Messages from the highest spheres

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First Edition 1967

Second Edition 1973

Copyright © 1967. L. F. Uyttendaele

E. C. Uyttendaele

This book is copyrighted under the Berne Convention. No portion may be reproduced by any process without the copyright holder's written permission, except for the purpose of reviewing or criticism, as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1956. The proceeds of this book wilt be donated to the Spiritualist Church of Springs by L. F. Uyttendaele and E. C. Uyttendaele.


When you study your Holy Books and pause at the story of the Tower of Babel and the scattering of the peoples as a result of their different languages, you will not immediately grasp the deeper meaning of the allegory and its symbolical implication. Only by deeper contemplation will you understand, how the difference of their various human languages divided people — but the searcher for truth feels instinctively, that something else is hidden therein, something which the human brain is not able to fathom. Here is again the spiritualistic philosophy, which clears the outlook and "lightens the darkness". If you want help and read books about occult occurrences. you will soon realize the absolute truth: "that contact between human beings and spirits, between reincarnated and discarnate spirits, is a fact". Experienced and sensitive mediums receive messages out of the spirit world, which they pass on to the persons concerned and these find them to be correct. No doubt is possible — but there are other writers, who insist that all is imagination and hallucination. When you examine these hicories more closely, you will come across a certain book, which contains letters written by a spirit Koot-Homi (Kuthumi) and signed in His name in which He claims, that any contacts between human beings and spirits are impossible and sheer hallucination. What is striking, is the fact, that in this book is neither mentioned, whether this Koot-Homi (or Kuthumi) was reincarnated or discarnate, when writing these letters — or, whether incorporated in a writing medium or reincarnated in a human body. An experienced spiritualist, who has not only studied the spiritualistic philosophy, but who has also the gift, to talk to or even to see discarnate spirits, will always thoroughly check such messages — by whatever means he lias received them — cither telepathically or as incorporation or by writing on a letter board. The text immediately shows, whether they originate from good or from low spirits. He will reject all vulgar or wanton texts and also manifestations of low spirits, which may be seen either in the aura or the close area of people.


Dear Reader,

This book is a condensed explanation of the True Spiritualistic Philosophy. Some people may make the critical remark: "Why are the contents mystical?" We may not allow this question to pass without an answer; this book will solve the proposition. True Spiritualism is for the Service of God. Without this acceptance, the study and practice of spiritualism is worthless and will bring no improvement to the human spirit. Many people look for a connection between mysticism and the creeds of various churches and their ceremonies in public worship. For us mysticism is Belief and Conviction. Accept this Spiritualistic Philosophy as a "MESSAGE FROM GOD" because the text is not from any human being, but given directly from a High Spirit — through human mediumship — to help reincarnated human spirits on earth to a better understanding of a text, given a hundred years ago. This text is the teaching of Allan Kardec (Dr. H. L. Rivail): "Naitre — to be born Mourir — to die

Renaitre — to be reborn

Ca c'est la loi — this is the law"

May this condensed study, concerning the True Spiritualistic

Philosophy, inspire you to meditate upon and reap the results.

This is the sincere wish of

Your friends and helpers from the Spirit world.
Dear Reader - Spirit of God,

These "Books of Wisdom" have not been written for primitive human beings or for fanatical believers in the laws of their own church, or for such people as are destroying all that does not belong to their own convictions. "Books of Wisdom" have been written for reborn spirits, which are searching for truth and spiritual wisdom and are respecting the Creeds of everyone's conception. The High Spirits, which have - by inspiration and by incorporating a medium - communicated these Messages: Introduction to True Spiritualism. The Creed of True Spiritualism. The 23 Revelations IV & V. 2 books of "Messages from the Highest Spheres" are not denying the different "Creeds of Faith", propagated on earth. These High Spirits

are Real "Messengers of God". They bring Truth and Wisdom to spirits, reincarnated on earth in a human body. "Books of Wisdom" are the Real Way to the Gates of Everlasting Life and Bliss.



Messages from the Highest Spheres to the longing and searching reincarnated spirits on earth.


mediumistically communicated through the agency of

the Spirit of Truth
the Spirit Kuthumi
the Spirit Monyn.
A reincarnated human spirit, who believes such vulgar and wanton messages, shows, that he judges spiritualism to be just a spectacle, but not something "holy" and gives proof that he has as yet not evolved sufficiently, to be able to fathom the finer radiation of the Spiritualistic Philosophy. These people do not realize their low sphere of evolution and are as yet more sensitive to evil' than to good. As long as they stand aside from evolution, they will accept inspirations to fight truth and justice. As megalomaniacs and know-all — they fight truth not openly, but maliciously, like snipers in wartime, from behind, without any chance for the enemy, to protect or defend himself. In wartime, truth and justice are misrepresented by lies - diplomatic circles give wrong information, to induce the enemy to do things to their disadvantage. Good and evil are always in collision - on earth as well as in the spirit-world - and actually is now a veritable war in the spiritual realm. The arms are rather dissimilar: on the one side love, truth, righteousness are used, as weapons for both defense and charge - on the other side are insinuations, slander, calumniation, lies and hate. The result of such viciousness is a certain discouragement - and as everything in the spirit-world has its radiation, this radiation also reaches many reincarnated human spirits. And is it then not amazing, that on earth too, false philosophies are circulated by persons, who maintain to receive letters from High Spirits, but which are always contradicting the concerns of the Lord God as well as those High Spirits, whose work is missions from God to human spirits on earth! Low spirits do not hesitate to manifest in the name of High Spirits - even in séances -, to use names, which do not belong to them and to give texts, which damage the concerns of these High Spirits and mar the truth. To spread mistrust and suspicion, despair and discontent, is their goal and with these attributes they succeed to convince many people. And he, whom they thus impress, hardly ever thinks of arguing or reasoning, though - if he should do so, he would realize, that behind these vicious talks are the spirits of darkness. Kuthumi too, is often harmed by them and doubtless they will try again to pester him with their vicious lies and falsehoods. But the power of Love, Truth, Righteousness and Loyalty conquer all slander and calamity. They allow books to circulate to enlarge upon a false philosophy, to try to darken the light - let lies and slander be spread by low, unevolved spirits: "Truth overcomes lies, Love conquers hate". The Divine Light expels darkness and nothing is able to retard the evolution and the ascent of those human spirits, who are of "good intentions". Nothing and nobody can prevent perfected spirits to come - in the name of God - to show people on earth the evil, and direct the path, which they must choose, to ultimately find Eternal Light and Bliss. The Tower of Babel and he scattering of people with diverse languages is the symbolic explanation of the difference of the human beings on earth and the various degrees of spiritual evolution, which is characteristic of the human spirits in their different degrees of evolution. The lowest degree is that of hate and vengeance and the very highest is that of Love and Compassion.


There are divergent perceptions about Spiritualism, but the aim is always the same, nl: to become a better human being, thus a better spirit and therewith to gain a higher place in the cosmos, in the host of God's spirits.
Q: Why are there diverging meanings about the Spiritualistic Philosophy?

A: Because human beings, who live on earth, have an indwelling spirit and these

spirits, which have reached different degrees of evolution, are mainly

inspired by spirits of their own evolutional degree.

Q: What is evolution?

A: Evolution is the effect of spiritual cleansing.

Q: What is spiritual cleansing?

A: Spiritual cleansing is the result of becoming a better human being.

Q: Are there good and bad human beings?

A: Each human spirit, reincarnated on earth in a human body, gains the

experience, that there are good and bad people. In the cosmos too are good

and bad spirits.

Q: Is a bad human being able to change and become a good one?

A: Our Creator granted all self-determination. Therefore, each one is

responsible for his offences and has to bear the result.
Q: Does God punish those bad human beings?

A: Our Creator is a God of Love. He does not punish anyone, but the spirit,

which committed evil and wants to reach Life Eternal, has to atone for

its offences through strife, care and suffering. Thus the spirit is cleansed,

then evolves and is able to rise to God's host of spirits.
Q: Is a spirit able to evolve as a Discarnated spirit in the cosmos?

A: Yes, a spirit may evolve in the cosmos, but prefers to return to the earth

or a planet, where it may grow stronger - for atonement through struggle

and suffering, through life-experiences, and therewith become better

armed against the evil doings of low, primitive or even incorrigible spirits.
Q: What are primitive spirits?

A: Primitive spirits are doing their first incarnation in a human body and are

therefore not yet able to differentiate between good and evil. They are

chiefly influenced by physical substance and worldly pleasures.

Q: What are low spirits?

A: Low spirits are without any evolution and are satisfied with physical affairs

and pleasures. They try to influence such spirits, which desire to advance,

to share their type of worldly, physical advantages. Among them are some,

which - after certain experiences - start to search for Light and Wisdom,

whilst others drift deeper and deeper towards mundane amusements.

Q: What are incorrigible spirits?

A: Incorrigible spirits are in fact internals. They are of such evil

inclinations that they are convinced nothing can change them. They go down,

inexorably, ensnared in malignity. They inspire - and even incorporate -

human beings, with vicious and base intentions.
Q: Are human beings continuously under the influence of low spirits?

A: Yes, human beings are always instigated to wrong actions. A strong spirit

will resist these evil inspirations and as it remains calm and lucid, will

not be incorporated either.

Q: Have then the good spirits abandoned the human beings?

A: Oh no! good spirits also give inspirations to reincarnated spirits. But the

human being has his own free will: either to listen to evil persuasion or to

the influence of God's spirits. Each human being has the right to

self-determination and either follows the upward path or drifts deeper to

the abyss - the choice is his own.

Q: Does God abandon His creatures?

A: No - how far they drift away and how much they deviate from the right

path — there is always a way back, if the human being repents and is of

"good intentions".

Q: What is repentance?

A: Repentance is the realization that the human being committed evil and that

he desires to expiate his failings.
Q: What does "spirits of good intentions" mean?

A: Spirits, which are of good intentions, hope for and trust in a better future.

They accept Truths, which other spirits refuse or are not yet able to accept.

They refuse inspirations, given by primitive, low or incorrigible spirits,

and listen only to the counsel of God's good spirits. They persevere in

abiding with Divine Laws and thus develop wisdom. They feel repentance for

former offences and are prepared to atone for them.
Q: How may a human being atone for former shortcomings?

A: Evil doings cause dark spots in the aura of the human being. When he passes

on to the cosmos and feels repentance, the remembrance of his offences will

awaken pictures, which he radiates; these will cause him mental suffering.

He requires reincarnation in a human body, to atone for previous evil

deeds through struggles, strife and suffering.

Q: But is the suffering or harm, which he caused other people, not paid for?

A: The human being, who received harm and mental suffering, has also a karma to

undo. The evil, which he suffered, is also an atonement for him for

previous shortcomings - possibly even done in former lives. This suffering

is an experience for him, which brings him wisdom, strengthens him

spiritually and balances his karma. He has now paid for his failings,

feels relieved - all is settled and he has evolved.
Q: Do all human spirits come on earth for evolution?

A: Yes - every reincarnated human spirit wants to cleanse and rise.

Q: Thus no perfected spirits reincarnate on earth in a human body?

A: They do - High, holy Spirits come now and then and reincarnate in a human

body: to help to accomplish Divine Plans - and therewith to gain more

evolution, to draw closer to Divine Wisdom.

Q: Have these perfected spirits, which reincarnate on earth, still to

balance a karma?

A: No - they come to serve humanity – and - by their standard of life - to show

less perfected spirits the road to evolution and redemption from evil. They

reincarnate to do a mission.
Q: Have all reincarnated spirits to fulfill a mission?

A: Yes - some reincarnate to give other spirits the possibility to reincarnate

also - others reincarnate to help a reincarnated brother spirit in a certain

conflict in his own life on earth - still others come to further God's

plans on earth - but the majority reincarnate to balance their karma

through mental suffering.

Q: What has one to do to advance spiritually?

A: To gain spiritual advancement, the human being has to study the Divine

Laws - and to live according to these Divine Laws.
Q: What are the Divine Laws?

A: The Divine Laws can be summarized in three words: Spiritual Love, Charity

and Compassion.
Q: What is Love?

A: Love is the expression of a spiritual feeling. Love can be worldly, but also

spiritual. Worldly love, although it may refrain from materialism and

pleasure seeking, brings no rising to the spirit. Love must be the result

of a spiritual conviction to be able to give the greatest sacrifice for the

well-being of a consort. Spiritual Love is directed towards God or to one's

neighbor, it must be serene and unselfish, never mingled with material

Q: What is Charity?

A: Charity may be material or moral. It is a spiritual feeling, with spontaneous

expressions. Material support for needy people is material charity. Everyone

is - according to his means - obliged to help others. Moral charity is: to

comfort and encourage sick people, cripples and those who are not provided

for - to try to brighten their lives and to resign gracefully to bear their

heavy cross.

Q: What is Compassion?

A: Compassion is a spiritual feeling, which prompts a person to forgive those

who have wronged one and not to bear any grudge or hate or any thought of

vengeance. Compassion is sister to Love, is commiseration and help for those

who are in need of it.
Q: What are we to understand by: to live according to Divine Law?

A: To live according to Divine Law means: to know these Laws and to adjust your

life to them in the strictest meaning of their expression. It means to be

firm with yourself too, check your life daily, whether you have trespassed

or deviated - if even slightly - or did something you are ashamed of - or

hurt anybody's feeling or offended his convictions - or whether you have

served truth and righteousness and therefore may sleep peacefully, without

your consciousness tormenting you.

Q: What is the result of contemplation?

A: Contemplation inspires a modest person with a good conscience. This draws

the attention of God's good spirits. They give him rules of conduct and

inspiration to lead a fulfilled life – and to submit to the Laws of God.

This will give him strength to go through life as an honest person

determined not to deviate from the right path. By contemplation people

realize their shortcomings and how to correct their failings, and make

efforts to gain more virtues. And then – contemplation and meditation are

the means to further cleansing and evolution and people thus work for their

Eternal Bliss.

Q: How often has a spirit to reincarnate to reach perfection?

A: This depends entirely upon the human spirit itself. If each reincarnation

be a success, if he does not harm other reincarnated spirits - if he

soon learns the Divine Laws and lives accordingly - he will need only a few

reincarnations in a human body, to cleanse and to rise in the hierarchy of

spirit life and be free from all obligations for further reincarnations.

But usually there is more evil in a human being and he has to redeem by more


Q: Is reincarnation obligatory?

A: Reincarnations are imposed by the Supreme Power in the interest of human

spirits. A spirit may refuse, may rebel against it, if it does not realize

reincarnation as a duty to it self.

Q: What happens to such a spirit?

A: In most cases the spirit realizes the necessity and then accepts a new

reincarnation. But if it stubbornly refuses it goes to ruin, to a state

of spiritual decay and ends in the abyss. But this does not often happen,

considering that in such extreme cases the spirit will realize its future

fate and the aversion makes it submissive.

Q: What happens to a spirit, perfected on earth, when it returns to the cosmos?

A: Each spirit will reach the sphere according to its evolution. The higher its

evolution, the closer will this spirit live to the Divine Light.
Q: Are some spirits so highly perfected as to be able to live in the Light of God?

A: Yes, there are spirits of such high evolution; those, which have their Atom

of God so completely perfected, that they belong to this Divine Light.
Q: What is the core of the Light of God?

A: The Light of God is without any flaw - the Eternal uncreated, unobscured,

uncontaminated Light - and only spirits without a slur of physical matter

or evil may live in this uncontaminated Light of God. And this Light is also

the Highest, most profound Wisdom. Perfection without Wisdom or Wisdom

without Perfection is incomplete - no such, not absolutely perfected

spirit may live in this Light of God - perhaps close to it.
Q: Is Bliss inside the Light of God?

A: The state of Bliss begins, once the spirit needs no more reincarnations in a

human body - however, having reached this state of evolution, the spirit

still desires to reach higher spheres, higher perfection and evolution.

Q: Is there no end to spiritual evolution?

A: The answer to this question is beyond your present understanding. Later you

will be able to understand more, once you need no more reincarnations on

earth in a human body - and then only after you - as spirit - have reached

the state, when you live in the cosmos without the least corporeal adherence.


I thank You, my Father, for the permission to be again reincarnated in a

human body, on earth. In this last minute, before leaving the sphere of

the cosmos - I turn in humility to You, my Supreme Lord and Master, and

ask to give me a leader through the thorny path of human life. I also had

here in the cosmos a Leader-spirit, which dispersed the darkness that

surrounded me. I got from him answers to many questions, which so far

I had not fully understood, they were beacons of Light to me. How will it

be on earth. Oh my Father - Will all be forgotten what now I know? When

the roads of all incarnations, discarnations and reincarnations have

disappeared in a mist and I am to live again in ignorance? - when the

earthly evils, the sting of the body, the greed for possessions and

pleasures will attack me again and try to overwhelm me? - when I have to

battle against my physical temptations and my real Self? when despair

and hopelessness crush me, make me stumble, break and shatter me?…

Give me the strength. Oil my Father, to avoid difficult cliffs - because

life on earth is like a ship, caught in a hurricane, a ship trying to

reach a secure port. a shelter of calm and peace…

Life on earth is trouble, grief and struggle, But suffering brings new

strength, life-experience and wisdom, It brings cleansing and evolution...

Grant me a Leader, Oh my Divine Master, to inspire me and show me the right

path, to let me collect Wisdom and radiate Love, so that I may be favored to

help my neighbor in his struggle, Let my Leader-spirit - Your

messenger - counsel and support me. let me-during my life on earth - be

filled with love and compassion and let me remain loyal to Your Divine

Laws and to the Law of Karma. Let me be patient and submissive during

the required time of Suffering - suffering to gain cleansing and evolution - and

let me understand early for what purpose I am living on earth? What is my

mission on this barren earth? Let me - in all this depressing

unenlightenment - understand Your Laws and let me submit to Your Will. Let

me - in moments of temptation - see the error and find the strength to resist,

so that no dark spots will obscure my aura. Let me encounter sorrow, strife and

suffering, so that I may be cleansed, And may the Life of the Christ always be

my symbol of suffering and victory. Dear Divine Holy Father, listen to my wishes

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