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Point 14 of Our Revelations explains: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to learn to believe in the evolution and the gradual rising of the human spirit. In this explanation is a duality entrenched, because the human being judges everything according to his human understanding and very little with his spiritual sensations. Even the expression, "spiritual sensation" gives rise to misunderstanding because "Spiritual" is all too often used as meaning "intellectual". Yet — spirit and human being are two different things, just as "wisdom" and "intellect" are two different conceptions. The first one belongs to the spirit, which is reincarnated in the human being, and the second one belongs to the physical human being, in whom the spirit lives. The more the younger generation emancipates and finds its place in life — the higher they climb socially, obtain university- degrees and get better jobs — the more they get access to high society and obtain admission to persons of high standing — it is often said: "he advanced" or: "he evolved". This rising, this evolution determines him as a person of social and political standing — which, after all, is useless and value-less after physical death and nothing remains but a remembrance, which also slowly pales and for most earthlings disappears into nothingness. The earthly father is an entity, who thinks feels and acts with his human senses. He brings his children up by discussions and intellectual considerations. He sends them to university, if he can afford it, to enable them to get a better professional position and have a good income. He educates his children according to his own .standard, but always with the purpose, that these children should obtain a respected and distinguished social position. He cares for the evolution, the rising of his children on earth as human beings. God-by comparison — is the Spiritual Father of the human spirits. He gives His children at their reincarnation an earthly father and an earthly mother, to care for the material needs of their children. He himself cares for the spiritual needs of His children, should they be of good intentions. He inspires them — through the medium of the Christspirit — to follow the good path and to avoid evildoing. He influences them — through the medium of the Holy Spirit — to burn their evils and shortcomings through doing penance. He prompts them to acquire virtues and the capacity to understand fellow-people, according to their degree of evolution and to forgive their offences. The Divine Father forgives His children all sins and vices. as long as they acknowledge them, repent of them, cleanse and evolve. The mortal individual is a duality: an earthly physical being. who acts according to his human understanding — and a spirit. which acts according to its spiritual ability. The human being has human parents, of whom he is born. the spirit has a Father in Heaven, from whom is its origin. The physical individual receives physical matter from physical parents... and the invisible spirit hails from God. The physical person belongs to the earth and returns — after the death of the physical body — to the earth and to physical matter. The spirit belongs to the cosmos and returns — after the death of its physical body — as a living entity to the cosmos... Herein lies the twofold meaning of the words: Evolution and Rising. The meaning of these words is: unfoldment and improvement. And if the human being is able to improve, there must be a way too, to unfold the spirit. What then is actually the meaning of evolution and rising?... We have already explained: to improve as human being and thus to unfold as spirit. But what is: to improve? We have explained: on the one side, to better the life as human being — on the other side, to unfold the spirit. You will now ask: "I quite understand, that a person is able to better his life through more intellectual knowledge and thus attain a higher social position. I also understand, that a person can cleanse his spiritual life by living according to a standard model, but which road has one to choose, to reach this goal? There are so many people, who live a base life but give — time and again — the solemn promise to improve and never again relapse and repeat their old mistakes—but then never keep their promise and go to ruin... What is the reason for this and how can it be avoided?... We have to repeat, what We have said so often, i.e.: "each one has his self-determination in his own hands. But each one has to pass through the tunnel of evil, before he is able to climb the ladder of evolution and rising—not to learn, how to practice evil, but to learn to differentiate between good and evil — to suffer experiences of life and therewith to gain knowledge of men — never to attract suffering, but to become stronger as spirit — to gain more willpower, more energy, so as to overcome evil — and to learn to carry the heavy burden, which is involved in life, with submission and humility — to demolish the piled-up evil from former lives through mental suffering — to learn, how to search for truth and wisdom — to be able to observe the beauty of the world and life — and to learn to understand the reason for all this — to gain a clearer and brighter radiation through purification and improving, thus able to become worthy to be received into the Light of God and to blend therein — and live in Eternal Life and Bliss. The human being, who accepts this theory, will then want to see it substantiated immediately, without considering, how far this is in accord with his own spiritual evolution. But a spirit, which is still loaded with evil, is as yet unable to understand it — is unable too, to burn in only one human life all accumulated evil. It needs many reincarnations in a human body, to correct all the wrongs, which it still harbours. There are reincarnated human spirits living on earth, who are so perfect, as to reach the highest rung of evolution possible on earth. They do not need any more reincarnation, to gain greater perfection. They will — after the death of their physical body — find the Gates of Bliss open for them. Because they have searched for Light and Wisdom during their life on earth and have succeeded — for they reincarnated with the purpose, to serve God's Plans on earth — so are the Gates to the Father house open for them. They will be welcomed there for all Eternity, and held in their Father's arms. They can look back on the path, which they have trodden and will realise the necessity of the duality of human life, as a preparation for winning Eternal Life and Eternal Bliss.


Point 15 of Our Revelations says: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to learn to practise love, moral and material charity and also compassion for fellow-beings. Many people do not understand this expression or fathom its deeper meaning. They read these words with their human eyes and not with their spiritual eyes. They do not feel the difference between spiritual love and human love, do not realise that charity can be performed in a spiritual way and that compassion towards fellow beings is a spiritual action and not a personal human one. The mortal individual is and remains a duality, who fends for the human wellbeing and for the happiness of the indwelling spirit. This too — many people do not understand, and many recognize only their human life and not the spiritual part, notwithstanding that all Great Creeds proclaim, that after the death of the human body the human spirit passes over to reach eternal spiritual bliss — that death does not exist. They think, that all they bring forth: their feelings, their thoughts, their words and their achievements, are products of their human intelligence, of their brain — and that after the death of the body all dissolves into nothingness. How astonished they look around, when — after death — they enter the spirit world and meet their many friends of former lives. Slowly remembrance dawns on them and then they feel regret and qualms of conscience, on account of their wrong conceptions about life, their disbelief, their wrong axioms. Life in the cosmos is unpleasant for them. They feel the sting of their permittivity — feel unhappy in their primitive surroundings and wish to return and again reincarnate in a human body, now to search for truth and wisdom, to burn their evildoings, to acquire life-experience and knowledge of men — in order to reach, enriched with wisdom, a higher plane in the cosmos, where higher evolved spirits reside, and from where the spirit — after purification and perfection — will be able to enter the sphere of Eternal Bliss. They have — in the cosmos — the spirit land — found the opportunity to glance at the remote, unknown, mysterious future. Now they have a vague remembrance of it — but once reincarnated in a human body, everything melts away in the crucible of the unending Eternity and they attempt the search for wisdom with their human understanding and no longer with their spiritual perception. What then is the real meaning of the expression: spiritual love?... moral and material chantey?... compassion for their fellow-creatures?... The average person knows only one type of love and that is animal love — sex love, which gives bodily satisfaction, which ceases to exist after satiety; it is the fulfilment of a call of human life, which nobody can escape. This is earthly, humanly love. which in many cases causes trouble and difficulties, anxiety and scruples for both persons concerned. This is not true love. It is only avidity for bodily satisfaction. which so often results in mental suffering and much grief. Moral and material charity is also fitted to human calculations. It often happens, that an heir apparent visits a sick person, to calm him by pretended words of comfort and encouragement — visits this sick person only to gain his good will, so as to be remembered in his will and testament. It also often occurs, that wealthy people, "denote to charity", to serve their "good" reputation, to be notorious — their wish and struggle is to obtain a post of honour and of influence. For them, charity is only an outward practice for human earthly reasons and is looked upon only with physical human eyes. And what about compassion? How many people are there, who pretend to be compassionate Samaritans, who preach love and forgiveness — but who, themselves, live in darkest sin and evil?... "Hear my words, but do not watch my works"... They are sophists, braggarts, very ingenious in their speeches, and consider it sport, to turn lies to appear as the truth; people, who do not shrink from using false axioms, to fortify or to entrench their lies. Spiritual love, charity and compassion must be observed through the spirit, and then these words will express quite a different meaning ... What then are Spiritual Love, Moral and Material Charity and Compassion?... There is a love, which does not belong to the animal-like being, a love which stands high above sexuality — one, which looks for mutual respect and veneration, a love, which is prepared to sacrifice everything for the family and for fellow-men. This is not sensible, rational, logical love; this love is satisfied with spiritual and bodily devotion, by mutual compliance. This love is praised by famous artists, praised in songs, in poems, in sculptures, in pictures, etc. It leads to idealism and mysticism. Now idealism is not always fully realised and substantiated, because human earthly materialism opposes it. But where it is fully realised, the person is in a sublime condition, close to mysticism. But human beings are able to improvise even mysticism for the appertaining of material, physical advantages from God. This then is also a consideration of the human brain and not from the spirit. True mysticism springs from the spirit and is actually the conviction: to give oneself — without any restriction — over to serve God, to help substantiate God's Plans on earth. It is the most exalted condition, which a human being is able to reach. Charity, then, is an intense feeling of love for one's fellow-beings, who are in need, in distress or are sick and need help. Charity is nothing logical, it is spontaneous and springs from the inner human being. It means, to give comfort to diseased and unfortunate people and to give encouragement to distressed and downhearted ones. It is spontaneous help for those who need it and are worthy of it. It originates from the spirit, never from the human brain. Compassion is — in its clearest meaning — pity for those who trespassed, even if you were wronged. It is forgiveness for the sinner and evildoer, with the conviction, that the time will come for those, to realise their shortcomings and offences — and will repent, voluntarily, spontaneously, through mental suffering, until all evil is obliterated. Practise love, charity and compassion, spiritually and God's Blessing will descend upon you abundantly. But always differentiate between human considerations and spontaneous spiritual acting.


Point 16 of Our Revelation says: The human being is both born on earth in a human body, to search in its temporal existence as human being—for self-knowledge in one's human essence. Certainly does this Revelation raise the following questions: 1. What is to understand by, "Self-Knowledge"? 2. What is meant by the "essence" in its temporal existence as human being? 3. What is a "human being"? Before we can talk about the essence of human hood, we have to enquire about the human-self, and after that the question is raised: what is the human being? The human being is a creature, a being, composed of flesh and blood, who is born of other human beings. He is a fragment of nature, born of nature. He thus belongs to the earth, just as the animals, the plants, the minerals. All of these are of only a temporal existence and all return to the earth matter, from which they originated. The earth is the mother, who feeds the baby and supports it. It is adjusted to the degrees of evolution of the spirit. which is living in this body and which provides its vital forces, and life is impossible without a spirit, dwelling in the body. Is then the physical body not material matter during its temporal life? It is material matter during its life, but matter, which is controlled and directed by the indwelling spirit, which has made its home therein. The human body is born to provide for the human spirit the opportunity to use the physical strength of the body to fulfill its mission on earth. The body has a temporal life and after all his vital forces are used up, he returns to the earth matter. The human being usually feels happy to be alive, happy about his creative energy — and in most cases he does everything possible, to produce worldly happiness as result. The new-born creature learns many things and thus learns to follow the life of his fellowmen. He collects with his brain knowledge and understanding. This shows him the necessity to work, in order to acquire maintenance for himself — the human being — the physical body. All this is human logic, attained by the human brain. The human being regards everything materially, but not spiritually. He wants a high rank in society, a good prosperous position — to accomplish all his physical desires — to make a good marriage, raise children — try to provide for them and make them physically and materially happy — and wants also, to enjoy this material wellbeing for himself, his family and his descendants. But the indwelling spirit is of little or no account to him. This is the human being. What do we understand by Self-knowledge? Self-knowledge is also knowledge of one's fellow-beings. There is the urge, to learn to understand his fellow-men. But this happens without any exertion. He notices the material possessions of other people. He observes the poverty of the one and the wealth of another. He is pleased to see someone poor and jealous of the wealth of others. Or he will pity poverty and feel happy, that others are better off. He argues about his own conditions. Must he feel sorry for himself or must he feel happy, as to how his conditions are? In what milieu is he living? What is his social standing? What can he undertake, to rise to a higher position? How will he be able to meet people of higher social ranks? The knowledge of other people helps him to a knowledge of himself. This raises envy in him and the impulse, to improve his own social position. He wants a better station, which will bring him in connection with people of higher society. He — as a human person — rises, he climbs up and reaches the state, where he realises, that there are people with different degrees of human evolution and that in one of these circles he feels at home. But he will climb higher, earn more money, but still desire to belong to an even higher society. Thus — by studying his neighbors — he has studied himself and all his efforts to better himself: the human being, who worships material matter, but who — after all — has to return to the earthly material state. What then is the essence of the temporal existence of the spirit as human being? The essence of the human being is material matter. The human being is born of earthly matter. He lives and enjoys his material possessions, and — when dead — he blends again with earthly matter. Most people realise themselves only in a small way in their capacity as human beings — and not at all as spiritual beings. They only observe with their physical eyes and are absolutely disinterested in the desires of the spirit, which — after the death of the physical body — has to remain alive, has to acquire its spiritual advancement through the experiences of the human being and has to undergo much suffering on account of the actions and the influence of the physical body. The human being — in his ignorance — works at nothing else but his physical elevation and thus develops to be a materialist and is chiefly of egoistic tendencies. He works for his corporeal and human satiation and stands — from this point of view — still close to the animals, although these act without logic from instinct — whereas the human being embarks on everything, using his brain, his human reasoning, with the urge to get the highest advantage out of his undertakings. People talk and deliberate, confer with others, how to arrange their affairs, in order to serve the golden calf in the most profitable manner for themselves, to acquire riches, luxuries and pleasures — very often to the disadvantage of their fellow-men. He stands — in his youth — before the gates of the new life. He lives with the illusion that life on earth is of long duration. There is so much time to substantiate his ambitious plans. The alluring call of life entices him. With the strength of his human hood, with all his physical possibilities, he throws himself into the crucible of life. Satisfaction and disappointment alternate one another. He experiences joy and suffering — and quite suddenly the greatest disappointment happens: the alluring call of life has grown dumb and has become extinct. Quite of a sudden he feels old and weary of life. He feels disillusioned about his passed life — had life nothing else to offer, but that which he got? He is abhorred with some events which he encountered. He is reminded of the few people he met in life, who were less materialistic than he was, but who led a more spiritual life. If he only could start life afresh! His spirit hood awakes in him — and he enters life in spirit land with remorse and self-reproach.


Point 17 of Our Revelations says: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body to search for self-knowledge in its spiritual essence. It was not difficult to explain, what was meant in Point 16. in which we showed that the reincarnated human spirit has to search for self-knowledge in its human essence. Everyone on earth appreciates his existence. Each realises that every day he acquires some knowledge of men and gains some life experiences. But most people are unaware of their harboring a spirit. Some accept, that they are not only human but also spiritual, and that it is the spirit dwelling in them, which is called to find the way to Eternal Life and Bliss. But they do not differentiate correctly between their human and their spiritual capacities. They are not able to distinguish the one from the other, they look at everything with their human eyes, the physical material form, and do not observe the spiritual immaterial and psychic order. Moreover — church leaders on earth impress on their congregation — over and anon — that they are spirits and that Eternal Life and Bliss exist, but they refrain from any explanation or elucidation about this spirit and its essence. They confirm themselves to the Holy Scriptures as centuries old witness of the existence of God, and to the analyzing of Revelations, which certainly have their great value and are always an actuality — but many people are fairly eager to learn of new revelations, which will bring them closer to the Light of God. The Christspirit — reincarnated in the body of Jesus — has often testified: "The Spirit of Truth will come after me and explain all, which I tell you in parables"... What did Jesus mean by these words?... He meant that at His time people were not sufficiently evolved to understand all which He tried to reveal to them... that their spirit was still too primitive, too little cleansed... but that they would in later reincarnations gain more experience of life and of men — more knowledge and wisdom and then be more open minded and better able to understand those symbolic parables and interpretations. He — the Christspirit —has returned and reincarnated in the body of Allan Kardec (alias Dr. Rivail) in France and has — as the

Spirit of Truth — explained and elucidated in his books the parables of Jesus and the gospels according to the Spiritualistic Philosophy. But — although these books are translated into several languages — the leaders of Christian churches hold to the old symbolism and insist, that no question be raised. But the Spirit of Truth manifests in spiritualistic séances and reveals the same elucidations about the parables of Jesus, as Allan Kardec has given. You may therefore accept, that it is wrong to remain content with the allusions and hints, which Jesus used and which could not be understood by the people of His Time, but which are now — through the intervention of Allan Kardec as the Spirit of Truth — not difficult to understand in its clear plain meaning and therefore easy to accept. It is necessary to study the essence of the Christspirit in It's various incarnations on earth and to listen to the elucidation which Allan Kardec has given us during his life on earth and which the Spirit of Truth confirmed from the spiritworld, if one wants to understand one's own spiritual essence. It is still difficult to explain to reincarnated spirits, what the meaning of "the spiritual essence" is. What is meant here, is not the physical composition, that would be easy for Us. Now We have to throw people into con- fusion, because these components derive their origin from the cosmos and not from the earth. It would lead to a spiritual scientific analysis, which would not be understandable to you. The essence of the spirit — as We understand it — is immaterial and purely spiritual. To be able to understand this it is necessary to make a profound, thorough study of the Christspirit Himself in His various reincarnations on earth; to analyse not only the one life as Jesus, but also those of Allan Kardec, Mohamed, Gautama Buddha, Socrates, Moses and others. If you are then able, to detach their spiritual life from their human life — if you are able to detach the spiritual essence from the human essence — if you are able to grasp the beauty of their feeling, their words and deeds — if your soul be sensitive enough to penetrate down to the innermost deepest feeling within, — the True Self — to grasp the unfathomable glorious last solemn emotions and vibrations of His Divine Heart — if you be able to understand all this, it can be a standard for you and your own way of living and your view of life. The spiritual essence is an "innermost ardent feeling" — "unfathomably glorious" — nothing external. Feeling is always spiritual and is already spiritual essence. From emotion hail many wonderful attributes. Feeling is the "Mother of Love" — for family and fellow-men, for all creation. From "spiritual love" springs sacrifice for those, who are in need. The best model you find is in some mothers who risk their own, life to save that of their children. It means also unselfish care for sick people, comforting the distressed, unprovided ones and those who are grieved and suffer mentally. The "spiritual essence" is the inner inclination to help without consulting common sense, it is the spontaneity to help and assist others, to ease their suffering, to forgive their shortcomings and try to make them susceptible to love, goodness and compassion. But it is a difficulty with many people to impress on them, that they should practise love, goodness and compassion — because many reincarnated spirits are still too primitive and have to undergo many more life-experiences, until they will be able to differentiate between good and evil. Many human spirits have still to suffer many more reincarnations to collect sufficient wisdom, to enable them to balance their guilt's from former lives and to evade further shortcomings. Many people still have to pass

through the tunnel of mental suffering, to annul their shortcomings and evil. A spirit, which has so far never passed through these experiences, is still on the very lowest rung of evolution and cleansing and very far from perfection. Its essence thus is always: evil and depraving. It does not yet know God's Divine Laws. A human spirit, who endured it all, who annulled through mental suffering his evil and corruption—who experienced many reincarnations on earth and grasped much profound wisdom, has reached a high rung of evolution and perfection. He radiates and spreads love, goodness and compassion, and submits to Divine Laws and lives in the Light of God. For the first type it is not possible to understand and to penetrate the Essence of the Christspirit nor is he able to appreciate the abundance and wisdom of His Words. The second type — however — may belong to an earthly creed, but is spiritually exalted above all earthly creeds. He absorbs new revelations, which he receives from the spiritworld. He listens to and obeys revelations, which the Spirit of Truth — not as human being but as spirit — indicates to him as new truths, which he as yet has never heard, but understands at once, because his successive reincarnations in a human body gave him sullicient wisdom. to comprehend them implicitly, unreserved, to the full — as human being as well as a spirit. He has — through his wisdom, his intuition in accepting new truths and his living according to Divine Laws — reached the Light of God, where his spirit — after the death of his human body — will live in Eternal Bliss.

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