Message: Self portrait (1660) oil on canvas by dutch artist Rembrandt

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message: Self portrait (1660) oil on canvas by dutch artist Rembrandt.

During this time he was going through hard times due to bankruptcy n everything he

owned got sold and all his friends and students left him.

......apparently related to....Dracula....sigh...-_-...I liked Christopher lee~ His

cover/portrait is really color better then the other one! I can actually feel like

hes Dracula.

message: 1660,

rembrandt is pretty weird for using himself as the only subject. but i don't see how

it relates to dracula because dracula never had other people but rembrandt did.


message: Having friends during work could actually be pretty hazardous to your

job, but there are ways to have friends responsibly. First of all, be smart and set

aside fun from work. Sure its okay to joke around occasionally but as long as you're

responsible for your work it shouldn't get into the way.On the downside, if what was

stated isn't done, friends can become distracting to your work and could lead to

eventually getting fired, perhaps even blacklisted. It is possible to have friends

in the work space but if not done responsibly then it becomes a risk and could end

your career.


message: Art History:Self Portrait oil painting by Dutch artist Rembrandt. This was

done at a time of his bankruptcy. It was a painted as a foreshadowing. 1660


How does this relate to Dracula?

Art History:

Dutch artist Rembrandt created a self portrait of himself in 1660. The artist

suffered from being bankrupt, losing pupils and having his treasures sold at

auction. The oil on canvas painting was one of Rembrandt's popular works after his

death. His characteristics were similar to that of count Dracula.

message: If I made companions in my job, then that can cause disruptions and

interruptions and there can be possibility not submitting your work on the deadline

if being easily distracted. That's when it comes to responsibilities, but for it to

be beneficial, use your friends as advice to assist or accompany you if you ever get

involved into issues with your project or life problems.
Art History

Rembrandt looks worn down in his face but not is clothes. He looks alone also. I

like the right dracula because it has a more realistic face.

Rembrant got bankrupt and his students and friends abandoned him. He got lonely...

Like "Dracula"...
message: Tis be known that friendly companionship will post a mere distraction, thus

a jeopardizing commitment. The hazards that apply amongst the individual and the

partner may include bonded consequences and in peril within trust. Punishment be thy

self, even if a friend is at your presence making punishment twice as unavoidable.

Doth be sure to regain the common sense and alas face your own verdict.
samantha t
message: how does making a friend at work affect your job performance?

its not a problem if we make friends at work, its always nice to have someone to

talk to at work, but it can also get in the way of you getting your work done

because it is a bit of a distraction. the friend can also have you lose your job if

the distraction becomes a problem in your work ethic and performance.
message: Having close friends at work can cause you to become to relaxed on the

job and unfocused. This can lead to lack in performance, productivity, focus, and

concern for the task at hand. In order to prevent this, keep any friendships in the

workplace at a professional level. Whatever business you have outside your office

needs to be kept outside the office.

message: Making friends at work can be both a good and bad thing. Being friendly

with co-workers will make work progress faster since they'll want to help you.

You'll have to work with people, so you shouldn't be a jerk to them. But if you get

too friendly you'll end up doing less work instead of more. You'll talk about silly

things and making jokes instead of finishing a project. Both you and your co-workers

have to stay professional. Talking is ok, and can be helpful, but it should have a


message: having a friend at work and be both beneficial or harmful. For it to be

beneficial you should keep your friendship professional in the work place. Also if

they're your superior they can help you move up in the work place by putting in a

good word for with managers.Dangers would be that your friends might not support you

if your job was on they line they could even spread rumors about you at work. Or you

could get them fired if you don' live up to the standards if they helped you get a

better position.
message: Having friends during work could actually be pretty hazardous to your

job, but there are ways to have friends responsibly. First of all, be smart and set

aside fun from work. Sure its okay to joke around occasionally but as long as you're

responsible for your work it shouldn't get into the way.On the downside, if what was

stated isn't done, friends can become distracting to your work and could lead to

eventually getting fired, perhaps even blacklisted. It is possible to have friends

in the work space but if not done responsibly then it becomes a risk and could end

your career.

message: Having friends at the work place are filled with their pros and cons. Some

pros are that you can be assisted by them in means of the actual work, and if they

are close friends they will have your back. But having friends in the work place

also prove to be less than magical and beneficial. For instance you could be very

distracted and not tend to your work as effectively as when your not near them.

Constant distractions greatly affect how your boss sees you and may fire you for not

doing what your doing. In my opinion remaining focused on your own work at all time

and being ahead will be beneficial. If you do have friends ensure you speak to them

during your free time, like lunch and you can avoid bad critics from your boss.

message: Making friends in the workplace can affect one's ability to work

professionally. Sometimes certain people are designated to fire other co-workers.

This becomes a challenge if the person to be fired is a close friend. Non

professional relations can provoke jealousy and envy in the workplace.

message: Having friends can pose a danger at your job. It can distract you from what

you need to do, someone could over hear a conversation you're having and blow it out

of proportion, and anything of that sort. One way to avoid that is, being friendly

to co-workers. By this, you're less than likely to have fake friends that may stab

you in the back in order to get you out of the way and/or save themselves. Also, you

could just be productive first, doing what you need to do before socializing, thus,

not falling behind in your work. And finally, you can just avoid getting entangled

in other people's business. You could give advise, but nothing extreme like talking

smack about someone, instigating, and any extra things in that sort. So, thats how

you can avoid having problems that may jeopardize your job, along with having


message: Having friends at work is insignificant. It is dangerous, risky, but

usually unavoidable. However, there are ways to cope with both. Having companions in

a work environment can be helpful as well. You get along better and you work as a

team. But you have to make sure that your friendship does not cross the line of

interference with your work. Your employer did not hire you to make friends but to

do your job. So just do it.

message: When it comes to having friends at your workspace,it can cause easy

distractions when doing work.Now if you want friends, you can, but leave all

relations out when its time to work. Before and after is acceptable.

message: The problems will be happen is HANGING OUT a lot time from your friends.

Like example, going to night clubs and parties.Drinking too much wine and alcohol.

-The other reason is your came late to work because your are waited with your

friend's house.Maybe he or she is not worry about her job. She or He is not

responsibility with his/her work.I don't know.


message: Having a friend at work can affect your productivity because they can delay

you from whatever you're working one. In order to avoid this, talk to them when

you're off work. Because having friends at work can make you go off task or you

might not show up at all.

message: if you have a close friend in the job that tends to fool around a lot, be

ready to lose that job. if you want to have a friend in your job, find someone who

takes their job seriously, but would be able to help as well on assignments. just

try not to get carried away, thats all.

message: if you make friends at your job it can go two ways. if you make friends

with coworkers it could benefit your job. they can help you understand your job,

trade secrets at how to make work better and just make things more easy for you. you

won't feel left out. the negative effect of having friends at work could be the

distractions. example if a guy and a girl become close friends at the job then start

to date it can interfere with there work but that is all based on the person. you

have to be able to control yourself. Work is separate then social life. :)


message: If have a friend in work, you can get help from your

friend. and your can

learn some experience from them.

Mummies became Hollywood figures as monsters
message: King Tut:

Howard Carter took his coffin back to Great Britain. It negatively affected the

people of Ancient Egypt
message: 1332-1323 BC

King Tut

Tutankhamun- pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, from New kingdom, all servants killed to

go with them on the jounary to the afterlife.

Later on people wanted to go look at the graves of the kings and see what happened

to them and look at there stuff, traps set up to stop grave robbers, Carter with his

team apprantly got the curse, his team (half died)

"Living image of Amun" the meaning Tutankhamun

many things based on king tut~ "mummies" coming back to life
King TUT

they put their former rulers into a golden and sculpted to their form. Inspired the

mummy comics and monster the
message: 1332-1323 BC

King Tut

Tutankhamun- pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, from New kingdom, all servants killed to

go with them on the jounary to the afterlife.

Later on people wanted to go look at the graves of the kings and see what happened

to them and look at there stuff,

Art History:

The City of Pompeii. A volcano erupted destroying the city and its artwork gone.

Until Edward Bulwer an archeologist found it. They found the theater which was

covered by rocks from the eruption. Many people couldn't get away and were encased

in the lava. Some of the art work were carved into stone. Paces of people looking

very petrified, or surprised. They had mosaics, very dark looking.

Art History: The people that were heated to death, from the volcano, thats

super scary; Pompeii is by far a scary situation and the artwork of the people is

very realistic and formed out too well in fact. Pink Floyd did a really good job by

using the theater and artwork to their advantages.

thank you Mr.Haskett for visiting our school and teaching us about your

work and the animation businuess

I didn't get to meet you but i thank you for taking the time out to us

students. A lot of people that work in animations are too stuck up to help those who

look to them as inspiration. I admire your decency to come to our school and now

when i watch fairly tales, i will admire the work much more than i usually do.

Tiffany C
message: 1. A person whom works at home, seems fairly interesting, but they may not

exactly care much about other people, they may actually be to much into their own

opinions and not care for others, they do all they want. The cool thing about this

happens to be that they may be a family person and taking care of children etc.

which shows that they are actually caring and considerate, and that is nice to see

on a person.

2.A benefit would be there is no travel time or expenses because you will be working

directly from home, a drawback is actually the fact that without physically being

there the persons opinions may actually not count as much. Or you won't be able to

back up your opinions.

3.Video screen may be most useful, Like cameras on the computer to see and hear

people like in a conference. Or something else that may come to mind. Like a robot

with a screen like that one commercial I cannot recall.
message: I think the inter webs are the most beneficial towards our society.
The qualities and value you can get from home is there's less stress and

you can work as long as you want without interruptions. The most useful technology

is a computer cause that's one of the major component for project development.

There's the world wide web and there's ways you can work with major companies by

social networks.
They might value the ability to work at home more than anything. If the pay

is good, and if they have all the materials and stuff to do their job, then they'll

be very happy with it. no distractions, no hassle, all with the comfort of being at

elizabeth a

I believe the computer and the kindle, ipad, iphone, and interactive media

are helpful parts of technology. I think the qualities that a person at home have

are the ability to work in a quiet environment.
christine s
Working at home keeps you in touch with everything at your disposal. There

would be no need to work in an environment where you might not be able to cooperate

well with others. However, this leaves you out of touch with society and you won't

be able to experience collaborating hand-in-hand. The computer and other items you

have in your home will be useful to you. But will someone really want to hire

someone they have never met? Even if you have all of the credentials, you may not

have the worth ethic or self-value to work with said company.
Someone working at home would really having to pay attention to time

management. Since there's no boss at their house to tell them what and when to do

things, it's all up to them. They should set a standard for each day on how much

they should do, while planning for sleep, eating, and other things.

they can be in a place they feel safe and comfortable which could increase

work productivity. the most common pieces of technology that is used can be a laptop

or computer
Dear Haskett

I thank you for your time as. a guest to our school. it was great to have your

company with us
working at home has drawbacks you might be able to have immediate feed

back. you wont be able to have outside influence. which could be good or bad

depending on the person. but you are aloud to work in your comfort zone and have

your privacy

Yes i do believe that having an AI unit to help students would be

exstreamly helpful to many students attending Art and Design or in any school for

that matter.
AI ROBOT"S aren't really helpful..or at least it hasn't been proven to me

yet that they are, unless we need them for an assignment?...they're not needed

alexis p
I think it would be weird if that would happen.
: I dont really think so. I think that a student is more capable of doing

things on their own.

maybe though, the robot can remind a specific person of an assigned assignment of

steph g

i guess kids rather listen to a computer than a boring teacher.... i dont know

Yes, it would help greatly. The students can repeatedly hear what they need

to do and not have to ask a teacher. It would also help for those who don't pay

attention and need to know what to do.

no, robots have an influence to teens negatively because they make us lose

our self reflection ability. If we use robots you might as well color and print

everything by robots while the people just draw their ideas.
maybe , but sometimes students need one n one help from a real human for

more experience

i don't believe so because the artificial intelligence wouldn't be able to

really reach out to a student as much as a real life teacher would be able to

I think it really would be helpful because Highschool students really like

animated things that help them get more interested in what's going on.

No, I believe that a human can teach anything an AI can teach and more. In

fact putting Artificial Intelligence and character together in a sentence like that

is a contradiction because that is the one thing Artificial Intelligence do not


Considering most high school students are immature, an AI would not be very

practical. Interesting, but its not for all students. If it were an optional add-on

then it would be interesting. It could help some students, especially if they

weren't paying attention, but could cause ruckus if the voice of the AI is too loud

or silly.
Yes if the teachers are setting up those answers to the A.I. (Artificial

Intelligence), cause if they don't then there's no point of teachers being present

in school and them getting paid.
it can help the students tell them what their work is if they forget, or

anything extra they might want to know about a certain lesson they might not

A school could use an artificial intelligence character. Students naturally

want to rebel against authority. The fact that a fictional character is teaching

will probably fascinate students into paying attention. However the artificial voice

will get boring if it speaks too long.

I believe so, because most students acknowledge something technology based

more. One example is that of using the smart-board to give PowerPoint lessons and

allowing students to answer the questions on the board, making the lesson


yes,i think they can that in the school website, that's cool.
samantha t
i think that if the school used artificial intelligence character if could

help to save time as well as make it much easier on a teacher, but there is a reason

that we have a teacher. the teacher is there to help students as well as teach them

what they need to know. it wouldn't be bad to use an artificial intelligence

character once in a while but not for a full class period.
Students will be attracted to the new technology used to advance student

interacton with the school website. The idea of AI system aiding students, parents,

or any other persons upon the school site to help them find information sounds

futuristic and innovating as far as school incorparation with technology. Not to

mention, once word gets out that our school uses artificial intelligence, i'm sure

plenty of other high schools will follow in the same path as well.

If the school was modern and possibly less ignorant than others...sure!

Support is limitless as long as it fulfills a purpose.

I think certain schools would be able to handle an AI character to help

students or even teach students in the class room. i dont think that this school in

particular would be able to handle this because alot of people in this school,

mostly underclasmen are very immature and such.

message: If the school was modern and possibly less ignorant than others...sure!

Support is limitless as long as it fulfills a purpose.

Possibly. It depends on how it works out. If it's just the character

talking at you, then it would help but not as much as probably a step-by-step video

or something of that sort
t's a good idea in theory, but in practice, I really don't see it

working. With teachers they have the power to change the workflow to fit the

classroom need. However with a pre-made simulation, it could easily be ignored if

student chooses to do so. You can't have an artificial teacher telling kids to be

quiet or sit down, if they don't even know what's happening in real-time.
Computer A.I. would be extremely helpful since some of the web pages can be

confusing. It's the future of navigation and the internet.

yes, students respond more to the artificial lady
tiffany c
In my own opinion, it would be awesome if it could, but I would like for

the AI not to be so mechanical in the way it speaks, like it's pronunciation etc.

But if every individual student had their own AI if the student did not have a clear

idea on the subject, perhaps the AI would help. The AI would also be a nice

companion, while studying. We would be headed to the future!

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