Members: Annie is in Seattle, and Zach and Melissa have a scholastic obligation to attend to Nate will be running the show today

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AnthroGroup Meeting


  • Members: Annie is in Seattle, and Zach and Melissa have a scholastic obligation to attend to - - Nate will be running the show today

  • T-shirt orders went in this week, so hopefully yours will be available sometime next week, if not by next meeting

  • Announcements from anyone else?

    • Jason: website is updated fully. Now we will be working on getting it formatted to our liking, and updating the pictures/content.

      • If you have pictures from anything you’ve experienced that is anthropology related, please submit!

  • Speaker: Doug Scott - - adjunct professor

    • Specialize in battlefield archaeology

    • “Shot and Shell Tell the Tale”

      • Civil War in the West

        • 1500 skirmishes/battles in Missouri alone

      • The battlefield archaeology inventory

        • Methods

          • Visual inventory

          • Metal detecting

            • Find shells, fuses, canisters and small arms bullets

          • Lab work (cleaning, etc)

        • Sites of Booneville (Smith’s House, Adams House), Wilson’s Creek, Centralia

      • First Battle of Booneville - - June 17th, 1861

        • One of first skirmishes of the war

        • Adams House – found several pockets of material from the skirmish

          • Maybe around only 600 men present at the battle

          • From archaeological work, can match the material remains w/ the historical record to help tell the stories of the battles

      • Wilson’s Creek - - August 10th, 1861

        • Southern army encamped on Creek; Northern army attacks in two waves from north and south positions early on in the morning

        • Lots of material evidence

          • Can show what was used on both sides (ammunition, weapons)

          • Evidence of casting bullets on the field

          • Peoples were killed carrying buckets of bullets and unfilled casings ready to be combined

            • Confirms historical beliefs of the need to fulfill the military weapons necessities on the field

        • Also evidence of how cannonballs were designed, as well as the metallurgy behind the composition of the cannonball arsenal

        • Geophysical analysis maps the site

      • Centralia - - September 22nd, 1864

        • Bloody Bill Anderson leads 400 (including the James’ brothers)

        • Local attempt at revenge, 150 men set out to take on group believed to be maybe only 80

          • Massacred by Anderson’s men

        • Archaeological record found some of the aftermath, as well as the actual location of the event

        • Deemed a War Crime

      • What does this all mean?

        • History and archaeology are combining to paint a more pristine picture for the public

        • There are stories to be told!

  • Next Meeting: April 14th - - Same time, same place!!!

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