation from earthly materialism. What is the meaning of "an atom of the Essence of God"? We have to answer this question by asking another question: "What is the meaning of the expression: "Essence of God"? "Essence" means: "deeper purport" or "innermost hidden truth", which is also called "Light". The deeper purport of a human being is not found in his outward appearance, but in his inner, invisible Ego, his spirit. The deeper purport of a spirit is —in turn—looked for in its sublimity, its elevation, its good attributes, its virtues, its gifts. The more good a person radiates, the higher the virtues, which he cultivates — the more love he expands for his fellow-beings — the more sympathy he feels for suffering humanity, for needy and unfortunate people — the more intensive his forgiveness for his offenders—the higher elevated he is — and this elevation is his "essence". From whence derives this "essence"? the origin of this essence is the "Atom of God", which were scattered over the earth at the Creation and which is called "Life", from which hailed minerals. plants, animals and human beings. But this type of life are atoms, which evolve, invisible life-forces, which mark the physical body, in whom they live, according to his degree of evolution — the one being just in his initial state, the other one already on a higher rung on the scale of purification and evolution. Once this process of evolution reaches the spirit hood, which is born in a human body, it receives new "Atoms of God", the Bearer of which is the Christ- pirit, as part of the God-Self. In each of His reincarnations in a human body has the Christspirit brought new conceptions of wisdom to these people. These conceptions were accordingly primitive for primitive people — or those who were already more advanced, the conceptions of wisdom were also more advanced, so as to be understood and accepted. The more wisdom a reincarnated human spirit is able to comprehend and accept, the more elevated and sublime is its "essence". But the atoms of wisdom originate from God by mediation of the Christspirit. His Light is Wisdom, as the "Essence of God" is also Wisdom, and there his wisdom is "Essence of God" which was embraced in him. "Essence of God" is wisdom in all its wide ramifications: it means goodness, virtue, love, morality, compassion for all, who stumbled or are ensnared in evil. God is the Most Sublime Goodness. He scatters His Atoms —through the Hands of the Christspirit — in the reincarnated human spirits — but He allows self-determination to all of them: either to develop this Atom and gain wisdom, which enables them to blend with the Light of God for all Eternity — or sink and vanish in eternal darkness.


Point 19 of Our Revelations is as follows: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to seek evidence, that the human spirit is immortal after its perfection through purification and wisdom. We have repeatedly explained, what is to be understood by "Human being" and "Spirit", by perfection, purification and wisdom, and also the deeper meaning of the word: "immortality". But still, it is necessary to repeat it, because spiritual wisdom is the symbol of the circle, around which everything rotates. Life itself is a wheel, which revolves and whenever it returns to its starting point, a new view to understanding is opened, a new particle of wisdom is added. Each new life is a re-beginning and each passing over is a termination, from which a new period is born. It is an eternal repetition of what is transitory, but which meets at every re-beginning with new circumstances, new situations. and therewith enriches the spirit with new experiences, endows it with more courage and more strength; from this again hails more endurance, more fortitude, which — hereupon — raises the spirit out of the last traces of material matter and reveals the immaterial spheres. whereto it is ultimately admitted and is blended, although without losing its personal identity. Therefore Our Revelations rotate in an endless circle, but whenever we reach our starting point, new wisdom is added to these revelations. And this continues until the last attribute is given, when the crown of wisdom is adorned with the most beautiful pearl. We understand full well, that it is difficult for people who have not heard all Our Revelations, to understand our explanations. But those, who are willing and of good intentions, are always able to make themselves acquainted and catch up with the missing link. Everyone understands that his being on earth is for a purpose. Only primitive spirits do not accept this, hut think that they are just here on earth as human beings, to enjoy all the niceties, which life on earth has to oiler. They only believe in material matter and not in the continuation of life in the spirit world, after the death of the physical body. They do homage only to the slogan: enjoy yourselves, play and dance, because you live only once - which is the philosophy of the underworld. Human beings, who believe in this slogan, perish and meet with destruction. The human being is unaware of the fact that he is a spirit, which reincarnated on earth to search for light, truth and wisdom. He is unaware of the fact, that this spirit reincarnated, to balance, resp. to burn its karma, its shortcomings and depravities. This asks for much suffering, both bodily and mentally. This suffering is the hell, which he has to endure on earth—and which remains with the spirit after death, whilst living in the spirit world, until all its shortcomings are atoned for. The question, which a human being asks himself in regard to the revelation: "a human being looks for proof, that he is immortal after having reached perfection through purification and wisdom", is thus: is the spirit mortal before its purification and perfection is reached and this has collected wisdom?... This question gives rise to explain the words: perfection purification and wisdom. hat is perfection?... Perfection is the result of purification.  As human being you always look for perfection — in daily life, in your work, in your office, in art, trade or industry, in your conduct and way of living, in your deportment at table, in public life, etc. Somebody, who behaves impolitely, uncouth towards his parents, his employer, his friends etc. is called imperfect or defective. It is not always the same word, which is used, but the meaning is the same. People will say: "this person is uncivil. rude, ill-bred, backward, immoral etc. But whatever the faults may be, he is imperfect". What then means perfection for a reincarnated human spirit?... Perfection is everywhere, where a human being is given a good example: somebody, who has no more faults who hates nobody, is not envious or jealous, who is not covetous of other people's possessions, who is content with his fate and pleased for the good fortune of others. He likes everybody, respects everyone's opinion, but maintains his own convictions. He helps, where ever he is able to give material or moral help. He forgives each his offences. knowing that people are on different rungs of evolution. This is perfection. But on earth this can only be reached to a certain degree, because the earth is the see-saw to a planet of higher perfection. If perfection is the consequence of purification, what is to understand by "purification"?... Each day of your human life gives you examples of impurity. If the gas burner of your heater or your stove burns with a red flame or is sooty, you know that something is wrong, because the flame is impure. When you have cleaned it and checked everything, the Hume is blue again and you will say: it is clean now and has a perfect flame, which gives warmth. When in your house you have your carpet cleaned, you do so because dust lies settled and dimmed the natural colours. You cither beat the carpet or have the dust sucked off with an apparatus, and are astonished at the amount of dust sucked off, but your carpet has its normal colours back. It is now cleansed, purified from dust and again looks a perfect carpet. You gain proof from these examples, that perfection is the effect of purification. What then is purification of the human spirit?... You have to note with your spiritual eyes your spirit life, as what you see in everyday life with your human eyes in regard to material matter. As long as a spirit, which is born in a human body, searches for wisdom and tries to overcome shortcomings, which he still harbours, this spirit is in need of purification. Whenever lie recognises shortcomings, as envy, jealousy, covetousness. disloyalty etc. and lie makes up his mind to conquer them and replace them by virtues as: brotherly love, goodness, compassion etc. lie purifies spiritually and consequently he perfects himself. Seen with spirit eyes: lie removes the black spots from his aura, for these are hooks for his shortcomings, his imperfection — and which disappear by practising virtues — thus making his radiation perfect in beauty and uniformity. We know that some people will not accept this — they have eyes only for material matter, the earth substance and the physical body. They are still primitive and have to wait for further reincarnations, where knowledge of men and life-experience will work together, to teach them to value, what now they burn. Or they are incorrigible low spirits from the underworld, which refuse to improve and will only serve evil and depravities. The Laws of Creation are such, that only purification and perfection — attained through practicing goodness and virtues — permit spirits, to enter Eternal Bliss and that those who reject this are doomed to destruction. Do not assume now, that this is the Will of a God of Revenge — because there is only a God of Love. This is only the result of the Laws of Creation, which are unchangeable for the duration of this world — with the effect: Each spirit has received its own self-determination and works either for his rising to the Light of God, or works for its ultimate destruction.


Point 20 of Our Revelations is as follows: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to believe — through self-knowledge —in the Divine Truth, to reach the highest wisdom, which permits these spirits to serve God's Plans on earth and be an illumination for fellow-beings, who strive for perfection and wisdom. This point inspires deep meditation on the words: self-knowledge, Divine Truth, highest wisdom, an illumination for fellow-beings, perfection and wisdom ... What is "self-knowledge"? The human being searches for knowledge and science. He analyses the earth and what is hidden in it: the soil and the sub foundations and what is known as minerals, he gauges the air, penetrates beyond the magnetic field, which surrounds the earth, he even ventures to reach other celestial bodies. He establishes the atmospheric pressure around other planets, whether there be water or rain or volcanic formations, whether people or animals may be living there, whether he may be able to land there. This is an expression of the urge of human beings, to gain general universal knowledge. There are — however — only few people, who try to analyze their own selves. They have so far succeeded, to analyse and dissect the physical body and science has established that the human body contains water, sulphur, iron etc., but very little is done to gain knowledge of the spiritual self. To acknowledge the spirit — which is living in the human being — means to accept that the human body is directed by a spirit — an invisible entity — which does not belong to the earth, but to the cosmos. The few who have this knowledge, try to analyse their self, their spiritual capacities — and also their inclination towards practicing good or evil, their evidence of virtues and shortcomings They analyse their love for fellow-beings, to realise, whether this feeling be lacking and has to be improved. They also check on their charity, their benevolence and whether their judgment of their adversaries will find them sufficiently merciful. As they realise their own evil and shortcomings and as they realise the degree of their love for fellow beings, know their feeling of charity, benevolence and compassion — they have acquired an understanding of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the knowledge of the human being of his own good and evil, his virtues and shortcomings. It is also the way to acknowledge God, because the human spirit is bearer of an Atom of God. What is "Divine Truth"?... Divine Truth is the knowledge, the conviction, that the physical body is born of earthly material and returns to this earth-substance after the death of the physical body — but that the spiritual entity is — in each human body — born from out of the cosmos and has to return there after the death of its human body. It is Divine Truth, that the Creator planted one of His Atoms in each human spirit and that this atom always grows clearer and brighter through its purification and balancing of its karma by suffering, so that it will ultimately be found worthy to blend with the Light of God — that the spirit, as a messenger of God, may then — as spirit — influence and inspire reincarnated human spirits, to acquire new virtues, may inspire them with love for fellow-creatures, then to receive love in return — to inspire them with more moral benevolence, charity and compassion as well, so that the compassion of God may reach them — inspire them with humility, to overcome many shortcomings, including haughtiness. All this is found on the path of each reincarnated human being — and in each successive reincarnation the human spirit will find more of the Divine Truth, which gives wisdom. What is the "Highest Wisdom"?... The Highest Wisdom is acquired through life-experiences and knowledge of men. The more reincarnations a human spirit undergoes, the more life-experiences he collects, the better prepared he is to learn to know his fellow-men. Each life-experience brings him a precept of wisdom. He gets this wisdom not through school teaching or from books, it is the result of his experiences, his struggles, restlessness, his joys and his sufferings. The more wisdom he develops, the higher he is in the different spheres of purification, his karmic outbalancing and his success with fellow-beings. He improves in judging his fellow-men in regard to their feelings and their actions. He understands himself as human being and as spirit and his fellow-people too according to their quality and capacity for good and evil, virtues and shortcomings. Everything on earth has — however — a beginning and an end. This is the path of purification and perfection. From here hails the highest wisdom, which can be reached on earth. Supreme Wisdom is reserved for God alone — and it is therefore regrettable, that there are reincarnated spirits, which — after having collected a certain amount of wisdom — regard themselves as super beings. This is a false notion. The human being can become a physical superman through a strong, well developed body — but spiritually there are no super spirits on earth, because the radiation of the earth and the Laws of Creation prevent, that reincarnated spirits collect higher wisdom than what the earth permits to capture. Each one — being of good intentions — is able to capture the highest wisdom, which is to be reached on earth — but according to the sphere, which the human spirit will inhabit — after its cycle of reincarnations is finished — it will gain still higher wisdom, which is unknown on earth. What is: "illumination for fellow-creatures"?... There is a limit, a terminus to the cycle of reincarnations, which the human spirit climbs during its human lives. This is then the award, the reward of merit, for its struggle, its suffering, its knowledge of men and its life-experiences. This terminus is reached only after all its low inclinations, all shortcomings, have been overcome and shed and the spirit — now a purified and perfected spirit — enters the Light of God and from here — as spirit — is taxed with missions among reincarnated spirits, to help substantiate God's Plans on earth. For a long while this spirit was only a guardian angel, a protecting spirit for reincarnated spirits, for those which chose the right way, searching for wisdom, whom it protected against the dangers in life — the influence of evil and depravities. But now — since its radiation is worthy to enter the Light of God — did it become a leader spirit and God taxed it with missions — with which it came to the planets, to those spirits, which are entrusted to its care — to show them the path, which he trod and which he followed to reach the Sphere of Eternal Bliss. This is the "Illuminator" and its assistants are protecting spirits — for certain chosen reincarnated spirits. Before and close to them is the Christspirit or the Holy Spirit, who personally or through them share their guidance and responsibility. This leader spirit is the invisible adviser for the few it can reach, whereas the Christspirit — in His various Reincarnations — is the Illuminator, the Adviser, the Way for the whole of humanity. What is "Perfection and Wisdom"?... This is the path, which each human spirit — during its successive reincarnations in a human body — has to pursue, to become worthy of being accepted in Eternal Spiritual Bliss. This way includes: practice of goodness and virtues, burning of all evil and shortcomings. It is the result of knowledge of men and life-experiences, the consequences of which is to become a better human being and a better spirit. He, who has reached this terminus, has completed his cycle of reincarnations in a human body and rises to another sphere, where it is no longer necessary, to reincarnate in a physical body — where the atmospheric texture of the surroundings is more in concord and where spiritual happiness, without the distress and the suffering on earth, waits for him and the Light of God proclaims for him unknown, unprecedented Revelations.


Point 21 of Our Revelations proclaims that: The human spirit is born on earth in a physical body, to learn to understand and respect all High Creeds in the One God in the knowledge, that each High Creed proclaims a part of the Divine Law. When you analyse this part of Our Revelation, you will gain the conviction: 1. that the human spirit is repeatedly reincarnated in a physical body, 2. that the human being has to learn to understand and respect all High Creeds in the One God, 3. that in each of these High Creeds a part of the Divine Laws is proclaimed. You who understand the spiritualistic philosophy, have often experienced that you receive messages about some of your former lives. Your own spirit manifests in the physical form of the human being who you were at that time. Such manifestations are observed by mediums and by believers, who have the gift of clairvoyance. Some people are unable to understand, when they are told that they have already lived several times on earth, that the body is earthly material and has to return to this physical matter and that it is impossible for this body of flesh and blood, to return after death... "Why then"—do they argue—"have we to return more often to the earth after our death"?... However — all High Creeds proclaim the presence of a spirit or a soul in each human body and explain, that this entity is destined to live eternally. This spirit (or call it "soul' if you prefer) belongs to the spiritworld, to the cosmos and — after having spent a certain time there — feels the desire, even a necessity, to reincarnate in a human body, to collect wisdom, to improve as spirit, to balance its karma and to embrace new virtues. This spirit returns many times to the earth, each time in an- other human body and after each successful reincarnation it approaches — as spirit — closer to the Light of God — which is the Highest. Clearest, most shining Love and Wisdom. Although many people use the word "soul" for their invisible Self, they actually mean the spirit. The "soul" is the nucleus of the spirit and is the treasury, where the subconscious is lodged. The spirit is the entity, which some clairvoyant mediums observe, whereas the "soul" is the essence the "innermost nucleus" — which sometimes manifests as a high shining point of light, which some of you will have observed on the altar or around some people during your Holy Service. You can — in moments of meditation — similarly reach a condition, where your spirit leaves your body and you may — with eyes closed — see yourself and the shining point within — your soul. This spirit, including the soul, is immortal after the death of the physical body. It returns — after death — as a living entity to the cosmos, also called spirit land. and after some time is spent there, returns to the earth in a new physical body, to proceed with its work of improving evolution and its rising to Eternal Life and Bliss. The second part of this point 21 says: "that the human being should learn to understand and honor all High Creeds'... Once s human being has studied the deeper meaning of other High Creeds, he realises, that he cannot underrate the value of them. To whatever Creed he may belong, whether Brahmanism, Zoroastrian, Christian or Islamic, the principles, the first beginning, the prototype, the essence — in everyone of them he will recognize his own Creed. Ceremonial and Church practice may differ, the Name of the Creator may be different — the main essence always crops up: "Love your neighbour as yourself, since that will bring peace to humanity". Each of these Creeds have some prominent principles, without ever neglecting the universal message of love and peace. The one Creed preaches: "differentiate between good and evil and overcome vices by practicing virtues". The next Creed proclaims: "there are many gods, but there is only One Creator and Almighty Father". Another one teaches: You have to have many reincarnations, to balance your karma from former lives through mental afflictions and bodily suffering. Still another Creed maintains: Love one another, that there may be peace on earth". And the last Creed accentuates the "Oneness of God"... Accepting all this as truth leads us to the confirmation of Our Point No. 3 nl: "each Creed proclaims part of the Divine Law"... And then, lastly, is there the Spiritualistic Creed and Philosophy, which explains; the true meaning of these different religions. and which teaches: 1. That each High-Creed received life-forces from the Almighty Creator, to serve as the Lodestar through the various teachings, always according to the evolution of their people. Each one thinks, that their Creed, their Church is the Truth and the Proclaimed Word of God... but nothing on earth is perfect, neither the believing reincarnated human spirit, nor the Creed to which he adheres. 2. that the collected essences of all High Creeds, comprise the complete Divine Law. 3. that the Christspirit or one of His Splits has reincarnated in all the Leaders of High Creeds in the One God and that this Leader has given each group a belief, which they could accept and practice, according to their degree of evolution. 4. That the Christspirit — in his manifold reincarnations — as Leader of all Creeds in the One God — as many prophets of the Old and the New Testament — as some philosophers, among others Socrates—has shown the Way of Reincarnation, Purification and Perfection, which each has to follow, to reach his spiritual destination: "Eternal Bliss". ' 5. that the Christspirit has again reincarnated in the body of Dr. Rivail (alias Allan Kardec), to proclaim the modern Spiritualistic Creed and Philosophy. 6. that in our days the Christspirit manifests in some spiritualistic séances as the "Spirit of Truth", to illustrate all His Teachings, which He — as Leader of High Creeds — has given in the form of parables — and to prepare those, who are worthy of it to reach Eternal Bliss in the Spiritworld. What will be your decision — considering the many divergent theories, that are circulating on earth?... We will explain this to you: It is the result of the different degrees of purification, rising and evolution, which reincarnated human spirits have reached, from the materialism of primitive people to idealism and mysticism of the higher evolved human spirits. Some look for physical wellbeing, earthly riches, wealth and abundance, without any longing for spiritual wealth. The others, those who are climbing the ladder of evolution search for knowledge of men and for wisdom. They undergo repentance of former offences and pay for it by mental suffering. They understand, that there are reincarnated spirits, which are still living in darkness and depravity — and they do not hate them; they try to inspire those primitive people by the results of their own life-experiences, knowledge of men and wisdom — and scatter love all around to help that peace may reign on earth among all mankind.


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